Recap of 'The Scientist and his Assistant'

Claire and Shane broke up. Myrnin, Claire and Amelie had a party for Sam finally being able to get out in society. Myrnin had feelings for Claire. Amelie was going to tell Claire if he didn't so he told her. They began a relationship. Amelie and Sam got engaged (after hysterics keeping Amelie busy) and the wedding plans began. Eve and Michael split, Eve and Shane moved out of the Glass House. Claire collapsed and was turned into a vampire. Finished with her going home to the Glass House with Michael. Story continues from here!

If you are a new reader, I strongly recommend, to understand the back stories in this story that you read the above story – if not, you can follow (probably) but it may get a little confusing!

I walk in and marvel at the house I have missed over the past day or so: it doesn't seem a lot, but when you almost die, then turn into a vampire, things like home mean more to you. At least they do to me anyway.

"Claire, are you ok?" Michael asks me gently and I nod.

"Yeah, it's just… it's a lot to take in," I reply, admitting I'm not quite as fine about all this as I have tried to make out I am. He smiles wanly and give me a huge bear hug, which squashes some of my qualms about being a vampire: I cannot admit any of this to Myrnin because he'll just feel even more guilt about it than he already does – I can just sense it off him.

"I know Claire, believe me it is hard but you will get through the hard days and come through it the same person you were yesterday Claire, honest," he comforts me, and I do feel soothed because Michael is the same ghost I knew back when I was 16: sure, he may drink blood now and be stronger and faster, but under that (and not that far down, to be fair) he is the same big brother I had when I was human.

"I know, it's just everything is going to change now, isn't it?" I ask, beginning to cry.

"Yes it is Claire, but don't worry, all four of us are here for you: we all love you, you will be fine," he soothes, trying to make me feel better. It does work: knowing I'm not alone really does help.

I feel really weird; it's as if I am weak and everything again – like I was when I woke up. I catch sight of my face in the mirror and no, no, my eyes are red once more and I look like Michael and Myrnin do when they're hungry.

"No, I can't be already!" I mutter to myself and Michael starts, not expecting me to talk.

"Not what Claire?" he asks, alert now.

"I feel like I did earlier – weak and disorientated – I think I need blood again but isn't it too early?" I wail at the end – what if I'm not a normal vampire, I'm one completely and utterly obsessed with blood? However, Michael chuckles loudly and I look at him in annoyment – once he notices this, he stops chuckling and puts on a serious expression.

I look confused (amazing invention, mirrors: I mean now, I can see that I look the exact same as before, just paler with my features slightly more defined and my lips a little plumper to fill out my face better) so he says:

"You need blood because you've just been changed and that pitcher was all I could find – you need at least one more of them: it's to do with your body sorting the rate at which it needs blood. And I stopped laughing because Amelie told me ages ago, that one thing you never do is upset a new vampire because you are still finding all your pathways emotionally and for 12 hours you are to remain calm." His explanations make me feel a lot better – I'm not a freak! Well more than I already am now: I still cannot believe I am a vampire; it just seems so unnatural!

Michael lets go of me and runs through to the kitchen where he opens the fridge – I don't know how sensitive my hearing is, but it is much better than before, as then I never heard the fridge open in here! Michael comes back through with a worried look on his face: he pulls out his phone and touches speed-dial one:

"Amelie, yeah, it's me" he begins, and I hear a high pitched, anxious voice coming through the phone, just I am unable to identify the words yet.

"What? Oh yeah, she is fine, honest just we need more blood: she's thirsty and I thought I had more left than I do – what should I do?" he asks, obviously answering the question "What's wrong, is Claire ok?"

He makes approval noises before hanging up the phone and grabbing his jacket: it is 6pm so the sun is just going down (well it is supposed to be) but in here the curtains are pulled so tightly around the tinted windows that not a drop of natural light gets in. I am really going to miss the sun, being in its warm rays, having the beauty of it in my eyes: now I can only watch it through a window.

"Claire, I'm sorry but I don't have any blood left: Amelie has arranged for the bloodbank to leave a crate of blood for you, and also for me, but I need to go and get it. I'll drive so I will be fine but you cannot go near the sunlight: sun at this stage could be detrimental, Amelie says," he explains and I nod before sitting on the sofa (not necessary, as I am not tired, but for something to do) and turning on the TV to Friends.

"Sure, but could you hurry up?" I ask, realising the hunger, the aches and pains, are getting worse.

"Of course, but if the door rings Claire do not answer it," he presses, and then walks out of the very door at a complete sprint, head and body covered in about 4 layers of clothing. I'm guessing it's because if a human comes to the door, I would then eat them. And that is something, like Michael and Sam, I hope never to do. Ever. Just because I am, in essence, a monster doesn't mean I have to act like one.

I settle down and watch Rachel and Ross, whilst waiting for the new major staple in my diet to come and fortify me, to stop the awful pain in my body…

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