'So Dean...when I say "let's not go into the freaky, dark, leaking cave"- can we actually do that?' Sam Winchester snapped as he dumped his bags on the motel room floor, before turning round just in time to see Dean pull a face at him.

'Dude!' he said angrily, at which Dean smiled at him.

'Oh, bite me Sammy...I didn't know there was going to be a flesh-eating monster in there did I?'

'We're lucky we came out alive' Sam murmured, before starting to unpack his clothes.

'Oh come on Samantha! You did good out there...saved my ass' chuckled Dean, patting Sam on the head.

'Saved your ass from being eaten can I just add?' Sam smiled, before ducking out the way of Dean's playful whack round the head.

'Yeah whatever...I would've found a way out!'

'Yeah sure!' Sam smiled, before dumping his duffel bag on the floor and kicking it under the bed for safekeeping.

Dean didn't even bother unpacking. He lived in his duffel, and he was just going to have to pack all his clothes back in there before they left- so why bother unpacking?

He looked round the room, already bored out of his skull.

He clapped his hands, making his little brother jump.

'Alrighty-I'm gonna go get food...what do you fancy? It's your turn to choose!' he said, grinning as his brother pretended to think about his decision.

'I'll think I'll go for burgers tonight' he smiled, before giving his brother a look, recognising the raised eyebrows.

'Oh come on! Use your own money...tightwad...' Sam muttered as he reached into his own pocket, pulling out a twenty dollar bill, and giving the crisp note to his brother.

'Thanks Sammy boy! Won't be a tick' and with that, he walked out the room, slamming the door behind him.

Sam sighed and sat on the small wooden chair, and started to flick through the channels off the tiny TV that was in the room.

Dean crossed the road, pulling his leather jacket tighter around him. It was now mid-November, and it was really starting to get cold now. He and Sam were going to have to invest in long Johns and big woolly coats if the weather carried on like this.

He walked down the street, eyeing all the different shops. New town, new culture, new lives.

He spotted a gorgeous young woman walking towards him, her long flowing black hair whipping around her head in a sudden wind. As she pulled her hair into place again, her eyes fell on the oldest Winchester, and she beamed at him.

Dean grinned back, but as he was just going to go make polite conversation with her, he was pulled roughly into a side alley, before being none too gently slammed into the wall.

'Well, Dean...at last I find you!' a breathy voice hissed in his ear.

Before Dean could struggle, or even call out for help, the man who ambushed him pulled out a long, thick hypodermic needle, and jammed it into his neck.

Dean tensed, and then thrashed around violently, clawing at the man's face, his heart beating in a desperate, enveloping panic as he felt his body weaken.

His movements slowed down, his arms and legs growing heavy, until he fell with a heavy thud to the floor.

The man wiped the needle on Dean's jacket, then replaced its lid and stowed it away in his pocket.

He then looked down at the man he had just immobilised, and smiled.

One down-one to go.

Sam sighed, then looked at his watch again. Dean had been gone for nearly an hour and a half. Surely it didn't take this long to grab some food?

He tried calling Dean's cell again, but all he got was voicemail, Sam stood up and walked to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of his brother walking down the street, but he couldn't.

He walked to his bed and pulled on his coat, before opening the door and locking it behind him. Dean was probably lost, he thought, but then why would his phone be turned off?

Sam swept all his dark thoughts to the back of his head, rubbishing them immediately.

Dean was fine; he was probably in a cue or something.

Sam crossed the road into town, and made his way through the streets, looking through all the shop windows to check for his brother, but there was no sign of him.

As he crossed to the other side, he became acutely aware that he was being followed.

A man in a dark suit had been tailing him for two blocks now, always crossing the road when he did. It seemed that the shady didn't mind Sam knowing that he was following him; indeed, when Sam turned round once or twice, the man smiled pleasantly at him and gave him a jaunty wave.

Sam crossed the road, and then purposely walked into a darker alley, a small space between shops, which came out at a larger road at the very end.

He heard echoing footsteps behind him, and turned quickly to come face to face with the man that had been following him.

'Can I help you?' he frowned, noting the man's slightly scarred face, his deep brown eyes.

'Well, now you come to mention it...yes you can!' the man said, before pushing Sam backwards, then punching him in the face.

Sam reeled back, but was soon ready to fight back, slipping into the karate stance that his father taught him. He swiped at the suited man, hitting his shoulder and sending him into the wall face-first. The man growled and grabbed Sam by the head, slamming his face into the wall, again and again.

As Sam resurfaced, face scratched and covered in blood, the man let him drop to the floor, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a hypodermic.

'Don't worry...' he hissed, gently jabbing it in Sam's neck, pressing the plunger and sending the clear liquid into Sam's system.

'...you won't feel a thing'

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