Waluigi And The Dinner Spaghetti Of The Seven Pingas

Waluigi blasted all of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom away with his huge purple colored Waluigi Tornado, all of the houses being blown apart as Bowser Jr. came wreaking about within his green colored spiky shell. Fire began spreading as the many mushroom citizens ran for their lives, either burning in the harsh flames or being sucked up by Waluigi's tornado. Waluigi and Bowser Jr. both continued wreaking havoc amongst the quite Toad Town as earthquakes began occuring, the ground foundations breaking apart as thunder boomed greatly in the sky, lightning striking everywhere as it zapped whatever it touched, sharp jagged knifes pouring down like hail. All of this was happening within a few mere minutes, though from the way things were going, it seemed like months.

Nearby from the damage that was being wreaked in Toad Town, a huge dust cloud engulfed the peaceful Moo Moo Meadows. All of the grazing cows were devoured within seconds by the blood loving fleas, which all rose from an evil jelly filled donut filled with the farts of Ashley. The fleas began eating up the grass, which all wilted horribly into ash as the beautiful green sea of grass quickly fanished within seconds. Fireworks were going off as they sent down poison gas that polluted the once clean air, the stormy sky overtaking the bright sunset that was giving the meadow a nice touch. Death lingered everywhere as the world started to shake, not being able to handle the damage it was receiving.

But that wasn't all. Ashley, who was wearing her teal tight jeans, had her hands on her big butt, farting like there was no tomorrow as she was purposely giving more pollution to the earth. All of her tied up victims, which were innocent mushrooms and woodland creatures, coughed as they could barely stand Ashley's farts, which were toxic at this point. Toadette, who was chained to the ground and was having her legs being extended, screamed in pain as she could feel blood pouring out from her head, her screams being ear piercing and blood curling. Suddenly, out of the blue came ROB, who was wielding a Super Scoop in his right arm, pointing at Ashley.

"I'm here to kick ass, and take some names." ROB stated as he continously fired the Super Scoop at Ashley, killing her with the Super Scoop's blasts. "And I don't need names." He then proceeded to fire everywhere with his red colored eye lasers, setting the entire place on fire as Toadette continued screaming, until she popped like a balloon, her top falling splat on the ground and breaking up into several parts, the blood quickly gushing out.

Dry Bones came running in, falling on his knees and screaming, "MAH BOI!" As he then took off his head and tossed it at a nearby chandelier, causing water to pour down as the entire place exploded, sending everything, including ROB and Dry Bones' body, into space, where it was then completely zapped by more lightning that was being fused with the power of He Man. Finally, Waluigi came spiraling into space, zapping at horrible games with his tennis racket as he bumped into a large planet that was shaped exactly like his head, doing a barrel roll as he gave himself a PRRRROMOTION.

And then Belle farted.

The End

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: That didn't help at all!