Me: A quick poem.

Logan: *Yawn*

Me: Up all night?

Logan: *Nodds*

Me: Working your butt off?

Logan: *Nodds*

Me: Snogging Charlie?

Logan: *Nodds...* HEY! GET BACK HERE!

Me: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's! AAAAAAAHH!

He was a boy.
She was a girl.
Can I make it anymore obvious?

No, this isn't a song.
There bond is unbreakable.
She was clutsy, carefree, jolly.
He was cold, arragont, controlling.

She begged him, lied to him for her job.
He was cold, but secretly cared.
Over time, she began to get over that high school crush.
Maturity unfolded.

Yet...when he found out...
She was inlove with the cold man she had changed.
He left her behind, shoving her away.
She cried.

She punched.
She cried.
She carried on.
It was of no use.

She went somewhere.
Somebody lead her to her death.
She fell, repeating his name-

He searched.
He almost cried.
He did save someone.
It wasn't her.

They met in the mist of darkness...
Her corrupted mind twisted her thought...
The tragic love...
Could no longer be.

And yet...
After he defeated her with such hesitation...
They shared that final embrace...
He fought until the very end...

'To save somebody I truly love!'
'I love you...Jack.'
Can you break them apart?
The ying and yang?

Me: That's it.

Logan: Ok.

Me: Review please!