A/N from A.C.: I may just make this a group of drabbles for when I feel like writing something angsty, so yeah, and the idea was taken from an RP.

Axel is way over-protective.

Roxas sighed, lying back in his bed and pulling Axel into a tight hug, "Axel… I need to tell you something…"

The redhead looked up from where he was resting his head on the blond's shoulder, "What's up Roxy..?"

"When… When you were out on your last mission… I slept with Saix…"

Axel was shocked silent for a few moments before he pulled away from the hug, "You cheated on me…?"

"Axel, I'm sorry, but it was eating away at me, I had to tell you! I'm sorry!"

The redhead's voice was quiet, "You cheated on me…"

"But I told you, Axe! That's gotta count for something!"

Axel felt his body temperature rise as anger and rage welled in his blood, "Am I not good enough, Roxas?"

"No, Axe, it's not that!"

The redhead got up, walking over to the door, summoning a chakram to his hand. "You cheated on me with the fucking lapdog of the organization!"

"I'm sorry! But sex between the two of us has just gotten so… boring…"

A plume of fire erupted behind Axel before it quickly faded away, "So you cheated? Why not just tell me?"

Roxas' voice went quiet, "I don't know…"

Axel turned and left the room, walking down the hallway and turning the corner to get to Saix's room.

The blunette looked up from some paperwork as the door to his room swung open violently, "Axel..?"

Fire erupted behind said redhead as he shouted, "You fucking whore! You know that I'm with Roxas! How could you?"

Golden eyes went wide when the blunette realized what he was talking about, "Axel, just calm down…"

Axel walked forward and lifted number VII up from his seat by the collar of his cloak. He slammed the smaller man into the wall of the room, causing his head to smack lightly against it. "How can I calm down when I know you've been fucking around with Roxas?" The blunette's ears folded back as Axel continued to yell, "How could you fucking do this to me, Isa?"

Being called by his somebody's name just made Saix's guilt flare up even more, "Axel… L- Lea… I am sorr-"

"No! No you're not! You're not fuckin' sorry, so don't say that, you damned jackass!"

"B- But I am! I- I am sorry!"

Axel pulled him forward by the collar of his cloak slightly before slamming him hard into the wall. Saix felt the harsh contact of his head hitting the wall and stars started to dance in his vision. He could barely register Axel's growling voice, "You aren't sorry. Quit sayin' it!"

The redhead gave a hard punch to the blunette's jaw, making the back of his head hit the wall again. Saix felt one his of fangs slice into his lip and he tasted the blood. He yelped a little and stuttered, "O- Okay! Wh- Whatever you want! J- Just do not h- hurt me anymore!"

Golden eyes went wide as Axel wrapped a hand around a pale throat. Saix let out a strangled yelp when the hand started to grow hotter. "A- Axel! Stop!"

The burning around his throat got even hotter as Axel tightened his grip, "Like fuck! Why would I stop? You fucked my boyfriend!"

A pained tear trailed down the blunette's cheek and he let out a dry sob, "I- It hurts!"

"I know it hurts, you slut! It's supposed to! That's the damn point!"

Roxas ran into the room just as Saix let out another pain-laced scream. The blond's eyes went wide and he yelled, "Axel, stop!"

The redhead dropped the blunette, letting him fall to the ground, and turned on the blond. He let out a growl, "Roxas, get out of here."

The blond shook his head, "No, Axel, I won't leave. Step away from him right now."

The redhead looked down at the blunette, who was rubbing the burns on his neck. He took a step away from the Berserker and turned to the blond, "He deserves it, Rox. It's all his fault. I'm not gonna kill him, but he deserves some pain for what he did."

"No. He doesn't. I do. I'm the one that went to him."

"You… You what..?"

"I went to him, Axel. I told you already, it's been boring. You're trying to beat Sai because I wanted a little more excitement."

"He should have known better, Roxy! He knows me and he knows not to touch what's mine."

Saix looked up at the redhead and whispered, "Y- You… You do n- not own hi- him…"

Axel whirled around and snarled, "Shut the fuck up, Isa!"

The blunette shrunk back against the wall as he watched a flame engulfed chakram appear in the redhead's hand. "Lea! Lea, I am sorry! P- Please do not h- hurt me!"

Number VIII swung forward with the weapon, one of the sharp points pressed against the blunette's throat. Saix turned his head to the side and swallowed hard, a small tear rolled down his cheek as the redhead growled, "I thought I told you to shut up!"

Saix's chest was raising and falling rapidly as fear coursed through his body. He tightly closed his eyes, not able to see as Roxas stepped forward and pushed the chakram away. The blond's voice was stern, "Axel, stop this right now!"

"Why should I?" Axel sneered and threw the chakram at the blunette, one of the sharp points digging into the blunette's arm, pinning it to the wall.

Saix screamed as a sharp wave of pain made nearly every inch of his body throb, "Ahh! Axel!"

Roxas' eyes were wide as he watched blood drip from the horrific wound and heard the blood-curdling scream.

Before VII could manage to get passed the blinding, searing pain and move his uninjured arm to remove the chakram, Axel grasped his wrist and held it away. Saix looked up at the redhead, his voice hoarse from screaming, "A- Axel…"

"You better not touch him again, you fuckin' slut. Go back to the Superior and get your ass fucked if you need to get laid. But don't hurt my boyfriend!"