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Once Roxas had secured Saix in his arms wrapped up in a clean sheet, bridal style, he opened a dark portal to Vexen's lab and hurried through. Zexion followed him, not wanting to make the blond any angrier or more panicked. The Diviner's eyes had fogged over from blood loss and he seemed to be whimpering a lot. He clung onto the petite blond's shoulders muttering small words love devotion and praise for forgiveness.

Vexen looked toward the newly opened portal in his lab and sighed, "What now?"

Roxas brought Saix over to one of the lab tables and set him down, "I don't know. Someone really hurt him this time."

"I can see that… Do you know what happened?"

Roxas turned to look at Zexion, "Well? Zexion, tell us what you saw."

"Not much…" The Schemer said, leaning against one of the counters in the lab, "I mean, I was just walking with Demyx in the hallway and I smelled something… turns out it was blood from Saix's room. So we hurried over and went in. But before we went into the room, I heard a dark portal close. Then we went in and we saw him like that… I told Demyx to go get Roxas and that's it."

Vexen sighed, moving to examine the blunette on the table. He removed the blanket that was wrapped around the frail, bloody body and frowned.

"What is it, Vexen?" Roxas asked, working to untangle the bloodied clumps of hair.

The Academic spread the blunette's legs, gripping onto his thighs so the skinny man could not wiggle away. He gestured toward the fresh and dried blood on Saix's thighs, "Look."

"What… What's that mean..? Please don't say—"

"I think he was raped… I'm sorry."

Foggy golden eyes looked up at the small blond, "R- Roxas… I am s- sorry…"

"Don't apologize, Sai… You didn't want it…"

"My fault, Roxas… I broke my promise…" The blunette mumbled, closing his eyes. Exhaustion was quickly bringing his mind into a deep fog. "I… I am so sorry, Roxas…"

"Don't be sorry, Sai… Rest up."

The blunette nodded slowly, "Okay…" He closed his eyes and let sleep take him into a pleasant abyss.

Zexion looked from the blunette to Roxas, "What was this 'promise' of his?"

The small blond sighed and continued to pick knots out from Saix's hair, "He promised to me that he wouldn't sleep with anyone else as long as we were together."

"Big promise for him, isn't it?"

Roxas smiled, "Yeah… and he meant it too. We've been together for a few months now and he hasn't slept with anyone else… Well… except for now, but that doesn't count."

Vexen had taken a small washcloth and started cleaning up Saix's lower body, scrubbing the dried blood away from the pale bruised skin. "Uh… Roxas…"

"What?" The blond asked, looking over at the Academic.

"Look at his hips, tell me if you see what I do."

Roxas looked at the now blood-free hips of the Diviner, he took note of odd shaped bruises and… "Burn marks?"

The scientist nodded, "Exactly."

The small blond grit his teeth, "Axel…"

Zexion sighed, "After that whole thing before, I wouldn't doubt that it was him… But you never know. It could have been someone else and they could have framed Axel."

"Why would anyone else do this?" Roxas mumbled, petting the blunette's hair.

"Someone in the castle could have relied on Saix for release. Maybe when he rejected them because of you, they took it to the extreme."

Vexen nodded, "That defiantly could have happened."

"Yeah… But I have a feeling that Axel was the person who did this." Roxas growled, "No one else would have gotten him so bloody and cut up. Anyone else would have just raped him and left…"

"I don't know, Roxas…" Vexen mumbled, "I really don't know. As far as we know anyone in the castle could have done it besides the ones in this lab and Demyx. We can't just automatically assume that Axel had done this."

"I can," The shorter blond said quietly, petting through Saix's hair, "I can assume it and I do."

"But what can you do about him?" The Schemer asked almost suddenly. "Even if he is the person that did this, what can you do about it?"

"I'm not sure…" Roxas muttered, "But, trust me, it'll hurt him more than he hurt Sai."

"You can't do anything too serious, Roxas. No friendly fire in the Organization. Remember that."

"Just you wait, Zexion." Blue eyes narrowed, "I'll think of something. Axel will pay for this."