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2. Epilogue

It was boring in History, as usual. Only five minutes of torture left. Only five minutes before our weekend would begin, since we were skipping English again. This was becoming a bad habit - but I was sure Mr. Berty would understand. He normally wasn't one to object when it came to a discreet exchange of a few notes of cash.

"Hmm... I can imagine her taking a shower. I wonder if they've done it there?." I heard Tyler Crowley think behind me. His thoughts had been trailing along the same paths for the entire hour, making me fidget uncomfortably in my chair. This time also because his vivid imagination wasn't making it any easier to endure the proximity between me and Bella - it felt like all obstacles had disappeared from between us, and I had found myself more and more reluctant to get off of her, quite literally.

For the past nights we had spent basically glued to each other, making love urgently and repeatedly, only stopping when she was so exhausted she was ready to pass out. The first day after our first time we had even skipped an entire day of school, instead spending it worshipping each other's body, in a tangle of limbs and messy hair and grasping fingers. I had bought her a new set of pillows and covers to replace the ones I had torn to pieces, and if not for the fact that had we made love at my place we would've instantly been heard we would've exploited the opportunity to use my house - now I was living in a constant fear of destroying her bed or other near-by objects, such as the nightstand. Or the floor.

Bella was fidgeting next to me as well and fiddling with her hair. She gave me an impatient glance under her dark eyelashes - a look that drove me crazy. I knew what she wanted and I knew that it would take exactly 12 minutes before I could provide her with it - 11 if I was driving really fast. I took her hand and let my fingers trail the skin around her wrist, which I knew to be sensitive (I had learned surprising amounts of things she liked and disliked in the past few days). She bit her lower lip and I was counting the seconds in my head before the bell would finally ring and let us escape.

3...2...1. We both got up fast as two lightnings, already stuffing our books into our bags. She nearly tripped on her chair trying to hurry and I took her hand, encouraging her forwards.

"Wow. They seem to be in a hurry. Probably off to have sex again. Damn it..." Crowley was thinking, looking at our hasty departure. I looked at him, irritated. Then I leaned slightly towards his lazy, good-for-nothing form.

"Yes, we are." I said to him, clear enough for him to hear and understand, but speaking quitely enough for Bella to not to hear. His eyebrows shot up to his hairline when I leaned away and turned my eyes towards Bella.

"Did I speak out loud?" I heard him whisper to Mike Newton, when we exited the classroom. I smiled at myself, pulling Bella against me, intending to find out just how good she would look taking a shower - with me, naturally.

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