Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is pretty much a full fledged meme now, huh? Way to go, /vp/. Anyway, enjoy the wonderful effects of meme magic.

Arceus looked at the script as he chuckled, nodding his head as he was smirking despite it being hard to notice if he was smiling or not since he did not have a visible mouth. "Hmm... it seems Belle made quite a name for herself... Pokemon's Farting Bianca." He laughed as he closed his eyes while walking on white puffy clouds high above the Pokemon world. "Oh, I didn't expect that gassy Bel to take off the way she did."

"Well, given who's writing this crappy story, I expected it quite easily." Dry Bowser spoke up as he was practicing his tennis skills by slamming several green colored fuzzy tennis balls on a brick wall as he brushed back his red hair. "All of the Pokemon here, as well as Bianca and her farts belong to Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak. As if you people reading this really needed to know."

One day in the Unova region, Pokemon's Farting Bianca was farting bassy deep pitched tuba poots out of her farting big butt covered up by her heavily brown stained, white colored dress, willingly pooping herself from her intense brassy flatulence. She was walking alongside her disgusted Oshawott (who was used to feeling and smelling Bianca's gas blasts), when suddenly out of nowhere were Swannas, Swannas everywhere appeared. Bianca jumped in front of her Oshawott, letting out a big, raunchy fart that left disgustingly brown stain after baked brownie stain on her formerly perfect white dress. The Swanna all collapsed to the horrid smell as Oshawott applauded Bianca, before a maple oak tree landed on him as a result of Bianca's power poot.

Bianca laughed as she let out another tuba toot, shaking the entire woodland area as several Woobat flew towards her. They all used Confuse Ray, causing Bianca to scream as she covered her eyes. She looked up, angry as her eyes blared, and she took out a lighter, bending down and sticking the lighter right by her fart filled butt as she farted loudly once more, the flames of flatulence sprouting from Bianca's flatulent butt engulfing all of the Woobat, causing them to burn to death. Bianca let out another fiery poot that caused ash to appear on her constantly farting butt, but Bianca giggled, patting her butt as she kept farting loudly, the green smelly aura wafting around her butt.

Oshawott looked up as he crawled out from the tree, Belle's farting causing seven more maple oak trees to fall on him. Bianca turned around, but she shrugged, giggling as she kept walking, further pooping herself while letting out poot after toot as the entire forest collapsed on itself, all thanks to Bianca and her gassy fat ass.