Belle Farts And Saves The Day

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is pretty much a full fledge meme now, huh? Way to go, /vp/. Anyway, enjoy.

Disclaimer: Belle and her farts belong to Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak.

One day, Belle was walking She was walking alongside her Mijumaru, when suddenly, Swannas, Swannas everywhere appeared. Belle jumped in front of her Mijumaru, letting out a big, raunchy fart that left stain after stain on her perfectly white dress. The Swanna all collapsed to the horrid smell as Mijumaru applauded Belle, before a maple oak tree landed on him.

Belle laughed as she let out another poot, shaking the entire woodland area as several Koromoris flew towards her. They all used Confuse Ray, causing Belle to scream as she covered her eyes. She looked up, angry as her eyes blared, and she took out a lighter, bending down and sticking the lighter right by her butt as she farted loudly once more, the flames sprouting from Belle's butt engulfing all of the Koromoris, causing them to burn to death. Belle let out another fiery poot that caused ash to appear on her butt, but Belle giggled, patting her butt as she kept farting loudly, the green smelly aura wafting around her butt.

Mijumaru looked up as he crawled out from the tree, Belle's farting causing seven more maple oak trees to fall on him. Belle turned around, but she shrugged, giggling as she kept walking, letting out poot after poot as the entire forest collapsed on itself, all thanks to Belle and her gassy fat ass.

The End