I'm a Nahuel-Leah fan...so...

"Stay away from me, Leah" he cautioned "I'm no good"

Then know that the one thing that tore you down brought you back together. I couldn't help but notice that I had imprinted on the wrong person.

The universe hated me for choosing someone so...so different. Of course, there was perks with losing all hurt that I had endured in the past, I could watch the backstabbers die of old age. I could watch with enjoyment as he would suffer when she died before him. I knew she would.

Finally some justice

But the vindictive side of me vanished with the thought as quickly as possible. I had found my soul mate. I made peace with him and her. I acknowledged them, but without so much as a goodbye, I was gone for good. Despite my happiness, I'd never bring myself to befriending those two again. Too many memories accompanied with their faces.

My life wasn't a sick extension of theirs, anymore. So I clung onto my newfound happiness with pride

Until he rejected me.

The pain that I felt was ten times worse then all the shit I have endured in the past combined. When I knew the one for me...the one that would make me forget, was afraid of hurting me. He told me he was no good, he told me to back off, but I knew these were lies. How could he be no good? He was the only good thing in my life...he was my imprint... He was afraid he'd literally be the death me, but little did he know that straying away would kill me even more.

His species failed to be compatible with mine...the venom that was racing through his veins were like poison darts, each one ready to take my life, and each one potent enough to stop my heart from beating with a simple kiss...

I didn't care. I was beyond a suicidal rampage by then, anyone wouldn't do, I would not settle for anything less than a soul mate. He was my soul mate.

And I couldn't even have that.


Nahuelwater forever! Or um...Clearnahuel!...or Clearhuel! Yeah, that's right...CLEARHUEL!

Take that Blackwater!

*No seriously, if you can come up with a better name...please PM me...ahahahha. (Seriously)