dear readers I know it's been awhile sense I updated either of my stories anyways I'm hear to announce the design your own digiboy contest, the top 5 will be featured in digiboy revolution and my personal favorite will be turned into a main character, the rules are as fallow.

1. all Digiboys must use the standard pokegirl sheet pluse the Class: information you know virus, data, vaccine

2. all Digiboys must have at least 2 evolutions

3. all Digiboys submissions need to have some details of the characters personality and please no Mary sues

4. After you submitted your character and If I decide to use it, you are permitted to complain about what I do with him, but I'm permitted to Ignore you, in other worlds don't expect everything to go your characters way or for him not to have a design flaw

5. no digimon based digiboys, I know this may come as an unfair rule but allowing you to use digimon as you bases would be far to easy.

6. I will allow you however to use creatures from other animes aside from digimon on the grounds you alter them to where there not so strong as to where they would be unbeatable.

7. you must also add details on there evolution forms and a bit of details on what there body looks like in each of there form

8. all submissions must be submitted from my home page do not worry if you run out of room I will except multiple messages

9. The final and most important rule, have fun with it.