Darkhero: it just something I've been thinking of doing for a while kind of a heroic spin on the pokegirl world.

In our world, every storm has an end. Every night brings a new day. What's important is to trust those you love, and never give up. We must never give up hope!~Chrono Trigger

This world is a world of sorrow, mothers separated from there children, sisters and daughter tossed away as if they are nothing more than broken toys. This world is a world of sin, girls becoming pet's and play things, being seen as nothing but sex toys and servants. This world is a world of darkness, in many eyes if a pokegirl dies in battle its of no concern, they are expendable and replaceable in there eyes. In this world of darkness, sin, and sorrow, it's is inevitable that there would be those who'd apposed it in rebellion, but up tell now they have all ended in catastrophe, up tell now no rebellion has even succeeded in putting a dent in the darkness that shrouds this world. A solution was found, a way to destroy the darkness that shrouded this world for so long had been discovered, in order to destroy the darkness it became apparent we needed someone who could move freely within it. This is where not just my story but the story of how the human race became nothing but a memory and how the darkness was finally lifted from this cold world.

"Are you sure about this?" said a women in a long lab cought, with long blue hair, and crystal blue Eyes as she hammered away at a keyboard in what appeared to be an underground lab.

"Yeah, I'm sure Ami." said a boy with musky brown hair, crystal green eyes, and a slim build and short stature.

"Even though you might die in the process, Alex?" asked the women now identified as Ami.

The boy now identified as Alex sighed.

"You know, when I first came to this world 7 years ago I didn't know what to expect, I was only and 8 year old boy in a very scary and confusing place." Alex stopped to take in air then continued. "At first I was just confused but then as I began to learn and understand thing about this world I came to the realization how horrible this world was, I wanted the sorrow to stop, but what could I do, I was only a child and a child's words isn't worth much no matter what world your living in." Stated Alex as He turned towards the women known as Ami.

"Then I found you and listened to you, even taking you in as my own son." said Ami as she looked over at her adoptive son with a warm smile.

"Yeah and what a shock it was to find my mother was not only Sailor Mercury but the last living sailor scout in this world, and I was just surprised that the sailor scouts actually existed if not in another world that is." said Alex returning his mothers smile.

"Hm, I remember when there was suppose to be this great kingdom known as cCstal Tokyo in which there would be eternal peace, but that all came to an end when the Sailor Scouts were killed off by Typhonna, but in the end I guess that a monarchy wasn't real freedom." said Ami placing a hand on her sons head.

"So is it almost ready." said Alex looking over at a glass pod.

"So, your really serious about this, you do know whats you start you can't stop, you will ether succeed or you will be destroyed, knowing this are you still willing to continue?" Ami asked her son in a serious tone.

"you know, I was only 12 years old when I first saw a girl go threw threshold, the towns folks started avoiding her and keeping there children away from her, even her own family wouldn't even acknowledge her existence." Alex stopped for a brief second as tears began to form in his eyes. "but nothing could compare to her face on the day the ranchers came to take her away to be used for nothing more than breeding, I remembered how she screamed and cried for help as she was dragged from her home and forced into the back of there truck, and I also remember how everyone walked by her and ignored her like she had no wright to complain, as if she wasn't a living feeling person." Alex lowered his head so his hair covered his eyes giving him a shadowy look. "It was on that day I made my vow, to end the sarrows of this world, even if I had to become a monster to do so." finished Alex as he looked up at his mother with a determined look on his face.

Ami nodded to her son and turned to finish setting up the computers operation. The glass pod opened in the front and Alex entered it.

"Now, listen careful, because what I'm about to tell you is of up-most importance." said Ami looking up at her son to be sure she had his attention. "When the process is complete you will have a power that will rival Typhonna, but not at first you will need some time to grow, also you must remember that because we used pokegirl DNA as a basis for this little project of ours you will need tamed every so often, you can use a pokegirl for this. I know you don't like the idea of having a pokegirl, but in this case you will need at least one to keep your self from going feral and also you'll need at least one to enter the league to get that training you so much desire." Said Ami as she typed away at her computer and the glass pod closed. "One last thing I always want you to remember, that no matter what your my son, weather you decided to save this world or destroy it, you are and all ways will be my son." Finished Ami as she pressed the final Key causing gas to flood into the glass tube.

The moment the gas hit Alex he began to feel the changes overtake him. The first thing he noticed was his once musky brown hair and green eyes had turned into a blackish purple color and his hair began to sag a bit around his ears. The next thing he noticed was two long fleshy appendages being forced threw his scalp caring the same Blackish purple color as his hair. But the final and most painful transformation to his body was when a medium sized blackish purple tail was forced from his body as his crotch bone adjusted to this new appendage. At this moment the gas inside the pod began to clear and the pod opened as Alex stumbled out about was caught in his mothers arms.

"Alex, are you alright."Ask Ami looking down at the heavy breathing boy.

"Yeah, just a little tired." said Alex as he tried to catch his breath.

"Thank goodness." Sighed Ami.

"Did it work?" ask Alex as he tried to regain his balance not used to his new tail.

"I'm not sure, but I believe the digiboy project is a success." said Ami blushing at the cuteness that had become her son. "Computer please scan subject." said Ami.

"Scanning subject for any and all information pertaining to subject." said a mechanical voice coming from all directions in the room.

A small green light waved over Alex's form for a brief Moment then dissipated.

"Scan complete how would you like to story info?" Stated the Voice.

"Load all his information under then name Impmon into the digiboy analyzer folder and then please read back all of Alex's Information." said Ami.

"Understood, beginning file transfer... transfer complete now beginning read back." said the computer as it readied the files.

IMPMON the mischievous digiboy
Type: Near Human
Class: Virus
Element(s): Darkness/Fire
Frequency: Ultra Rare only 1 in existence at this time.
Diet: Human Food
Role: None Specified
Libido: Average
Strong Against: Ghost, Bug, and Grass
Weak Against: Water and Rock
Attacks: Night of fire, Infernal Funnel, Dadadada Kick, and Dark Song
Enhancements: Strengthed legs for high Jumping and better Agility, also has the ability to turn data into matter but is limited
Evolves: ?
Evolves From: ?
Little information is available on this Digiboy aside from it's ability to turn Data into matter a ability all digiboys will share there is little to no information on him. Scans show both TM's and HM's are incompatible to him limiting him to attacks he learns on his own, all of which seems to be unique to him.

Current Level: 5

"I see, Computer please fetch me the Digiboy analyzer with the data recorder upgrade, and bring me the portgun while your doing that." said Ami to her computer.

"So you decided to go with Impmon, Well I guess it's better than the first name you came up with." said Alex looking up at his mother with half lidded eyes.

"What CockGoblinmon was is a great name." said Ami with a smile.

"It's a sex fiend!" Shouted Alex in annoyance.

"Well I could have allways gone with SuperChibiKawiimon." Said Ami with a mischievous smile.

"No, no, no, Impmon's good, Impmon's good." said Alex in panic.

"Good, Now take these." Said Ami as she pulled out, a trainers card, a pokedex and five pokeball. "It took me sometime to hack into the governments main frame but I was able to forge you an identity, I've already registered you with the league and got you set up with the local Professor to get your first pokegirl, After you get her I would recommend for you use her to tame yourself immediately, do to you just obtaining this state you may go feral very early on, after your first taming you won't need to be tamed for at least a month so don't worry to much." said Ami as she handed Alex the items.

"What about clothes, I do kind of have a tail now." said Alex pointing to his tail.

"Oh right I almost forgot." as she turned pulling a hoodie and a pair of paint with a hole for his tail both of which where a dark purple, the hoodie also had a deformed smiley face on the front.

"What with the Hoodie." asked Alex.

"It's to hide these, what ever they are." said Ami grabbing onto the appendages coming out of Alex's head. "oh and before I forget, take these." said Ami as she handed Alex what appeared to be a virtual pet and a gun from a science fiction movie. "This Device here is a digiboy analyzer with a data recorder upgrade it will record and transmit any information it discovers about you, weather it be attacks, evolutions, or special abilities." said Ami pointing to the Vertual pet looking thing. "Now the gun on the other hand is a porter gun, if you encounter anyone who wants to help our cause just shoot them with it and they'll be instantly teleported to this lab, after which I will turn them into digiboys as well." finished Ami picking up the gun.

"Ok, anything else we need to go over before I go and get my first pokegirl." asked Alex.

"Yes, after you reach a certain stage in your power growth and you've recruited enough allies I'll start giving you objectives for are global domination plan. Oh and by the which pokegirl have you decided to go with?" asked Ami.

"It doesn't matter they'll all be taller than me either way." said Alex in a depressed tone.

"Still depressed about how tall you are?" asked Ami.

"Well how else am I suppose to act, look at me I'm 15 years old but I look like a 12 year old." said Alex looking at his body.

"But yoursmall stature is what makes you cute, your the same size as hotaru when I first meat her." said Ami pulling the small boy into a hug.

The boy blushed in embarishment do to his mother words.

"Well i better get going." said Alex as he pushed his adoptive mother off of him.

Alex began to head to the exit of the lab when he heard his mother call out to him.

"Alex before you go, I want you to promise me something." said Ami looking at her son.

"What is it?" asked Alex looking at his adoptive mother.

"Promise me you won't die." said Ami looking at her son with a worried look.

"I promise, and not only not to die but to complete my mission." said Alex looking over at his mother.

Alex opened the door to the lab and entered the uper levels of there house. After changeing into his new outfit he left threw the front door of there home and headed towards the local pokegirl Professor's lab knowing now he was not only heading towards a lab today he knew in his heart he was headed towards the future.


Omake Digiboy Classes.

"Hello, Alex and Ami here and today we are going to teach You about Digiboy Classes." said Alex who was sitting at a desk with Ami.

"Know let me explain, There are three Digiboy classes, They are known as Virus, Data, and Vacine." said Ami Pulling out a poster with a picture of a knight, a monster, and a normal looking guy all in chibi form.

"That's nice and all but what's so Important about these classes they don't seem to serve any use." said Alex looking at the poster.

"Ah, but thats where your wrong, you see classes work a lot like pokegirls and digiboys elements, virus types has the advantage on data types, where data types have the advantage over vacine types, and vacine types have the advantage over virus types." said ami pointing to each chibi on the poster.

"That's nice and all but I don't see how it would make any differance in battle it's pretty much the same thing as elemental weaknesses." Said Alex looking at Ami.

"You would also be wrong on that account as well, a digiboys class could completely change the tide of a battle in an instant. Let me explaine, let's say a virus and fire type like you were faceing a data and water type, you would assume the data and water type would have the advantage over you." said Ami looking at Alex.

"Yeah because water has the advantage on fire type I would be at a dissadvantage." said Alex planly.

"Beep wrong, you see do to the fact that he's a data type his attacks arn't nearly as effective agenst you so that puts you two not only on even grounds but you may even have a slight adavantage over him, do to your attacks being slightly more effective agenst him now." said Ami with a smile.

"So a digiboy's class can change the very course of a battle in an instance." said alex with a knowing look on his face.

"That's correct, well in tell next time." said Ami waveing.

"Wait it's over alreay?" asked Alex.

"Yep, at least until the next chapter." Said Ami.

"I see, to all the reader out please comment and review on our story." said Alex

"Bye-ni!" Shouted Ami.

"A lucky star reference?" asked Alex.

Datkhero: well I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter of Digiboy reavolution, it may be a while before my next chapters on both Rozen Lord Jun and this story because I have to take some time to studdie for my ACT.