The following day was a Saturday and Christian and Olli worked a half a day so when their shift was over they went to the gym. Once inside they headed to the boxing area. Axel was there and when he saw the fine young men he ran over to them.

"Hey man" said Axel to Olli with a smile

"Hey yourself" greeted Olli

"When did you get back?" asked Axel

"Three days ago"

Axel and Olli shook hands.

"What's up with Tom?" asked Axel

"He cheated on me and with his ex so I dumped him"

"Sorry to hear that. How are you doing? I'm really sorry about the last time I saw you" said Axel

"I'm alright. You didn't mean it you're just a big guy. Be careful with my friend Christian or I'll kick your ass."

Christian blushed and Axel noticed and smiled.

Shit he noticed,

"Want to watch Christian and I train together?" asked Axel changing the subject

"That's why I'm here" said Olli with a smile

Christian walked away from the men and got ready to box.

Once Christian returned Olli smiled at him and Christian just nodded his head since he had his mouth guard in his mouth he couldn't smile back.

Christian went in the ring where Axel was. Axel was kneeling down getting his gear ready when he saw Christian. He turned his head to look at Christian.

"You ready?" Axel asked Christian

Christian nodded his head and Axel put his mouth guard in his mouth and got up from the mat. Axel tightened his mitts and nodded his head 3 times to start the countdown to begin.

Olli was waiting for the boxing match to begin with a bright smile on his face. When it finally began he was excited.

both Axel and Christian moved back and forth to avoid getting hit. Both men swinging their arms at each other. Christian ducked and he swung his hand and he was the first one to hit. Axel moved back and moved his head from side to side.

Olli smiled.

Axel picked up his chin and Christian shook his head no. Axel hit Christian and Christian hit him right back.

At the end of the match Christian won (of cause)

Christian took off his mitts and Axel did the same. They shook hands and they took off their mouth pieces and head gear.

"What was up with you before with your chin up?" asked Christian

"Olli was smiling at you the whole time. I can tell he likes you" whispered Axel in Christian's ear.

"No, where just good friends"

"I don't think so" said Axel before grabbing his things and heading for the showers.

When Christian came back from taking his shower and got dressed he walked over to Olli. Olli was pacing back and forth and didn't notice when Christian came back. Christian put his hand on Olli's shoulder to stop him from pacing and when he did Olli just smiled at him.

"Christian that was amazing, you're incredible"


"I haven't seen boxing like that since Axel, years ago but you're even better"

"Thanks a lot, that means a lot"

:For a job well done want to go to Schneider's for dinner my treat?"

"That would be great, thank you"

Olli and Christian walked inside Charlie's bar and the first person to greet the two was Olivia.

Olivia hugged Christian then she kissed him on the cheek.

"It's so good to see you Christian it's been a while"

"It's good to see you too Olivia" said Christian in shock

"Hi Charlie" said Christian when they walked over to the bar counter.

"Hello dear, I see you made friends with my nephew" said Charlie with a smile

"Sure have" replied Christian

"He beat Axel in a round of boxing, so I asked him if he would like to have dinner with me"

"It'll be on the house for both of you" said Charlie

"You don't have to do that" said Olli

"I know I don't have to, I want to"

"Thanks" said Christian and Olli at the same time

"Can I join you both, I get off of work in like 20 minutes" said Olivia

"Sure" said Christiana little too quickly

Christian was scared to be alone with Olli for a meal.

Olli nodded his head but didn't look happy.

When Christian and Olli got back to the apartment they went their separate ways since they had to get up early and work a full day the next day.