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This was my very first attempt at writing. This lemony one shot takes place at the end of chapter 9 in Dead to the World. Originally published on October of 2010.

Kitchen Table

"There," he said softly, after a long moment. "You're creative, too."

I pushed him down until he was sitting on the kitchen table, still kissing him until I became all too aware that we were both wearing too much clothing. I took his shirt off, slowly pushing it up over his beautiful hair, exposing his muscled chest, which was now the perfect level for me to lick and touch and bite. I pushed him back until he was resting on his hands, and spent several minutes nibbling his nipples and the sides of his ribs, as I worked my way down to his pants. His face was drowsy with lust and since his fangs were fully exposed, I knew he was showing considerable self-restraint to sit there patiently while I undressed him and teased him. As I worked on getting the button to his pants undone, I pulled the elastic out of my hair, shook it loose and started sweeping my hair up and down his stomach, which made him shiver. I love making him shiver.

Finally I removed his pants, at which point he pouted at me and said, "I need to see you too."

"I would be happy to undress for you." I said and started to work on my own shirt. I had no intention of speeding up this process at all, I had him right where I wanted him, still and delicious on the table I would never be able to sit at again without thinking of this beautiful man sitting there, waiting for me. Looking at me as if I was the most beautiful woman in the world.

I pulled my Merlotte's shirt ever so slightly up to expose just a hint of my hip, then higher and higher until my breasts popped out of the fabric, which was followed by a sharp intake of air from Eric. Finally I pulled it all the way off, leaving me in my black pants and a lacey white bra.

I whispered to Eric, "Now what would you like me to do?" Giving him a coy look.

He had to clear his throat to be able to speak, and said in a rough voice, "Now your pants, Lover." How could I say no to that?

I unbuttoned my pants, then pulled the zipper down, watching his face the whole time, seeing the awe in his face, as if this were the first time he had ever seen me. I pulled the zipper open a little so he could see my matching white lacey panties.

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