Hello, I am the beautiful wife, Gabihime. I wrote this 'chapter' in response to Wedgegeck's original story. To be clear, the first chapter is written by him, and the second by me.

Poor Brera. At least he's good at patiently waiting in the hall. I guess that's something.

"Ai-kun," Brera began philosophically, "What do you think it is that makes us human? What creates in us a greater humanity? Is it, although we are single individuals, entirely alone in this vast universe, that we seek to forge bonds with one another, bonds that become unbreakable, no matter the time or distance between us? Being together with one another, although we all have separate hearts, coming to belong among others. I'm sure," and here he paused, his carefully modulated and utterly grave voice giving the slightest tremor, "I'm sure that's what it is."

He turned to look at the companion he shared the hallway with.

"Do you think that's right?"

Ai-kun, who had his nose deep in Brera's shoulderbag, snuffling around inside it, popped his head up at the question and came out with a pair of Brera's underwear hanging off one of his antenna.

The large olive-colored vajra cocked his head and trilled a response.

Brera sighed and shrugged.

"Do you want to play cards?" he asked. "We could play Gin Rummy, or Go Fish."

Ai-kun trilled again, presumably an affirmative, and then went back to rummaging in Brera's bag, his glossy dragonfly wings pressed against his back in concentration.

"Maybe they'll want to play cards," he thought aloud as he rose. "I'd better ask."

He knocked on the door.

At first there was silence on the other side, then at last came Alto's voice. He sounded resigned.

"Who is it." It didn't sound like a question at all.

"It's still Brera. Do you want to play cards? We could all play Crazy Eights. Ai-kun says he'll play."

"We're busy right now," answered Alto. "Maybe later."

"Busy doing what?" asked Brera promptly. His palms itched.

From the other side of the door came a muffled noise that might have been a sigh.

"Our hair."