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It's called scattered memories and is really, really romantic.

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Scattered Memories: Chapter Seven, Thy Real Self

He battled the man easily; the man had scarce battling skills. He won the beautiful, fragile leaf. He went around Viridian, and eventually found all the missing leaves-fighting a rookie, arguing a business man, and even a food fight against a fat baker-and he returned to his home in Pallet.

He found Yellow fiddling around with her sketch-book. He knew that she would do that, but his grin that graced his lips for a second disappeared. When she turned around, her sorrow was still reflected in her eyes.

He stared into her empty hazel eyes, and she his worried, concerned red eyes.

"Here, Yellow," Red said, "I have gotten your memories back."

"Red-kun? Y-you did?" Yellow asked nervously. She was still doubting: 'How do you lose memories and get them back?'

"Here you go," Red handed her the leaves, "I think you should hold them by your forehead."

Yellow did as she was told; and the result was almost immediate.

"R-r-red," She said, tears on the brim of her eyes, "I-I…I remember! It's coming back!"

"It is?" Red said in pure disbelief and joy.

"It is," Yellow said, breaking into tears of gratitude, "It is."

"Wait-you know of the…the curse, don't you?" Yellow asked after she had recovered everything.

"Yes," Red sighed, knowing this wasn't good.

Later that night, Red knew Yellow was going to run away. She would say, for the reason of her actions, would be, 'It'd be better if I, the cursed child, wasn't connected to you.' Red crept down to where Yellow was supposed to be sleeping. Indeed, she was packing a few belongings of hers already.

"Yellow, don't go!" Red cried.

"R-red!" Yellow sputtered in alarm.

"Don't go, Yellow, I don't care about the stupid curse," Red pleaded.

"Red, you don't understand. It's my one true form-in forest terms-so, technically speaking, this is an 'outer' character."

"No, Yellow. It's not your true form. It's your other form, the one cause by the curse. This is your true form, the kind, caring, and artistic girl."

"Red, I-" Yellow stopped, for she sensed the forest of Viridian was in danger.

"I need to go!" shrieked Yellow, and ran out to get to the forest.

"Yellow! YELLOW!"

Yellow was at the Viridian forest in a flash. Lance was there, causing mayhem.

"Yellow, eh? I thought I finished you for good!" Lance laughed.

"Lance, by the power of Viridian, I WILL BEAT YOU!"

She had put such force into her words, such hatred, that even Lance backed away. Her bright, hazel eyes became once again that navy color, like rain in the forest at dark.

"Yellow!" Red had caught up with her, not caring about the scrapes he had gotten running through thick brambles.

"Don't watch," mumbled Yellow.

RIP! Her fragile wings were just like her shattered memories in the crystalline leaf. She cringed, but was sure in her goal-to defeat Lance.

"Y-yellow," said Red in surprise. 'Yellow…is like…this? Her curse is…this? To protect Viridian's Forest even…if it costs her…her life?'

"For VIRIDIAN!" cried Yellow, and her eyes flashed dangerously with hate. Then, a loud explosion came, blinding the people and pokemon.

"*cough* Yellow?"

Once the smoke cleared, Red looked at where Lance was. Was. Lance was gone, though it looked like he escaped, not destroyed. Yellow had collapsed, looking drained-and her wings were gone. She was normal, though the attack had drained her.

'Bloodshed,' thought Red, 'It wasn't bloodshed.'