Shattered Memories: One little rustle, one big secret

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Red slowly walked over to Yellow. She was on the floor, and her pulse was not very strong. She was pale and clammy, and she breathed slowly.

Red picked her up, and carried her to his house.

The walk was full of his thoughts of concern, awe, and slight fear, because of the 'bomb' display the hazel-eyed girl had demonstrated.

He set her down on the couch and started weeping. 'Why, Yellow? Don't die! Don't die…'

He called Blue.

"Red? Did you read the book I gave you?"


"I'm coming over."

When Blue was there, Yellow was a little better, but she was still unconscious. Her pulse was like a dying person's.

Then, as Yellow sensed Lance at the forest again, her health got worse over the days. She might have even died. Then, as Red realized how her life was on the line, he did everything he could. He gave her a hot pack, blankets, anything he thought might help. Alas, she was still in a coma. He got more desperate by the day-her temperature rose and dropped; one day it might be 100.6 F and then it would be 96.7 the next. He requested the best docters, even wished upon the Jirachi star.

"I don't think there's anything we can do," said Green one day when he had visited, "She's in a state that might never be cured."

In her unconscious state, she dreamt harsh dreams: her father's wrath, how he blamed her because of her 'blessing'.



"It's not my fault! No!" Yellow pleaded.

"Here, I'll help you," offered Red in a flashback.

"No, the curse!" Yellow weeped.

"I'll steal your power, Yellow. It's what I've always wanted and seek," said Lance.

She twitched and turned, but didn't wake up. If anything happened…

Then, one night, Red snapped. Yellow was 103.2 F and kept sweating. She was pale and she trembled.

"D-don't die," whispered Red, and bent down to kiss Yellow.

At the last minute, Yellow awoke from her constant nightmares. She looked up wearily, and saw Red bending down to kiss her.

She kissed him back. They shared that moment, and Red broke away.

"You're awake!" Red cried, tears of joy and relief trickling down his pale, anxious face.

He hugged her close, and they stayed that way.

"Don't let the curse take over you," whispered Red.

"I won't," promised Yellow, tears of joy and love also in her eyes, "I won't. I promise, Red."

Five Years Later…

"Why, hello, Yellow!" greeted Blue, who was in the audience at the graduation ceremony at the Pokemon Trainer College.

"Hi, Blue. Is Red here? And Green?" asked Yellow.

"Yeah, Green's at the snacks, getting things for us, and…Red's behind you."

Yellow turned around to see Red, who smiled at her in her graduation dress.

"Oh! Red!"

"Hi, Yellow! This brings back some memories…" said Red nostalgically, gazing at he field, then winking at Yellow.

Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow all went to this college, but Yellow was a year younger and came in a year after and graduated a year later.

"Oh, Yellow? Could you come over here…" gestured Red, pointing to the big pine tree across the field.


They walked over there (stared at by a bunch of fan girls) and they sat down.

They didn't do anything for a while, just looking at the green of the grass, the midnight blue of Yellow's gown. Her golden blonde hair swept this way and that in the crisp wind, and

Red took a big breath, final on his decision.

"I've been meaning to ask you…" said Red, fidgeting with something in his pocket.

"What is it, Red?"



Red gulped, then cleared his throat, "W-will you marry me?"

Yellow's eyes were wide, and she nodded eagerly. Her eyes sparkled with eagerness, and she put her hand on his.

Red looked over at Green and Blue. They had walked over to the flower patch, and as he watched, he saw Green bend down on his knees, and propose with a ring. Blue squealed and kissed him. They were stuck with super-glue.

"Well, here's the ring," mumbled Red softly, and slipped a delicate gold band with a garnet (red in color) on Yellow's ring finger. Her eyes got even wider, and the ring sparkled with light, reflecting how Yellow felt.

"I'll get you a topaz, then," laughed Yellow, thinking how she would have the red gem, and he the yellow. 'How perfect,' she thought.

Yellow gazed at those beautiful, red eyes she was so deeply in love with. She thought about how this was so perfect-so very different from the cursed times.

Red also looked into those two kind, hazel eyes that he had loved since that fateful day. He knew it-she was the one he needed, the one he was for.

"I thought so," whispered Red, and he leaned over and kissed her.

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