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Ch. 5: No, I was NOT Trying to Rape Reid!

The next morning Reid woke up to the sound of a cell phone ringing and reached across the edge of the bed to grab it when he realized he wasn't laying on his bed. He wasn't laying in any bed. He was laying on a couch, pressed close against a still sleeping Derek Morgan. Blinking sleep from his eyes he realized it was Morgan's phone that was ringing. "Derek," he whispered, his voice raspy. "Wake up, your phone's ringing." he shook the man next to him gently, causing him to sit up quickly and nearly knock him off the couch.

"Oh my God, Spencer! I'm sorry!" he apologized quickly, grabbing Reid's hand before he could topple onto the floor.

"It's alright," Reid said, pushing the hair from his face. "Your phone is ringing."

"Right," Morgan nodded, grabbing the cell phone, "Morgan." he answered, stifling a yawn. "Alright… thanks JJ." he said, hanging up. "We've got a case. Apparently there's a serial rapist in Houston."

Reid groaned, his head falling down onto Morgan's chest. "Another one?"

Morgan chuckled, "Yeah, Pretty Boy, another one." he said, yawning. "Damn, it's almost eight o'clock already." he said, glancing at the clock over the mantle.

Reid frowned, glancing up at the clock too. "I'm sorry… I didn't mean to fall asleep last night… I -"

"Hey, you don't have to apologize, Spencer. I kinda liked watching you sleep anyway."

Reid blushed, "I need a shower," he said after a minute, "And… clothes."

"You go ahead and get in the shower, I'll go grab your go-bag and an extra change of clothes from your apartment and be back in twenty minutes…"

"Are you sure?" Reid asked, "I could just -"

"It's fine," Morgan assured him. "Besides, it gives me a chance to look around your apartment without you there." he grinned.


"Kidding," Morgan said, rolling his eyes. "God, Spencer don't worry, I'm not going through your diary, alright?" then he grinned again, "But I have to go through your underwear drawer…"

Reid blushed again, "Derek…" he almost whined, frowning at him.

"You know where the bathroom is, there are towels under the sink." Morgan said, grabbing his keys off the coffee table and shrugging into his jacket. "I'll be back in about twenty minutes."

Reid sighed, watching him go before heading to the bathroom and stripping his clothes off, careful to lock the door before he turned the shower on. He did not want Derek to see him naked. Not yet…

He scrubbed himself clean and washed his hair in less than fifteen minutes, wrapping a towel around his waist and shivering against the cold air pressing against him. He stood there in the bathroom for almost five minutes, just letting his mind wander, before finally relenting and walking back out into the living room and sitting on the couch with his arms wrapped around his torso, wondering where Morgan was.

Morgan stepped into Reid's apartment and immediately grabbed his go-bag - already packed - sitting by the front door, smiling slightly. He walked into the bedroom that was right next to the living room and flipped the light switch on, looking around curiously. The room was a beige color, Morgan figured it had been that color when Reid first moved into the apartment, the bed was large and there was a TV sitting on the dresser across from it. A large stack of books - each easily four hundred pages at least - sat next to the bed, their pages worn and yellow.

Chuckling, Morgan walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of Reid's boxers, a pair of socks (he frowned when he realized they were all mismatched, but shrugged it off) and then grabbed a shirt, tie and pair of pants from his closet.

He sat everything down on the coffee table and started to look around more, curious. He found even more books, scattered across the coffee table, stacked on the mantle by the fire place and even piled up around the TV stand, all of them having obviously been read several times.

The books on the coffee table were text books… He raised a brow, picking up one of the books, reading the title "Advanced Psychology Studies: Personality Disorders" He shook his head. No wonder Reid constantly spouted facts like he did; he was still reading text books about this stuff, despite the fact that he probably knew it all already. He picked up another book, "Advanced Statistics" and laughed. That was definitely Reid.

Glancing down at his watch, Morgan sighed and grabbed the bag and clothes and headed back to his apartment.

Reid looked up when Morgan finally got back, nearly thirty minutes later, carrying his go-bag and a change of clothes. Seeing Reid sitting on the couch with nothing but a towel on made him grin. "Couldn't you just wear that to work?" he asked, studying him carefully with his eyes and liking what he was seeing.

Reid blushed and yanked the clothes from Morgan's hands. "Shut up," he muttered, turning to go to the bathroom and change. Morgan laughed and grabbed his hand, spinning him around and kissing his, pressing his body up against Reid's. Reid pushed him away, "Derek, seriously, stop!" he ordered, "We've got to get ready for work, you know."

"But that was what I was doing," Morgan explained. "If I hadn't kissed you then, I'd want to do it at work… and where would that lead us?"

Reid rolled his eyes. "Sure," he muttered.

"Plus, it's not my fault. You're the one who's basically naked in my living room…"

"It's not like I had a choice." Reid muttered.

Morgan grinned, "Doesn't matter, because it doesn't change the fact that you are, in fact, wearing only a towel, standing here looking all sexy in the middle of my apartment,"

Reid blushed again, looking away from Morgan. "Derek,"

Before he could finished, Morgan had pulled him close again and was kissing him, running his hands down his back and pulling at the hem of the towel where Reid had tucked it under. He reached a hand back and stopped Morgan before he could pull it loose. "Stop," he said, but there wasn't any venom in his voice that time.

Morgan sighed. "Fine, Pretty Boy, you win. But I will get you naked eventually." he said, grabbing his own clothes and going down the hall to take a shower. Reid sighed and got dressed quickly, a tiny smile on his face.

"You're late," Hotch said when the two of them entered the conference room.

"Sorry, Reid's having some car trouble and I picked him up… it's my fault." Morgan explained, taking a seat at the table, Reid sitting down next to him, careful to keep a good amount of distance between them.

Hotch frowned and nodded, "Don't let it happen again," he said, looking to JJ and nodding. She stood from her seat and pulled up a group of crime scene photos or ransacked apartments and beaten women with black eyes and busted lips. "Three weeks ago, a man broke in to Tina Norman's apartment, beat her, raped her and then basically tore her living room apart. The week after, he did the same thing to Brandy Lorenzo, and two nights ago, he attacked Michaela Jonson."

The three woman had been badly beaten, covered in bruises and bloody… Michaela Jonson's eyes were both swollen shut. From the marred photos, they could tell that all three woman had dark brown hair, were shorter than average and they were all around the same age.

"Serial rapist," Prentiss said, frowning. "But… why ransack the place? Was anything stolen?"

"Nothing so far, police are still cataloging some things from Michaela Jonson's apartment, but they haven't found anything missing yet." JJ answered.

"Have they been able to give a description of the man?" Reid asked.

"No, he always wears a mask." JJ answered, frowning at the pictures.

"Wheels up in an hour," Hotch announced, tapping his folder on the table and standing, throwing one last glance at the screen before leaving, Rossi, Prentiss, JJ, Reid and Morgan behind him.

Reid yawned and tossed the open file on his bed, pressing his fingers to his temples. "Got a headache?" Morgan teased, grinning from the other bed. They'd been going over the profile for the past four hours and were still not coming up with anything helpful. It was more than incredibly irritating.

He gave Morgan a dirty look and shook his head. "Just a small one. This is really annoying."

Morgan grinned, "Well… I know a way for us to relax." he said coyly.

"We're supposed to be working." Reid said, picking the folder up and trying yet again to concentrate on the information he'd already committed to memory. He suddenly jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "What part of 'we're working' don't you understand?"

"We can take a break," Morgan said, letting his hand drift down Reid's back.

Reid frowned and stood from the bed, "I'm going to see if Prentiss has that file for Brandy Lorenzo." he said, starting to walk toward the door. Morgan sighed and grabbed his hand, yanking him down onto the bed and rolling on top of him.

"Derek! Get off of me!" Reid protested, but Morgan cut him off with a kiss.

Pushing against the other man's chest, Reid scowled. "Morgan." he said sternly. "We're supposed to be working. What if Hotch or… or Rossi walked in?" he hissed.

Morgan rolled his eyes. "No one's gonna walk in." He insisted.

Almost as soon as the he said that, the door opened and Prentiss walked in, talking. "Hey, do either of you know where - What the hell?"

Morgan rolled off of Reid quickly, staring open mouthed at Prentiss.

"Were you just trying to rape Reid?" she asked, raising a brow.

"Yes." Reid said irritably, standing and straightening his shirt.

"What? NO, I was NOT trying to rape Reid!" Morgan snapped. "I… fell."

"Uh huh…" Prentiss said, grinning. "Suuuuure you did, Morgan."

"But -"

"Prentiss, do you have the Brandy Lorenzo file?" Reid asked, cutting Morgan off.

"Yeah, it's in my room." Prentiss said, motioning out the door.

"Good… do you mind… uh… going over something with me?" Reid asked, frowning slightly.

She grinned wider, glancing at Morgan, "Sure, Reid, follow me."

Morgan watched them leave and scowled for a second. Damn it, Reid, why do you keep doing this to me? He thought angrily for a moment. Then he shook the thought away. Reid wasn't doing anything wrong… and he had a point, they were supposed to be working. But it was difficult to think about working when Reid was sitting a few feet away from him and looking all… gorgeous.

Sighing, he flopped down on his own bed and leaned against the headboard, his eyes falling back down on the folder in front of him. As long as he was alone he might as well get some work done…

Reid followed Prentiss down the hall to the room she and JJ were sharing. "So… what exactly was going on in there?" she asked, glancing sideways at her friend as she opened the door.

Reid shrugged, "Nothing." he said a little too quickly.

"Reid…" Prentiss frowned. "That was a little bit more than just nothing. I'm pretty sure Morgan was laying on top of you."

"He fell." Reid insisted. "It was just an accident."

"You don't fall on top of someone and pin their wrists down," Prentiss said. "Not without doing it on purpose. Plus… the looks on your faces…"

Reid shrugged again, trying to ignore her question. "Is this the file?" he asked, picking up the folder.

"Yeah." she answered, sitting down. "Reid, is there something going on between you and Morgan?" she asked, frowning.

"No. Nothing." Reid insisted again, not looking her in the eye.

"Reid, c'mon, this is the first time you two haven't complained about sharing a room… and Morgan was laying on top of you… plus, you two were together at the bar the other night. And you've been acting a little weird lately. I mean, for the past week you've hardly talked at all and now… everything's all perfect again and -"

"He kissed me." Reid blurted suddenly, trying to get her to stop.

"He … what?" Prentiss blinked, shock displayed on her face.

Reid bit his lip. "He… I… We kissed. We, uh…"

"Wait, so you and Morgan are… like, a couple?" Prentiss asked slowly.

"I… yeah."

"Like… dating?"

"I suppose."



"Wow." Prentiss sat back against her seat, and slowly a grin spread across her face. "I can't to see what Garcia thinks."

"No, Prentiss… Emily, please, don't tell anyone!" Reid begged. "We're not… not really ready for the team to know."

She nodded slowly, "Alright, Reid, fine. But… you've got to tell me something first."

"What?" he asked nervously.

"How did this happen?" she asked, her eyes bright with interest.

He sighed, bit his lip and slowly began to recount the entire story about showing up at Morgan's house and them kissing and everything - edited just slightly, of course - that had happened since then. He left out them kissing in break room, and of course, what had happened that morning… She didn't need to know everything after all. He was already starting to dread telling the rest of the team when the time finally came… how would they react?

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