Clarissa Louisa Francesca Amelia Angela Isabella Chrissell sat on the roof of her home overlooking all of Whoville sighing to herself. Her parent was away on a business trip on the other side of Whoville where she'd be staying for the remainder of the week. Downstairs she heard the pounding music of a party her eight older brothers were throwing on account of mom being away and they were abusing the privilege. She absolutely hated her mom being away which was practically all the time, but even when her mom was at home she was too busy to actually pay attention and she was stuck in the care of her irresponsible brothers. If she would actually stop working to pay attention she'd never let her brothers be in charge. This was what Clarissa constantly thought.

Clarissa cringed at the sound of something being broken downstairs. She'd be sure to make a lot of loud noises tomorrow as she got ready for Whoville High tomorrow just to torture her brothers for the massive hangover they were going to have tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow was her first day of high school, and she wasn't looking forward to it. High school with your brothers wasn't exactly her idea of fun. She was sure at that moment no one could possibly relate to her situation of having many fairly obnoxious siblings. She was wrong. In fact there was one who out there who could relate. He could more than relate. He had ninety-six sisters, but to him that wasn't his only problem. He had to become mayor when he got older. What's wrong with this you ask? He wanted more than just being mayor. He loved music and wanted to be a musician, and he wanted let a sister of his take over as mayor. But he also didn't want to disappoint his dad, so he never said anything about not wanting to be mayor. He was silent, and never said a word to his dad or anyone else. Well… that's not entirely true. He helped save Whoville by yelling "Don't!" out to a much larger world that existed outside of theirs and a few words to Horton the elephant, but that was all he said. But tomorrow he'd be saying a lot more words to answer questions the teachers asked him. He too would be attending Whoville High. He was Jojo Mcdodd.

3 3 3

Jojo climbed up the steps of the bus heading to Whoville High and sighed. The year was going to go by so slowly especially with nothing to look forward to except the observatory. Every night he went up to the old abandon observatory to make music using common household items that no one in his home wanted. It was the only place he was happy and actually smiled. His only other expression was a blank stare. He had no friends to make smile him at any other time.

Clarissa looked at herself in the mirror a brushed her navy blue hair which she chose not to fashion in any kind of hair style and let it hang loosely like a curtain over her shoulders and looked down at the rest of her slightly lighter than her hair blue fur. She had to lift her bangs to do so, for they always drifted in front of her eyes. Don't get me wrong she could make out shapes and figures through her hair but she couldn't see details. Truthfully, she was indifferent as far as her looks were concerned, but she didn't have any friends and this might actually be a good way to start. She doubted she'd make any though. She was very shy around people she didn't know well. She trudged down the stairs to where upon her discovery there was no more cereal or milk left because her brothers had eaten it all and left for the bus stop without her to catch up with some of their friends. Clarissa's dark purple eyes glazed over as she walked down the sidewalk to the bus stop, and was brought out of her daze by the chatter of other whos going to school. Clarissa stood apart from them off to the side feeling like she was already an outcast.

"Hey Clarissa! Come over here for a second," the oldest of her brothers called. She reluctantly trudged over.

"Yes," she mumbled looking down at her feet with her shoulders slumped.

"She's not much to work with," said a girl who was standing next to Clarissa's oldest brother, Christian. Just what was that supposed to mean?

"So can you fix her?" Clarissa's second oldest brother, Chris, asked. Fix what?

"Her fur is in good condition. I'll give her that much. It's sleek and silky, but that slouch has got to go, and her bangs need to be brushed aside or brushed back. I mean look at her. You can't even see her eyes. Listen," this time she was addressing Clarissa, "You need my help so sit with me at lunch, and I'll go over a few things you need to know about the social status, who not be seen with, and basic makeover tips. Soon you'll be popular enough to hang out with me, Harriet." I glared at Harriet. I knew her for three minutes and already I hated her. No one changes me but me.

"No thanks," I said stepping up to the curb and away from the rest of the students.

Jojo continued to stare at the window as the bus pulled up to the next neighborhood. His chocolate brown eyes landed on a single navy blue who as she was getting ready to get on the bus was pushed to the ground by an older boy shoving past her and getting a smug smile from one bright pink who in particular. The girl picked herself up off the ground, brushed herself off, picked up her book bag, and got on the bus.

Seeing that all the seats on the bus but one were full Clarissa had no other option than to sit beside a black and white striped who. He stared out the window and didn't acknowledge her except to make a little room on the bus seat for her. Clarissa set her bag on the floor. She pulled her knees up to her chest, rested her head on her knees, and stared blankly ahead of her. She wasn't looking at anything. She just zoned out until the bus lurched to a stop in front of the school.

Clarissa stumbled ungracefully off of the bus and into the school to face whatever it had in store for her. Already a small circle of female whos, including the bright pink one, were gossiping, snickering, and pointing in her direction. She rolled her eyes at them, not that they'd be able to see on account of her bangs getting in the way.

Jojo immediately hated gym class. It was just an excuse for the jocks to knock him around without getting in trouble by acting like they were playing rough. He especially hated dodge ball. He seemed to be the main target for everyone. He had great reflexes so dodging most of the balls that came flying at him was no problem, but like anyone and everyone we all get tired at one point and can no longer work at our top performance. Long story short, he was hit a few times. Thankfully all were above the waist and none to the face.

Clarissa hated two things. The first one, as you already know, was Harriet. The second was Harriet's mother and Clarissa's new math teacher Ms. Herbert. Harriet wore an evilly smug smirk which remained cast in Clarissa's direction as she was called on repeatedly to answer questions. Math was never Clarissa's best subject. Ms. Herbert always got a kick out of watching her students squirm, and Clarissa squirmed more than any of them and had a special type of torture from Ms. Herbert. All Clarissa knew was that by the end of class in the eyes of her classmates she looked as much like the idiot she felt she was.

Jojo scowled at the floor as he walked out of his science class. He hated everyone in his science class. The science teacher stuttered and spluttered and was intimidated by the smallest things so he let everything that was wrong slide, which meant several paper balls and paper airplanes were thrown at his head. He could care less about the groups of gossiping girls in the back of the classroom it was when the boys bothered him and disturbed him by throwing things at him that he became beyond annoyed. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going and crashed into someone and was knocked to the ground. The sound of an "oof" told him that whoever he bumped into fell also. He looked up and saw that it was the girl from earlier headed to her next class before he crashed into her.

"S-sorry," she said before quickly gathering her things and standing. She looked down at him and stretched out her hand to help him up, the first kindness he'd received all day. Jojo took the hand and she pulled him up to his feet before walking off in the direction of her next class. Jojo looked back at the girl, shrugged, and brushed himself off. He continued down the hallway only this time watching where he was going.

Clarissa struggled to stay awake during whostory class. The teacher's deadpan, monotone voice droned on and on and on about early Whoville, slowly numbing her brain. "And I have to put up with this for the next four years?" Clarissa thought to herself despairingly. It was only the first day. Perhaps she'd make some friends? She didn't think so, seeing as how she'd already upset the queen bee of the school. But did she care? No, she didn't in the least care. If no one liked her the way she was then that was just that. She'd find someone who did like her the way she was, or go on alone, same as always.

What was only forty-five minutes later felt like hours to Clarissa who'd managed not to fall asleep, and she'd nearly jumped out of her chair as the sound of the school bell frightened her, awakening her numbed mind and alerting her to everything surrounding her.

Jojo sat at a table by himself while people clustered together in groups as separate and mixed cliques. He let out a long, frustrated sigh and looked around the cafeteria through bored, half-lidded eyes. Maybe something interesting would happen? His eyes landed on the girl he'd knocked down and had watched be pushed down. Her head was turned towards the Populars' table. Their leader, the bright pink who from that morning, was looking down her nose at her but was also looking at her expectantly as if asking her to join them and maybe her attitude towards the girl would improve. But the girl merely turned and headed toward the table he was sitting at. Jojo raised an eyebrow, quite interested in why she'd given up her chance to be popular to sit someone who obviously had no social life. She sat across from him setting a tray with who-fries and ketchup in front of her. She appeared to be looking down at her food he couldn't see past her bangs. Her head lifted a little and Jojo was sure she was now looking at him.

"Hey," she said quietly. Jojo merely nodded. Her head cocked to the side a little bit. She wasn't sure if he couldn't talk or just… didn't.

"Do you talk?" He shook his head. "Can you?" Jojo nodded. A loud obnoxious laugh carried across the cafeteria. Clarissa turned see the Populars smirking at her. Or was it Jojo? Perhaps they laughing and smirking at both?

"I'm Clarissa, and you're the first non-jerk I've met." The corner of Jojo's mouth twitched as he tried to fight a small smile. "You got a name?" Clarissa asked letting the small smile forming on her lips form freely.


"So, Jojo, how do you feel about the school?" Clarissa asked in an attempt to avoid an awkward silence. Jojo shrugged.

"I don't care for it either. Some of the teacher's live to torture me. I was nearly bored into a coma during whostory class." This time Jojo let the small smile form. Clarissa's smile matched his.

"Want some fries?" Clarissa offered. Jojo happily took a few. The rest of lunch between them was silent, but at least it wasn't an awkward silence.