Seventeen year old Hinata Hyuuga was wandering around the village; her training was cut short, since Kurenai-sensei had to go to a Jounin meeting.

Hinata lets out a loud sigh, 'There has to be something to do.'

As she keeps on walking aimlessly with her head down she hears shrikes out in the distance.

'Oh great here comes THE Great Sasuke Uchiha,' she thought, 'being chased by the beasts.'

As if on cue Sasuke was running straight to her while being chased by his "adoring" fans.

As Sasuke thinks about what those beasts will do to him, when they captured him.

'Why Kami do I have to be so attractive and mysterious looking for the girls to drool over the floors I walk on.'

'Oh no they are actually going to get me and hang me in their wall. Crap what if one of them tries to cut me for her Sasuke book.'

'Oh Kami they are going to rape me!'

He let down his poker face and showed his horror,

Hinata saw his horror face and couldn't help but laugh about it. 'Uchiha is actually scared of some girls?'

Sasuke snapped out of his thoughts when he heard laughter and saw up ahead the Hyuuga heiress laughing like an idiot, which makes him do another face. 'What the. . . '

". . . "

Hinata was just regaining her composure until she saw his other face.

She started laughing harder.

"Who knew that Uchiha-san is funny," Hinata thought.

'What the hell is wrong with her?' Sasuke thought.

He stopped running and raised his eyebrow at her he stands three feet away from her. Hinata tried hard not to laugh but she couldn't help it.

Sasuke waited 5 minutes till she was only letting out giggles. His right eye was twitching like crazy.

'I am wasting my freaking time. I already wasted five minutes of my life on her.'

"What is wrong with you?" Sasuke hissed.

Hinata points his way

He looks around him 'what is so damn funny?'

Hinata stared at him and started laughing again.

'He doesn't realize that I am pointing at him' Hinata thought. Between stifled giggles she said, "You"

Sasuke glares at her. 'Do I have something in my face . . . Is that why she is laughing at me?'

He tries to hide his confusion but doesn't succeed which causes Hinata to laugh again.

By now there is a huge crowd forming around them including his fan girls that caught up to him.

Sasuke walks over to the water fountain that is in the middle of the town square in order to check if he has something that should make people laugh at him. But there is nothing in his handsome features.

'What the. . . '

He glares at Hinata again, 'Why you little—'Sasuke is interrupted when Hinata says,

"I like you Sasuke,"

She smiles at him and starts to leaves.

Everyone "!" Sasuke's fans faint. The rest stare at Hinata's retreating back.

After ten minutes of looking where Hinata once was, they turn to where Sasuke is and his face shows utter shock.

'She. . . .She . . . likes . . .WAH!'

Ino Yamanaka saw the whole scene and being the gossiper of the village went over to her boyfriend's house 'I can't believe it' is all that went through her mind.

At Naruto Uzumaki's house Ino has been trying to convince her boyfriend for the past two hours. "Naruto I am telling you the truth, that is what happened, Hinata confessed to Sasuke," Ino said.

She rolled her eyes again seeing Naruto scratching his head and asking her again


'I still can't believe it, I mean Hinata AND Sasuke TOGETHER?'Naruto thought.

When Naruto looked at his girlfriend He felt a shiver run down his spine.

'Uh-oh Ino what are you thinking of doing?' Naruto thought.

Ino had sparkling eyes just thinking about her plan. 'Oh my gosh, they could actually make a cute couple.'

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Heh-heh-heh, Ino what are you thinking of doing?"

Ino looked at Naruto, "Let's get them together" Ino squealed.

Naruto looked at his girlfriend, "WHAT NO WA—"

An evil aura has consumed Ino as she started cracking her knuckles

'She is scarier than Sakura' "Ahh ahh Why didn't I think about it myself," Naruto laughed awkwardly. Ino smiled.

The two loud blonds went around the village spreading the rumor that Hinata and Sasuke will be the next cute couple.

Everyone in the entire village found out what had happened.

By evening the rumors were that Hinata and Sasuke secretly met each other but weren't like that until she confessed this morning.

That she was always a fan and, she always acted shy to get near him.

That she was always stalking him.

Now what everyone is eagerly waiting for is 'What is going to be Sasuke's responds?'