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Please Enjoy, Chapter 4

The next morning

Hinata was heading to the Hokage tower; Lady Tsunade had requested her presence. 'I hope I get to do an important mission, and get away from him for a while.'

Once Hinata was about to knock on the door, Shikamaru came out.

Hinata moved out of the way and bowed, "Good morning Shikamaru-san" Shikamaru nods his head.

'I wonder what Shikamaru is doing here?' Hinata thinks.

Once Shikamaru was away he lets out a lazy sigh and murmurs "Troublesome"

-At the Hokage's office-

Hinata was fidgeting as the Hokage looked at her with serious eyes since she had entered her office.

"Hinata I will need you to do an important mission for me."

Hinata looked at her hokage and nodded her head, while replying "What is the mission Hokage-sama?"

Tsunade nods her head glad that she has decided to do the mission

"I am deeply sorry Hinata to do this to you, but a contract is a contract, and besides there is no way I am letting you leave the village without a fight."

"Before I tell you about the mission I need you to sign this contract." Tsunade did a sign jutsu and a scroll puffed right on top of the desk.

"Contract?" Hinata thought, "I have never signed a contract to do a mission before why does this one require I sign a contract."

Hinata stared at the hokage waiting for her to explain as to what the contract was about, but the Hokage just stared at her waiting for her to sign without hesitating.

"Umm, Lady Hokage exactly why do I have to sign a contract?" Hinata fidgeted as she asked.

Tsunade let out a sigh,

"Is she disappointed in me that I didn't sign right away?" Hinata thought.

"This mission requires 8 great ninjas, and you are one of them. This is a suicidal mission fit for anbu but because of less every day I will be sending you and the rest on this mission," Tsunade states.

"Eight?" Hinata thought "If I am one of the eight, then who are the other seven Lady Hokage?"

"That you will learn in your departure, now are you going to sign?" Tsunade asked the petite kunoichi.

Hinata hesitated at first but after a thoughtful decision on being away from the village was worth it.


After signing the contract with her blood, Tsunade told her that was it.

As Hinata made her way out of the hokage office, Tsunade got out her sake from her bottom drawer, seeing the sign contract

"Geez now I have to get that stick up brat to sign." Tsunade looked out the window looking at Konoha Leaf Village.

She had a far out look in her eyes, then she sighed remembering Hiashi's visit.


Tsunade was killing a major headache, thanks to the rumors she had heard and she herself had seen.

To make matters worse she had a stack of papers in her desk she could hardly see it.

Tsunade had an irritated look, when she heard a knock on the door. "Come in"

The door opens to reveal Hyuuga Hiashi in the flesh. "Lady Hokage"

"Lord Hiashi to what do I owe this pleasure?" Tsunade said with narrowed eyes.

Hiashi looked at the hokage and said, "The council has agreed to marry off Hinata."

Tsunade looked stunned, "What? To who?" Tsunade yelled as she got off her chair and narrowed her eyes with hate.

Hiashi sigh "That I do not know, I recently know what they wanted to do, so if they wish to marry her off, so be it—"

Tsunade interrupted him, "You will let your daughter be given as a reward to a stranger that is willing to take her off your hands?"

"No I know who she will marry and I myself have decided." states Hiashi.

"Then tell me what does that have to do with me?" Tsunade asks as she sits back down.

"My daughter will marry Uchiha Sasuke and I need you to marry them without knowing that they will sign the marriage contract."

"And how do you expect me to do that?" Tsunade says doubtfully. Hiashi turns and opens the door, as he is about to shut it he replies, "That you will have to come up with on your own."

The door shut and Tsunade was left with the conversation replying in her mind.

"Shizune" Tsunade yells. Tsunade waited 20 seconds and in came her assistant.

"Yes Lady Tsunade?" Shizune asked.

"I want Nara here immediately" Tsunade commanded.

"Hai Lady Tsunade" Shizune said as she exited the office to do what Tsunade wanted.

Twenty minutes later

Nara Shikamaru was inside the Hokage's office watching the hokage drum her nails in her desk.

"Troublesome woman, why did she send for me when Temari is visiting today?" Shikamaru thought frustrated.

"Nara" Tsunade said, thoughtfully

"Hai Hokage-sama?" Shikamaru responded.

"I want you to come with a strategy for me, top secret that no one can know of yet." Tsunade said seriously.

Shikamaru raised his eyebrow, "what is the problem?"

There is silence until the Hokage says, "Find a way to make Hyuuga Hinata and Uchiha Sasuke wed without knowing."

Shikamaru stumbles, "WHAT?" Shikamaru's shock face makes the Hokage know that this little thing will not be so easy.

Shikamaru composes himself, "That really is a challenge, give me some time and I will have a plan ready."

Tsunade smiles at the young genius, apparently the new generation was not all a total lost, "But who knows how their offspring's will be. But thinking about it Hinata and Uchiha brat's children would be a real catch." Tsunade's furrowed eyebrows and her frown became a smirk at the last thought.

-End of Flashback-

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