Chapter 7: Extracting Boba Fett

It was finally time for the clone troopers to extract a well known fugitive known as Boba Fett who had crashed landed on a tiny blue planet. While poor Courage was still being terrorized by Boba Fett, the clone troopers were ready as they got onto a transport and headed toward the tiny blue planet with their clone commander ready for action.

"You sure we don't need this full force to take down a troublesome child?" asked the clone trooper who was unaware of Boba's ruthlessness.

"Apparently you never had a run in with Boba Fett, he's one of the cruelest youngest fugitives we ever had to encounter" replied the clone commander.

As the transport headed down toward Earth, Courage was still freaking out trying to hide from Boba in the attic. The pink little dog had successfully locked the attic door to the room to which he knew Boba will likely be getting up soon to go after him. As the pink dog waited, he heard footsteps which belonged to Boba's. Eustace and Muriel had already gone to bed for the night with Eustace being more than happy enough for the next day to come.

"The door, it's locked!" cried Boba as he was trying to pull on the doorknob.

Then Boba began to literally pound his fist on the door which Courage started to cower in fear. He then noticed the only other option was to leap outside and make a run for it. It was just then, the transport spotted where Boba's escape pod was located which was in the debris of Eustace's former truck.

"Well, looks like we know where our fugitive is, any structures around this area?" asked the clone commander to his troops.

"There seems to be a very primitive dwelling not far from here" replied the clone trooper.

"Hmm, I say we move out" ordered the clone commander as he then ordered his troops to march on.

Yet as that was happening, Courage had managed to break through the window leaped right out and falling right on the ground just in the nick of time that Boba smashed down the door that was previously locked. This obviously woke up both Muriel and Eustace.

"Eustace, there must be a burglar in the house" said Muriel.

"Don't worry, I got me mallet" replied Eustace.

As Eustace ended up getting his mallet, he was unaware that Boba was really the one chasing after poor Courage. Courage ran outside toward the barn and hid under some hay. It was just then that Boba opened up the barnyard's door.

"I'm coming to get you!" said Boba as he was searching the barnyard.

Yet as Boba continued in the barnyard, the clone troopers were already marching toward the area. The clone commander then halted his squad and then signaled them to be divided and spread out.

"You got it" said the clone trooper who took half of the squadron and headed toward the house while the other half headed to the barnyard.

Yet as the clone troopers that headed to the house began to use their search lights on the house, Eustace was there ready with his mallet ready.

"Bah, the burglar, he brought friends!" cried Eustace, "Well, I don't care, I'm going to get some of these criminals!"

As the clone troopers headed on into the house, each of them got clobbered by Eustace and his mallet who smacked each one that entered. Yet as Muriel turned on the lights, she noticed it wasn't any ordinary burglars at all, but rather the friendly clone troopers.

"Eustace, what do you think you're doing?" cried Muriel, "Didn't you realize what happen the last time these fellas were here?"

"Not really, but I got them good!" laughed Eustace.

"I'm sure making some tea for them will get them up nice and easy" replied Muriel.

Meanwhile in the barnyard, the clone commander and the other squad members headed into the barnyard to which Boba also noticed them.

"Bah!" cried Boba, "How the heck could they find it?"

Suddenly Boba looked up on top of the barn on the second floor and noticed poor pink dog there. Boba then immediately began to climb up to the second floor to which the clone troopers down below noticed the commotion.

"There, up there!" cried the clone commander as he noticed Boba Fett chasing poor Courage.

"You, you called them on me!" cried Boba as he was cornering poor Courage, "You stupid dog!"

Boba leaped in attempting to grab poor Courage, yet the pink dog managed to dodge Boba and run down the stairway and noticed the clone troopers. The pink dog then tried to tell the clone troopers that Boba Fett was up on the second floor.

"Don't you worry, we'll head right on up there" said the clone trooper.

As the clone troopers managed to make it to the second floor, Boba was in no mood to surrender.

"I'm not going to go out without a fight!" cried Boba.

"Oh, so that's going to be your attitude" replied a clone trooper.

Boba then knocked down one of the clone troopers and attempted to make a run for it. Yet, the other clone troopers managed to tackle him to the ground with the clone commander coming up the stairway.

"You gave us quite a scare on the other ship with putting it on self-destruction sequence" said the clone commander, "but now that you have been arrested, you will be doing no more harm to anyone."

"Yeah!" cried Courage.

As Boba was being brought out in handcuffs by the clone troopers from the barnyard, Eustace gasped in shock.

"Hey you lawmen, get your hands off me kid!" roared Eustace as he was about to tackle them.

"You don't understand it, he's a dangerous fugitive, he might be small, but he packs quite a punch literally" added the clone commander.

"Blah, blah, blah I don't care" said Eustace, "that's me boy you got there!"

"You approve of his behavior?" asked the clone commander.

"I'm going to adopt him as my son, if he goes, I go as well" replied Eustace.

"Eustace, don't!" cried Muriel.

"Sorry, if he wants to be an accessory to his crimes, that's what he's going to be charged for" added the clone commander.

"Ha, looks like I'm getting the heck out of here" laughed Eustace as he then grabbed Boba and made a run for it.

"Hey, they're heading for the transport!" cried the clone commander.

As they gave chase toward the two, Eustace had managed to make his way to the transport that brought the clone troopers.

"Get me out of these cuffs!" cried Boba.

"Will do!" laughed Eustace as he used his mallet to smash the cuffs.

The transport itself then started up with the clone troopers just arriving with Muriel and Courage.

"Well then, there goes Eustace" sighed Muriel.

"Ma'am, if you come back to your place with us, I'm sure we'll give you the entire details of that boy that was with Eustace" added the clone commander.

As Muriel was being given the details on how not so innocent Boba was, Eustace was quite happy relaxing in a chair on the transport which Boba was steering.

"You just steer that fancy vehicle out of here" laughed Eustace.

"Will do" laughed Boba.

As the transport ends up leaving the Earth, Courage knew that he hadn't seen the last of Boba nor Eustace.