Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. This idea has been lingering with me for some time now, and now here it is. I wish I could say this story is rated M for citric fruits, but alas—it is rated M for "Higurashi" reasons. Not now, but later on. And as this pre-dates Matsuriyabashi-hen, don't expect a happy ending.

Also, this is a self-imposed "Halloween challenge": To see if I can finish this fic by the time Halloween rolls around. I don't plan on this being an epic, but it will be long enough to be finished by the end of the month. Wish me luck!

What is it that I seek?
Perhaps it is a knight from a far away land.

What is it that I seek?
Perhaps it is a shore that will save me from this eternal swamp.

There is only one thing that I seek.
What I would obtain will either be the shore, or my death.

-Frederica Bernkastel

Mion lay on the bed and closed her eyes. The only touch she could feel was the soft, fluffy feeling of the blankets beneath her fingers. The only sight she could see, if she were to open her eyes, was the bedroom ceiling.

The only emotion she could feel was jealousy.

She opened her eyes and sat up. She looked over at the closet, realizing a hand was sticking out. She got off the bed and ran over to shove the hand back inside and shut the door all the way. For a minute, she panicked—was she still alive? Had she succeeded in killing her after all? Or had she only been knocked out?

And when she regained consciousness…would she take her revenge?

No. She couldn't be alive. Mion had sworn she had succeeded in killing her. Admittedly, she hadn't arrived with the intention to kill her, but all the same, if she hadn't done it, then who was to say the dead girl in the closet wouldn't?

They were all out to get her. Mion just knew it. They all resented her happiness, and they all planned to take away the one thing that made her the happiest person in the world.

So far, one part of the competition had been eliminated.

As for the others…

Mion got under the covers and thought, Yes…the others can wait a bit longer.

For now…she would sleep.