Title: What's Another Brand? (HP/SPN)

Rating: M(18+)

Pairing: Harry/Crowley

Summary: Harry looked to God to end the Wizarding war. God just didn't care.

Disclaimer: I do not own or make any money from Harry Potter or Supernatural.

Warnings: Slash! MALE/MALE sexual situations! Maybe Dub-con? Language, religious themes, slavery, D/s, BDSM, torture, character death, past abuse, general. This fic is a bit darker than others I've put out so far.

A/N: This fic was inspired by Shiro Kurisutaru's 'Owned' so check it out! ^_^


Year -1979

Harry moved discreetly through the streets of Diagon Alley trying not to be seen. The war had gotten worse in the past few months with Voldemort's hold becoming tighter and tighter on the wizarding world. He had become the number one un-desirable in the space of a few months as he slowly but surely took out Voldemort's forces from the sidelines.

Sighing, Harry pulled the hood of his cloak tighter around his face as a breeze shot through the Alley, careful not to let anyone see his face. He kept his head down as he brushed past another Death Eater supporter monitoring the Alley. It had very quickly become common place to see Death Eaters walking the Alley with no prosecution from the Ministry or the Auror's.

Harry had realized months ago that if he ever wanted the war to end and get the peace he deserved then he was going to have to find help somewhere other then the Wizarding world.

Careful not to catch anyone's attention Harry made a beeline for Gringott's Bank. He walked up to the heavy iron doors where usually two Goblin's were posted outside as a deterrent to would be thieves. 'Another sign of the far reaching effect of Voldemort's reign'. Harry thought sadly.

Pushing the doors open he allowed the welcoming heat from the bank to wash over him shuddering as the chill of the October winds was washed away. The Goblins were mulling about, busier than usual, as more and more people wished to withdraw their money before Voldemort tried to take over the bank.

Hood still in place Harry walked determinedly over to one of the empty counters gaining the attention of the Goblin sitting there.

"I need to speak with my Account manager, Griphook." he stated as quietly as possible.

The goblin stared imperiously before a sharp smirk graced his wrinkled face. "Of course Lord Potter, this way." Harry hurried after the Goblin as he hobbled swiftly through the corridors on tiny legs. It amazed Harry that such a small creature could move so fast, but increased his pace to keep up, not wanting to be left behind.

The goblin led him to a room with a high arch and thick mahogany doors baring the entrance. A gold nameplate was the only other embellishment to show who or what was inside.

The Goblin gestured towards the door before sneering and walking back the way he came. Harry followed the little green being with his eyes paying little attention to the door creaking as it was opened. Shaking himself, he walked through the now open door nodding a greeting to Griphook sitting behind a large desk.


"Lord Potter, what can I help you with today?" Griphook asked bowing his head in acknowledgement of Harry's Title.

Taking another step forward he pulled down his hood, ignoring Griphook's question, as he walked over to an enchanted window. Minutes passed in silence before either being made any attempt to break it. Though it was Harry who spoke first, not having moved from his position staring at the window.

"The war is coming to a close." he spoke softly surprising the goblin.

"You have found the key to defeating Voldemort?"

"Not yet. I can feel it though." Reaching his hand into his robes he ignored the curious look the Goblin shot him as he wrapped his fingers around a small Silver cross letting it rest atop his robes. The stark contrast between black and Silver immediately catching the Greedy goblins attention.


"I want all of the Potter and Black Volt's including heirlooms transferred to a single Muggle account under Orion Turner."

"M'Lord, if I may ask.."

"You can't." Harry interrupted sharply, "I need this done soon Griphook, I have some idea's and things are coming too a head. After I finish Voldemort I'm not returning to the wizarding world." he said voice trailing off to a whisper.

"And your trust fund?"

"Leave it, I don't plan on having any children but then again, who knows what the future may hold." he explained with a snort getting a small grin from the Goblin.

Griphook studied Harry for a moment before bowing in acquisition, "Is there anything else M'lord?"

"I also need to see my Mother's vault"

Harry and Griphook stood outside a large high security vault having taken one of the carts down to the sub levels of the bank to visit Harry's vault. With the wards now removed Griphook handed Harry a small knife. Wincing, he placed the sharp tip to his finger and made a small cut. He knew it was necessary to use blood to keep the vault secure but it got tiresome having to continuously cut his fingers to ribbons every time he needed to make a withdrawal.

He traced his bloody finger over his family insignia and watched as a pale glow engulfed the door pushing it inwards and revealing the contents to it's owner.

Harry stared up at the ceiling for a moment muttering, not caring that his sanity may be called into question as he proceeded to have a conversation with what the Goblin assumed was an imaginary being.

"I don't know if your listening, but this better damn well work." rolling his eyes at yet another blank response Harry entered the vault and navigated his way through the rows of galleons and sickles to what he knew was hiding in the back.

Harry paused and placed his hand over a small worn book covered in what seemed to be ancient runes and symbols. He felt the ward his mother had placed over the book still strong and in one piece. Wasting enough time staring, he conjured a piece of black cloth and wrapped the book inside careful not to touch any of the book itself until he removed the ward.

Shrinking his prize he placed it into a hidden pocket on the inside of his cloak and walked back outside praying that he had finally gotten everything he needed.

Nodding to Griphook he sealed up the vault before climbing into the cart so they could return topside. Less than a minute later Harry was already half way out of the bank before he remembered his hood and raised it once more. Moving through the doors he walked straight into pandemonium as a raid was taking place in the Alley. Death Eaters were swarming the place shooting curses left right and center not caring who or what they hit.

Stepping away from the Doors he caught the attention of two of the Death Eaters closest to him. They shouted at him to get over with the other withes and wizards they were herding towards the end of the Alley. Sneering Harry shook is head and apparated away from the scene seamlessly dodging a curse aimed straight at his heart.

The Death Eaters were left stunned as the person apparated through their anti-apparition wards. The image of a man dressed in a black cloak covering his face and a silver cross adorning his neck, was the image that was whispered back to Voldemort through his many spies. Unconcerned that this was the image of the man that would come to be his downfall.

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