Prolog; Hiding under the Rain Clouds

I pushed my wet hair aside as I tried to remain hidden within the crowded underbrush. My eyes darted along the gravel road in front of my current target's home. The steady patter of the rain hitting the leaves of the trees around me had started to silence as I watched my target; holding a light blue umbrella, approach the front steps of her modest home.

After thinking my course of action thoroughly, the seemingly best choice was simply to encounter her up front, deliver an expertly placed, knockout blow at the moment her guard was let down. I quickly felt the outline of my blade, checking that it would be within reach if things did not go according to plan. Without wasting another potential ideal moment, I stepped forward.

"Are you Youko?"

She instantly swung around to face me. Her reaction had not been something I had expected. The look of pure shock covered her face as she seemed to scan me over. A spark of curiosity overcame me. What in my appearance or presence had provoked such a reaction? Had I been figured out already? I unconsciously felt the sheath of my blade, ready to draw at anytime.

Her fingers tightened their grip around the handle of her blue umbrella. Hesitant for a moment, she nodded. Fumbling with the bag she had slung around her small frame, she scrambled to pull out a thick paper book and a small pencil.

What do you need from me? She scribed in the large paper book.

Another spark of curiosity ignited somewhere buried deep in the void that was my being, could this girl not speak? Questions rampaged within my mind, but I had not forgotten my mission. With a single swift movement, I struck her hard in the stomach with my balled up fist.


She fell limp into my larger frame, as she slipped out of consciousness from my precisely delivered blow. I slung her small body over my shoulder and picked up the belongings she had dropped. I marveled over how light her body was. Did such a small, frail-looking girl possess what Olly needed?

It was not my duty to ponder on such worthless thoughts. The gravel crunched under my feet as I headed towards the desert.

First Fanfic EVER. Please go easy on me….

If you notice any spelling mistakes, or wrong words used, or just any mistakes in general tell me. I tried to keep it as much as in character and sticking to the original story as I could, while poking and jabbing parts with my shiny alter stick to make it my own.. kinda. o 3 o….

Why did I write this you say?

Simple. I got sick of the fanfictions that murdered the character's personalities and made them do/say things they'd never do, so I decided to give it a try myself to see how I'd do.

Lemme just say, I AM NOT GOOD AT WRITING :D

Most story writing I've done is talking with my doujinshis (that I get too lazy to do) and other random stuff for school, SO DON"T EXPECT TOO MUCH.

Thank you and have a nice day.