Author's Note:

This was something we had to do in class one day. We were supposed to write about ourselves, but instead I wrote about Princess Ai. *shrugs*

Disclaimer: I don't own Princess Ai yadda yadda yadda.

Where I'm From

I'm from opposing rivalries cancel out all rationality they may have once possessed. Their differences tear them apart, when really it should bring them together. Splitting off has made them weaker and casualties are inevitable. The state of the land where I'm from mocks its name, fooling the simple-minded. The Revolution is causing my land to crumble into dust and shows no sign of ending. I am torn between these two very different worlds. I can not settle into either group. I have my own special place. I need to help cease this war.

Author's Comments:

Short. So? Obviously written from Ai's POV. 1st (and hopefully not the last) Princess Ai fanfic.

Until next time~!