Green and Blue


Chap One: All I need is a Smack to Make Me Know You

"Red, do you like me?" asked Green (the girl, ok?) when Red was over at her house.

"Um…as friends, but…Yellow is sorta…more my type, I guess."

"Oh, I see," muttered Green miserably.

"Oh, don't cry, Green, Blue might like you; he teases you all the time!"

"Yeah, right. I stole a squirtle back then, so we are old rivals."

"Still…he didn't try to arrest you much like Silver…"

"Pa! Bye Red," shrieked Green a little too happily, and ran.

Green didn't cry, of course, but she was feeling sad; all those years, she had hoped, hoped, and know, the little Yellow was in her way.

Green's POV

Pesky Yellow! I sent her out so that she would do my work, and I could see Red again! Argh! Darn! I tripped again…I have to look where I'm going when I'm running.

Blue's POV

I was just walking by when I saw a figure on the ground.

"Are you hurt?" I asked.

"Fine, Blue," grumbled a familiar voice.


"What, dimbo!"

"Er…what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing! Red just dumped me for Yellow!"


"Oh, yeah, you should probably leave me alone, Blue."

I backed away, knowing Green, she'd get mad all over again if I left, though.

"Um…I'll get something for your scrape."

She said nothing. I went to get a band aid for her. I came back, and she was still there, sighing and gulping.

"Ah…Blue…do you like…me?"

"Ah-um-uh" I stuttered and was blushing.

Green's POV

He stutters a lot.

"Do…you really…like me?" I repeated.


"Do you?"

"Actions speak louder than words."

"You mean pic-" he reached over and brought my face close. And let me tell you, he kissed me.

"Now, do you know?"

"Ah-um-uh" now it was my turn to stutter. We were both flushed, but that was like we had come clear and should be relaxed. I mean, we just smacked lips!

"Yes," I sighed in happiness," I do."