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Chapter (Author Note)

To my readers, I'm posting this on the ends of some of my best stories to try to bring everyone back who has left me because of the slump that happened regarding my ex and the whole lack of "Sam/Freddie" it caused me, and to, as one of my friends said, "cheat" by using my best stories to get some of the newer readers with me too :P.

I want you to know that I'm not going to let my ex steal even my once favorite pairing of the show. It may be painful, it still is hard to cope with writing Sam/Freddie (for reasons you would probably not understand right now), so I'm taking my best friend's advice and doing "baby steps" first. The first baby step, writing a story with the main couple not Sam/Freddie, but they are a secondary and a strong focal point.

I can try to explain it as this: She used to always say she was exactly like Sam, and while I laughed it off, all the emotional and mental abuse I had been put through caused me to eventually start seeing it. The episode with Sam's mother did it, and I associated them once again as Sam and her mom had almost the exact same relationship, except had the two been locked up in a room they might have kiilled each other. Hm...regardless, those two never let me write, so my writing suffered. My liking of the show suffered. Then finally, my liking of Sam/Freddie suffered. The recent episode seemed to rekindle a bit of it for me.

It was also brought to my attention that I might have also lost some readers because I don't write Sam/Freddie anymore, so that's another reason I'm going to return to my roots. I need to, as said, take small steps first. I can't write a full blown Seddie multichaptered story right now, because when I try to write them, I think of my ex for some reason...or at least myself with her, it causes flashbacks. Eventually, through oneshots and using them as the secondary couple, it will all heal. Bear with me, if you will.

The first story I'm going to do now, that I want you to look at, which will involve Sam/Freddie as a secondary couple (and very important to the story) right after the most recent episode, will be "Deciding Our Fates". The main will, yes, be my ever famous Jonah/Valerie. The story is going to involve details of their struggles, Sam/Freddie's rise in their relationship, drama from Jonah and Valerie both feeling the guilt and ostracization from the other people in the school, as well as Valerie's boyfriend who is an abuser, then we have to deal with her mother newly in a wheelchair, we'll see all the things that caused the two to do what they did and why they regret their individual actions. Sam and Freddie will be there for the entire ride as we see Sam struggling with her father's walking out, and her coming out of her shell while Freddie helps her to do so. It will be a lot of drama, a very good story I hope.

I will post "Deciding Our Fates" soon. Though tell me what sounds better "Deciding" or "Controlling". Or something else? I wanted something that would be a grabber, while at the same time showing the ever winding roads the four must any ideas?

So I'm off to class. Remember what I have said, and look forward to that story. Please, support me through all this if you can ^_^.