Centuries and centuries ago,

A wizard was born,

Unaware of the dark future that awaited him,

Oblivious of the fair maiden he was soon to meet.

He lived his life in sinned pride,

Basking in never-ending praise and glory.

His powers were extraordinary.

His magicks abnormal.

Wizarding was his master,

Enchantments his consord,

Spells his might sword.

Undefeated throughout the land, the world, the universe.

Not even a match with the dread dragon,

Who was known world-wide as Malchior,

Could defeat Rorek of Knoll.

With his swiftness and clever tactics,

Malchior had no chance,

Against such a legend.

The battle was fierce.

The suspense deadly.

Until the sorcerer with a leather book in hand,

And curse spoken aloud,

He trapped the dragon inside its pages,

Seeming to all as if he would never escape his stationary prison.

As quiet and safe,

As everything seemed in the kingdom of Knoll,

Rorek the Sorcerer would not, could not,

Rest in peace.

In fear that one day,

The dread dragon Malchior would return.

So as he lay on his death bed,

He cast one final spell,

That as his soul slipped away from his chest,

It would be encased inside the leather bound book,

Along with Malchior to be a guardian.

And if the evil dragon were to return, he would too.

Years and years later,

A violet-haired beauty came across his imprisonment.

Curious eyes hungry for a good story,

Not knowing what secrets,

Were withheld within the pages,

And in-between the lines.

Malchior seduces this maiden,

Clouding her mind with lies,

Teaching her magicks not even he knew.

This angered the still captive Rorek.

How dare he trick her like that?

Such an innocent, beautiful being used for evil purposes was unheard of.

Yet Rorek could not be released,

Not until Malchior was truly unbound.

All he could do was impatiently wait for the trap to snap shut,

On this maiden named "Raven".

Anticipate the unchainment,

Of his long-time enemy.

Author's Comments:

First Teen Titans poem. I'm surprised it's not about BBxRae.

I actually wrote this last year for a class assignment and was close to turning it in. . .until I learned I did it wrong. So I had to REDO the assignment (5 times in fact) until I got it right. (Let's just say me and my teacher didn't get along last year.) So basically, I just found it about a week or two ago. So it's been forsaken for about a year now. ^^;

So I hope you like it. It's my 1st ever Rorek/Raven/Malchior (which is my #2 couple for TT) and I actually like it. Even if it's vague about Raven, I still like it. Besides, who else was wondering during Spellbound what happened to Rorek? What part did he have other than trapping Malchior? What's his story? So I put it in poem form.

Until next time~!