2 Marauders getting to know Harry Potter

"Hurry!" hissed James at Sirius from under the invisibility cloak "Filtch could come at any minute!"

The two were currently in the library (more specifically the restricted section) after hours.

"Fine, fine lets'' Sirius tripped over a book, "ooh looky

Prongs 'Time travel: where and when by Eleen Palisky," Sirius said with a mischievous grin "can we prongs? Please!" he put his best puppy dog face (which came naturally to him now) and directed it to his best friend.

"Now Sirius," he began in mock-sternness "what kind of a friend would I be if I," he stopped only to see Sirius biting his nails "didn't say (A/N: pause for dramatic effect) OH HELL YES!"

Sirius was grinning full blast "a bad one! Bloody hell mate, Prongs don't scare me like that, passing up the deal of a life time! Come on, lets tell Moony and Wormy! Ugh fine and Lily-flower," he added because of a glance of James.

"See, you can learn to love Lily!" he said faking excitement "though not as much as moi, NEVER as much as me," he added suddenly stern.

Sirius nodded weakly.

Rule number one: Never get between Prongs and his Lily-flower unless you are feeling suicidal.

~in the common room~

"Pig snout!" said Sirius hurryingly, with James jogging behind.

"Sirius! WAIT UP!" yelled James from afar.

"Nope!" yelled Sirius joyfully as he proceeded to the sixth year boys' dormitories "Aguamenti!" he said pointing his wand at Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. In result getting them all soaked.

"SIRIUS!" roared Remus.

"I'm up, I'm up!" squeaked peter.

"Sorry Moony! Sorry Wormtail! But this is reeeeeeally important! Look!" he showed them the book.

"Time travel! Really Sirius," asked Remus annoyed "I'm going back to bed," and with that he headed back toward the dorm room.

"Sorry Padfoot, but I'm with Remus on this one. I'm just *yawns* way too sleepy," and with that he trudges up the stairs to return to the comfort of his four poster bed.

"Well," sighed Sirius "I guess it's just you and me Prongs. Prongs? Prongs, where ar-" but was interrupted.

"James Potter!" Lily screams, her eyes shooting daggers "why in the name of Merlin are you waking me up at 12 o'clock at night?"

"Listen Lily, we, Sirius and I want to know if you want to come to the future with us," he said shrinking under Lily's glare.

"Sooo do ya wanna come?" asked Sirius trying to keep his cool.

"What? No, no, of course not, what rubbish. Time travel as if…" she muttered heading back up.

"Ok Padfoot, what are the directions?" asked James.

Sirius skimmed through the book and finally looked up "seems simple enough. Just say how many years, then future or past, and finally say the incantation: 'timobulous voyage'.

After 10 minutes of discussing, they finally decided on 20 years into the future.

"Ready Padfoot?" asked Prongs excitedly.

"Hell yeah! Let's go!" yelled Padfoot.

"One, two, three! 20 years into the future timobulous voyage!" they yelled simultaneously.

Lights flashed.

Colors blurred.

The floor rumbled.

And they were falling.

THUMP! They hit the new floor and fell forward.

They were in the common room!

A 20 years into future common!

"YES! We did it! Uh huh uh huh oh yeah oh yeah" started singing Sirius along with a victory dance.

"Shhh!" hissed James "someone's coming," he said while acting quickly; he pulled out his invisibility cloak and put it over Sirius and himself.

"Ron! You are so despicable! All I was asking was if you could stop snogging while I'm eating and you call me jealous! You- you- you insolent cockroach!" a bushy haired girl shrieked.

They are sooo gonna end up together, thought Sirius.

Poor bloke, to like a girl and have her hate you is tough, thought James. I should know, he added bitterly.

"Oh yeah! Well, what do you think Harry?"

"Yeah Harry! Tell the prat how much of a dolt he's being!" raged the girl.

"Poor kid, thought Sirius and James together.

"Err- do you really, truly, honestly want my opinion?"

"YES!" the two answered in unison.

Harry gulped "well you have been snogging Lavander an awful lot Ron," he started.

"Harry! Don't side with her!" raged Ron.


"But," he added quickly "Hermione, you have absolutely no business what-so-ever telling him so," he concluded by covering his ears.

"HA!" shouted Ron smugly.

"Oh shut up Ron! And you," she said venomously pointing at Harry "of course you'd side with him," she said pointing at Ron "he's your bloody best mate!" fumed Hermione.

"But Hermione I-" Harry began.

"Don't 'but Hermione' me Potter! You always side with him!" she snapped before marching back upstairs to her dorm.

James gasped in shock at hearing the name 'Potter'; Sirius instantly elbowed him but too late, it was heard.

"Who's there!" shouted Harry lifting his wand, Ron too followed suit "we know you're here! We heard you!"

His wand pointed at their general direction but not quite at them.

'Potter' mouthed James who was still in shock, then gave Sirius a look that plainly stated 'come on, we've been caught'.

Sirius looked hesitant but nodded.

They slowly took off the cloak revealing themselves to the two friends.

Ron looked pale white, making his freckles pop out.

He stole a quick warning glance at Harry; who looked sickly green "Oh. My. Merlin," he said before fainting.

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