At around 900 A.M exactly two days later, a very disheveled looking Remus came staggering through the front gates of the school, and was heading towards the Headmaster's office.

How odd, he mused to himself. The Headmaster rarely ever called for his assistance alone, and if Harry was indeed okay then why was he needed?

As Remus made his way to the Headmasters office he found himself humming a very familiar muggle song. "Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, ding dong the witch is dead,"

And by the time he had actually arrived and was sitting down in front of Dumbledore and McGonagall he was singing the song under his breath.

Dumbledore looked at his former student with eyes twinkling in amusement, McGonagall on the other hand… not so much.

"Mr. Lupin! What is the meaning of that horribly sadistic song! Celebrating the death of one of your own in such a horrid manner. And singing it cheerfully too, mind you! Albus, are you positive this is Remus?" she asked turning to Albus.

Remus on the other hand sat red faced with a sheepish smile.

"Minerva, you will find that Mr. Lupin is only singing a song from one of my favorite muggle moo-v's," Dumbledore chuckled out in amusement "haven't seen it in ages, though. My boy, is it still as good as my old memory remembers?"

"Very much Headmaster, I still find it quite amusing how the muggles seem to think that they can kill us by simply pouring water on us."

McGonagall stood stiffly in the corner muttering things about 'ludicrous muggles' and 'utter stupidity'.

"Albus. Perhaps we should be getting back to the matter at hand?" clicked McGonagall with her tongue in a irritated fashion.

"Ah of course my dear, of course," Dumbledore clapped happily before turning to Remus again "Mr. Lupin, can you remember your sixth year vividly? Or are there missing parts in your memory?"

"What's all this about, Albus? What does my sixth year have to do with anything?" asked a very puzzled Remus.

"Just answer the question Remus," sighed McGonagall.

Remus huffed "Of course I do! Why wouldn-'' Remus's widened "no, I can't seem to remember, it gets hazy about two months into the year, and then back to normal around Christmas time. Why is that?"

Albus seemed lost in thought. "I must have blocked your memories then. Makes sense I suppose, wouldn't be good to have you remember," muttered Albus absentmindedly to himself.

"Okay…" said Remus in a I-think-he-finally-snapped sort of voice.

"Minerva?" he asked cautiously, afraid she was in the same state of mind. In a way she was; she looked like she was lost in memory lane.

Just then the door flew open. "Albus! The two newest students refuse to do as I say! They just sit there and look at me blankly!" ragged Snape.

Just then Snape noticed Remus sitting in an awkward manner, he focused onto where Remus had been looking and found that the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress had gone to LaLa Land.

"Lupin," he forced his voice calm "what in Merlin's beard happened here?"

Remus looked at Snape in a sort of relieved way.

"I honestly have no clue, and I was here the whole time. Albus just started asking questions about our sixth year, and when I told him I couldn't remember some of it he went into… this," he explained while gesturing at the Headmaster.

"And I have no idea what's up with Minerva. So how have you been?" Remus added nonchalantly.

Snape gapped at his former classmate. "That's it! You have all had way too many Lemon Drops!"

At the mention of lemon drops, Dumbledore seemed to have snapped out of his stupor.

"Did someone say Lemon Drop? Oh, I am quite fond of those!" then he seemed to notice Snape "Ah Severus, when did you get here, and would you like a Lemon drop? They are simply splendid!" praised Dumbledore.

"Off his rocker, that one is," muttered Snape.

"Very well Severus, what is it that you came here for?" questioned McGonagall, making Remus jump. He had forgotten she was there.

"It's those new kids! They aren't paying any attention in class! I tried to give them detention but they just kept starring on! Same with Potter, but less. Potter seems to have developed bags under his eyes and is constantly disrupting my class with his yawns!" fumed the potions master angrily.

Remus looked at Dumbledore strangely. "Sir, you said this had nothing to do with Harry, and that Harry is fine," stated Remus with slight suspicion.

Dumbledore's eyes slowly lost some of its twinkle and the man looked as if to be aging.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Severus I suggest you take a seat and wait until I'm finished to comment." When everyone was seated and ready to listen, Dumbledore drew in a deep breath, and prepared himself for the worst.

"A few weeks ago, as you may know Severus, we received two knew students, Jordan and Sam, but those students are not whom you believe they are. Those two students are time travelers," Snape snorted "Hard to believe, isn't it? Not just any students, they are James Potter and Sirius Black."

Snape began to scowl and retort about how even when those two weren't in their own time, they still managed to ruin his life.

Remus on the other hand almost chocked. "A-a-are you sure Headmaster? I mean traveling into the future is unheard of!"

Dumbledore chuckled lightly at the flabbergasted expression of his former student and co-worker.

"Remus, you of all people should know that James and Sirius were never ones to follow the rules. So it really shouldn't shock you."

"I-I… Well this is too much! Even for them!" argued Remus.

Dumbledore held up his hand for silence. "A few days after they arrived, your younger self followed suit Remus, so I wouldn't judge. He, or should I say you, brought back the missing piece of information we needed so we may send them back. The potion should be due around Christmas day, by the way.

"But sadly two days ago, a very irritated Draco Malfoy who was still sour from the loss, approached James, Sirius, and Harry, near the Trophy Room. Unfortunately he did not come with the best of intentions. He taunted Harry about the death of his parents and godfather in front of them. Due to so much anger Harry promptly beat , who is currently residing in the Hospital Wing, but the damage was still done, James and Sirius knew how they died and when they died," Dumbledore sighed "Which is why we brought you Remus. Who better to comfort them, then you, a fellow Marauder?"

Remus and Severus starred shell shocked at the Headmaster.

"Well, I guess I can give it a go. Old times sake… But Dumbledore, do you know what you're asking of me? For me to see me only friends again, and then have them leave?"

McGonagall decided to step in. "Do it for Harry, Remus. He also needs to see them okay again. And how do you think he feels? You at least knew them, but Harry in the end, will have to let go of what he has always longed for, his family."

Remus instantly felt selfish. Had Sirius been in this position he would've done it, no questions asked.

"Very well," he sighed in defeat "where are they at the moment?"

Dumbledore chuckled. "I believe they are in History of Magic, I will pull them out right now."

~ ~ ~ ~ 15 minutes later~ ~ ~ ~

"What is so bloody important that you had to take all of us out?" said Sirius grumpily "that's the time I use to catch up on my sleep!"

I have brought someone to help you through you little dilemma.

"James, Sirius, Remus and Harry, let me re-present you to Remus!" Dumbledore said with an air of theatrical humor.

Harry stepped up and hugged Remus, a slight grin on his face, but Remus could clearly see the dark circles that have formed.

"Hey cub, nice to see you to." Remus said with a grin. "Though I would've liked it on better terms," tsked Remus.

Harry just shrugged but his smile was still in place. "Eh, when life gives you lemon made the god damned lemon aid."

Remus laughed and ruffled Harry's hair.

Then he noticed the tension in the back of the room. "Well, I haven't seen you guys in a while," but then he pointed at his younger self "but I wish I could see you more often."

James stepped up.

"So are you like the only living Marauder left?"

Remus had to hide the small amount of disgust that almost showed in his features at the thought of Peter, from showing.

"Yup, but there is a new generation of pranksters who just so happen to look up to the Marauders."

"Really? Who are they?" asked Sirius genuinely curious as to who is carrying their legacy.

"Fred and George Weasley. Pranksters extraordinaires! And your biggest fans," said Harry.

"Wicked," breathed Sirius and James.

Past Remus who had been silent this whole time walked up to Remus and circled him, eyeing him carefully.

"What 'cha doing?" asked Remus to his younger self. He did not receive an answer.

After a minute of inspecting himself younger Remus looked up with a satisfied look in his face and signaled Remus to come over.

"After much inspecting I have come to my decision! Older me," he pointed at Remus "not too shabby, but you could still use a bit of work. Nothing much, just get those grey hair out of the way."


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