Knock Knock

"Doctor, there's someone knocking on the Tardis door!" Rose said.

The Doctor was lying under the Tardis console working on something, only his feet sticking up above the deckplates. "Well answer it. I'm a bit busy here. Ouch!" Sparks flew and Rose rolled her eyes.

They were parked in Cardiff again, so it should be safe. She pulled open the door.

A 6 foot tall, turtle headed monster stared back at her. He started to raise his hand. Rose slammed the door, heart palpitating. "Doctor!"

There was another knock at the door. A timid one, low down. Leerily, wishing the Tardis door had a peephole, Rose inched the door open. The Mox of Balhoon looked up at her. She slammed the door again. He was dead! And he was supposed to be 5,000,000,000 years in the future. What was happening? "Doctor, I think you'd better..."

There was a knock at the door. Totally against her better judgement she opened the door. An incredibly skinny Dalek stared back, "Ex..." SLAM!


The Doctor jerked upright at her scream, and hit his head on the deckplates. Regardless, he bounded to his feet, ready for action. "What?"

"There's... there's..." Rose pointed at the door behind her that she was frantically leaning on.

Knock knock.

The Doctor clambered down the ramp and reached for the door handle. "No!" Rose tried to push him away.

He grinned. "Trust me."

He opened the door. A Sontaran, a Slytheen, and a Cyberman all looked back, all half size. "Trick or Treat!"

"Excellent!" He beamed and patted his pockets. "Now where are my jelly babies?"

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