Firsts, a Bade Fanfic

The first time she saw him, she was only eight years old…

Her mother had just pulled her out of her old elementary school for no reason whatsoever, and now they were making their way to a brand new one – 100 miles away.

She was beyond mad. She'd never understood her mother's logic, either.

She just told her, "We can't stay here anymore. We're skippin' town." That's what she always said.

Her mother was crazy, certifiable even. But she couldn't not love her…she was her daughter, after all.

"Are you ready for your first day, baby?" It wasn't even the first day, she thought bitterly. No, it's just me going to yet another new school which I already hate.

She walked into school with her head down and her favorite black cardigan on; the one she's had since she was seven. It was her favorite thing in the world.

Her mother didn't understand why she always wore black, and she didn't even have a way to explain it to her. She just did.

It matched the way she felt most of the time…

"Good morning, I assume you're our new student…umm, oh yes, Jadelyn." She glared at the man introducing her. "Actually, it's just Jade."

She was ushered to a table in the back of the room, next to a boy who had his dark hair in front of his face, being way too quiet.

Her chair made a tiny squeak as she sat down, folding her arms around herself for comfort. The boy looked up…

"Oh, hi. I'm Beck. You're new?" He was a man of few words, apparently.

"Yeah. Sure. Whatever," and why be so bitter to the nice boy? Oh, right, because she was Jade.

She did that.

Their eyes locked for a few moments, and it was surreal. Jade felt like one of those cliché couples in the movies, which fall in love the minute their eyes lock…

The first time she saw him, she fell in love…


The first time he saw her, it was another boring day of third grade…

Beck was an eight year old boy, living with his single dad. His mom died giving birth to him.

Life without a mom was hard, but Beck loved his dad.

His dad dropped him off as he did every other day: have a good day, hug, and forehead kiss. Bye dad, walking off with a smile.

Beck soon came to his room. He walked in, said hello to his teacher and sat in his chair (complete with his own nametag). Everything was the same…everyday.

After ten minutes of boring announcements, pledges, and other mundane activities, things got interesting.

"Class, this is Jade, our new student. Go and sit by Beck, sweetie." The words coming out of the teacher's mouth were a blur.

The frowning, black-clad, eight year old girl went to sit in the chair next to his. His head was down on the table, so he didn't see her face.

Hearing a squeak as she moved her chair closer to his, he picked up his head. "Oh, hi. I'm Beck. You're new?" Keep it short and sweet, honey.

"Yeah. Sure. Whatever." With those few words, Beck knew she'd stolen his heart.

What he saw before him was pure beauty, not in the obvious way, but in the true human form that took awhile to really see.

He put that image in his head to keep forever. That frowning, little eight year old would be his one day.

The first time he saw her, he fell in love…


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