I walk into the room.

Where's Beck?

I look in front of me.

Who's she?

I almost start to cry.

What is she doing?

I feel a thousand different emotions.

Why are you rubbing my boyfriend?

I hear the excuses start pouring out.

Why is Beck smiling?

I feel Beck's kiss on my cheek.

Why am I still angry?

I am supposed to be forgiving him.

Why is there a fore-boding feeling?

I am sensing something off.

Why do I feel like this?

I take my seat next to Beck.

When will the drama ever end?

AN:Hey. This is me again. Just saying hi. By the way, that new Victorious episode was probably my favorite so far! I LOVED it. Oh, and this is like the weirdest, lamest, angst-y-est story I have ever written. It stinks. Enjoy it if you can... from Pilot episode