I don't own the characters...CBS/ Bruckheimer does. It's a short short one shot.

Mac and Stella had been living together for the last few months. The first couple of weeks showed them sides of each other they'd never seen before. Mac discovered Stella secretly still played with digital pet toys. While she learned of his hidden twitter obsession. Regardless of confrontation they both fervently denied their guilty pleasures. Stella happened upon Mac's dislike of peas watering the house plants. Mac made the mistake of finishing the chocolate icing off while Stella had PMS; he spent night at Flack's subjected to hours of Ranger's games.

They began to figure each other over the past few months. Stella figured out why Mac spent a full hour in the bathroom every night. He was firm believer in three S's…Shit, Shower and Sudoku, he shaved in the morning. Mac figured out how Stella loved her oatmeal, Watered down. That morning had been a disaster he'd thought it was just a cup of milk that was microwaved a little to long. Stella wasn't all that pleased. Stella figured out and had Mac's underwear collection down to a science. He only wished he could say he'd had her's figured out. Flack had pointed out " His Panties" in the locker room. Maybe he wouldn't be standing at a crime scene right now commando.