She opens the door and doesn't bother giving him a warm greeting, nodding once as she looks at his face. He's obviously fatigued about something and she wonders what that something is as he continues to stand outside her door.

"Are the kids around?" Elliot asks her, his tone a clear indication that he is upset.

"Dickie and Elizabeth haven't come home from school yet and Eli is taking a nap upstairs," Kathy answers.

Elliot nods his head and stares directly into Kathy's eyes, remaining silent.

"Ya just gonna stand there, Elliot? Or are you gonna explain what this surprise visit is about?"

"How could you, Kathy?" he responds, walking past her and into the house that he once considered his.

"How could I?" Kathy retorts. "Elliot, you're going to have to fill me in because I'm confused… wasn't it you who screwed up this relationship and you who walked out on your family?"

"We're not going there today, Kathy," Elliot responds. "Anything between us is over and we both know that. I'm not here to discuss that, alright? This isn't about me and you."

Kathy places her hands on her hips and stares at Elliot as he paces around the main room.

"You have a lot of nerve, Elliot. After all the shit you put me through, you think you can just come in here and storm around my living room, angry without explaining yourself? Now either tell me what this is about or get the hell out," she snaps while pointing in the direction of the front door.

Elliot's tone suddenly changes, and he seems more hurt than angry.

"How could you say that in front of the kids, Kathy? How could you put in their heads that the baby isn't mine?" Elliot asks.

Kathy displays a look of confusion on her face as she stares down at the floor and thinks back to the previous conversations she's had with her children. She's stunned as she quickly realizes how Elizabeth and Dickie discovered her true feelings concerning the baby.

"Elliot, they must've overheard. You know I would never tell the children something like that," Kathy says to him.

"I know," Elliot responds, speaking softly. "But how could you even think like that? Furthermore, how could you spread those false rumors around to your friends, knowing the damage it could cause?"

Kathy slants her right eyebrow as she looks at Elliot in amazement.

"Excuse me, Elliot? 'False' rumors? I understand your reason for being upset, but are you really going to stand there and pretend?"

Elliot's pacing ceases and he shakes his head at Kathy.

"What do you mean by that?" he asks, clearly puzzled by Kathy's question.

"C'mon, Elliot…" Kathy begins. "You and I both know how much you care for Olivia and that you would do anything for her… even if that means raising a kid that isn't yours."

Elliot steps closer to Kathy and shakes his head in confusion once again as he tries to understand her.

"I'm lost Kathy. What are you saying exactly?"

"Jesus, Elliot, you're really gonna make me spell it out for you?" Kathy asks, sighing. "Fine... I might have not been briefed on every single detail of the case but I know enough, Elliot. I know that Olivia was hurt…that she was raped by Meyers. And I also know that James isn't yours. As unfortunate as that is, you and I both know that it's the truth."

Elliot is shocked by Kathy's allegation and he closes his eyes shut in attempt to compose himself before speaking again.

"Wait, hold on for a second. What would make you think that James isn't mine?"

"Why are you doing this, Elliot? Are you really trying to convince me that the baby is yours? That you had sex with Olivia the weeks following her rescue? Gimme a break, El," Kathy says, walking past him and over to the sofa.

Kathy keeps herself busy, picking up Eli's toys as Elliot stands there, at a loss for words. He swallows the lump in his throat before turning to face her. He's visibly nervous and even somewhat embarrassed as he reveals the truth to her.

"I did actually," Elliot tells her.

Kathy immediately stops what she is doing and looks up at him.

"You've got to be kidding me, Elliot. Please tell me that you are joking."

Elliot remains silent, only staring into her eyes, but Kathy reads him.

"And just when I thought I couldn't think any less of you," Kathy says, slowly shaking her head. "You slept with a victim, Elliot? Were you that desperate to get into Olivia's pants? You couldn't wait a couple months first?"

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about, Kathy. Olivia's a grown woman. She made that decision. I didn't force her to do anything, it was her choice!" Elliot tells her, raising his voice slightly. "She felt she was ready."

"I can't believe this," Kathy says, releasing a huff. "You expect me to believe that Olivia wanted you after being abused by that man for weeks?"

"Yes," Elliot replies while nodding. "Because that's what happened. James is mine, Kathy. And you have no right telling people otherwise."

"That's a pretty sick thing ya did," Kathy says under her breath, but loud enough for Elliot to hear her.

Although Elliot knows in his heart that Olivia felt she was ready that night and that she was the one who initiated it, he can't help but to feel a bit remorseful, at times wondering if that night was a mistake; if he took advantage of Olivia while she was at her most vulnerable state.

Still, Elliot doesn't give in to Kathy's harsh statement, disregarding it completely.

"You need to fix this, Kathy. The kids trust you and the things that you say around them matter. You need to explain yourself and make things right," Elliot tells her. "And the last thing Olivia needs is to be reminded of what Meyers did to her. If those rumors get back around to Olivia somehow and she's hurt in any way by it, you'd be the one to blame."

Kathy knows that Elliot is right and her heart becomes heavy with guilt. She remains silent, not knowing what to say in response. As furious as she is with Elliot and Olivia, she does not have wicked thoughts in her head and would never want to cause that type of pain for Olivia.

As a woman, a part of her understands and can imagine the constant struggles that Olivia is most likely going through following the weeks of abuse she experienced with Grant. She empathizes with Olivia, but is yet to admit it. Kathy nods her head and Elliot accepts her gesture as he turns to walk to the door before making his exit.

1 hour later

Olivia's Apartment

Elliot sits on the sofa, looking over at Olivia as she sits on the opposite end, gently rocking James in her arms.

"What's the matter, El?" she suddenly asks, surprising him.

"Um… nothing. Why do you ask?" Elliot responds.

"You look a little upset. Did everything go okay with the kids today?" Olivia asks.

Elliot clears his throat as he searches for an answer. He can't allow Olivia to know his true reason for going to Queens. The last thing she needs is to worry about possible rumors regarding James' biological father. Elliot knows how humiliating that would be for her and how much pain that words alone can cause.

"Yeah, the kids were great," Elliot responds.

He doesn't share any specifics, not wanting to lie any more than he really had to.

Olivia gives Elliot a tiny smile before staring back down at James. She massages her fingers through James' peach fuzz-like hair before continuing to rock him. As happy as James made her, Kathy's words torment Elliot and he tries to remember the details of that night to see if his guilt is justified.

"Kiss me," he remembers Olivia saying. "Please."

He stares back over at Olivia and wonders how he can have even an ounce of regret as she stares down at James. A part of him wishes he hadn't spoken to Kathy about that night or about James at all because even though Kathy only said a few words, she said just enough to make Elliot feel disgusted with himself.

"Olivia, why are you doing this?" he whispers while he softly strokes her upper arm with the back of his hand.

"Because I need you," she responds, whispering. "I need to experience real love again. I can't have my last memory be of Grant. I need that control back, Elliot. I need you to love me again."

Elliot leans down and places a gentle kiss on her lips. He wonders if this is the right decision.

"I'm ready," Olivia repeats, whispering. "Trust me."

Elliot looks into Olivia's eyes, shifting his body closer to hers. Olivia seems genuine as she extends her hand out and cups Elliot's chin with her palm. Elliot reaches toward the opposite hand and removes the pill bottle that she is holding, tossing it to the other side of the bed.

He pauses once more, not wanting to make any mistakes, but knowing that Olivia will consider herself damaged goods if he rejects her.

Elliot stares hard at Olivia and doesn't see even a hint of unhappiness on her face as she holds little James in her arms. If she is happy, then why can't he just accept that and ignore Kathy's statement altogether? Olivia feels Elliot's eyes on her and looks back up at him.

"What's wrong, Elliot? You can tell me."

Elliot doesn't notice Olivia or hear her speaking. Instead, he continues to think back to his conversation with Kathy as his guilt eats away at him.

"You slept with a victim, Elliot? Were you that desperate to get into Olivia's pants? You expect me to believe that Olivia wanted you after being abused by that man for weeks? That's a pretty sick thing ya did."

Kathy's words repeat in his mind. Elliot can't stand his worrisome side. The proof of Olivia's happiness is right in front of him, but for whatever reason, her content state is not enough to satisfy him; it's not enough to assure him that he has no reason for feeling guilty.

Elliot kneels, sitting back on his calves as he slowly begins to work at her clothing. He tucks his fingers into the waistband of Olivia's pajama pants and gradually pulls them down her legs, tossing them onto the floor.

He crawls closer to Olivia and lies on his side next to her, reaching his hand toward her abs and gently massaging her stomach. Olivia closes her eyes and fully rests her head back, relaxing as Elliot's hands go from her core to the delicate skin on her inner thighs.

Elliot gazes at her angelic face while trailing his hands up between her legs until he reaches her panties. He gently squeezes and feels the moisture through her silk panties as his hand presses against her covered mound.

He remains on his side, using one hand to slowly pull her panties down her legs. He uses the same hand to pull up her tank top, watching his contact as he notices the bruising along her sides and arms.

He frowns in anger, Grant's face suddenly flashing before him, but quickly shakes it off, not wanting to break the intimate mood.

Olivia lifts her upper body as Elliot pulls her tank top past her shoulders and over her head. She watches Elliot as he works at his pants button and zipper. He drags his pants and underwear down his legs, completely exposed as he tosses them onto the floor.

He lowers himself more onto her body and his erection rests on her stomach as he kisses her neck. He reaches down, grabbing the head of his dick as he places it at her entrance. He waits, slightly nervous as his eyes remain on Olivia.

"Do it, Elliot," she says in a low whisper. "Please…"


She calls his name, waving her hand to snap him out of his daydream. Elliot looks at Olivia who seems confused as she stares at him. James now rests in her lap as she uses the opposite arm to hold his small head up.

"Do you think I did everything right, Liv?" Elliot suddenly asks her.

"What do you mean?" Olivia responds in a soft tone.

"With you…after everything you went through… do you think I made a mistake that night?" Elliot asks.

"I don't understand," Olivia responds. "What's got you thinking about that?"

Elliot shrugs his shoulders before speaking again.

"Nothing in particular. Sometimes I just feel terrible about the whole thing… like I pushed you to do something that you weren't ready for," Elliot says.

Olivia chuckles before bringing her right palm to her lips to cover her mouth.

"What's so funny?" Elliot says, slightly confused as he sees pure amusement on Olivia's face.

"You must not be remembering that night correctly, Elliot. If anything, you weren't ready. I think you were just nervous for me though. It might have not been the healthiest thing for me to do at the time, but I needed it. I wanted it," Olivia tells him. "Of course you did everything right, Elliot. You were perfect. Throughout my entire recovery, you were perfect."

Elliot nods his head and feels more relieved after listening to her.

"Elliot, it seems strange that you would suddenly be thinking about this now, months and months after the fact. If I was hurt by it, don't you think that hurt would be showing in some way?"

"I suppose," Elliot mutters.

She can't put her finger on it, but knows Elliot too well to believe that this is just some random thought that popped into his head. Olivia realizes from past experiences that Elliot is stubborn, and that it will be a challenge to get to the root of whatever issue is upsetting him. James has her worn out and she honestly doesn't have the energy to persuade him into sharing what she figures he isn't revealing to her. She decides to comfort him rather than arguing with him about opening up, as she so often does.

"Come sit by me. You're too far away," Olivia says, patting the sofa cushion with her free hand.

Elliot lifts himself from his seat and scoots a few feet in Olivia's direction, landing right beside her. Olivia gently places her hand on his knee and smiles at him.

"You have too much on your mind, El," she whispers. "And if it has anything to do with me, don't even waste your energy. I couldn't be happier right now. You'd be a fool to worry about me."

Kathy had made him feel like a true prick, like one of the dirt bags that he and Olivia used to interrogate on a daily basis. Wanting to protect Olivia from everything bad, including the potential rumors, he doesn't mention Kathy. He manages to shake Kathy's harsh remarks off, realizing that Olivia is genuine and that she isn't putting on a happy face simply to please him.

Elliot feels Olivia's soft hands massaging his leg and closes his eyes, feeling less like a prick and more like the man she loves. Olivia's touch is intimate and relaxes him as her fingers move from his knee and travel along his thigh. Her simple touch doesn't necessarily arouse Elliot, but causes him to think back to that same night that he had doubts about only moments ago.

Elliot enters her and they both release a gasp as he pushes into her. Olivia lets out a faint whimper as Elliot begins to move inside her, his rhythm consistent as he reaches his arms around her back and embraces her.

In the same manner, Olivia reaches her arms around his strong back as Elliot pumps inside her.

"I love you," Elliot grunts as Olivia's inner walls tighten around him.

Olivia closes her eyes and moans his name as Elliot's pace increases.

"You okay?" he mumbles, momentarily stopping.

"Yes…yes, don't stop," Olivia whispers.

Elliot continues and Olivia wraps her hands around his muscular ass as he begins pumping inside her again. Olivia's moans get louder and Elliot can tell that she is close to her peak. He increases his pace even more, his bottom jaw dropping as her insides vibrate around him.

Olivia cries out and Elliot's motion slows moments later as he moans through his climax.

He rolls off of her, both their breathing labored. He reaches down and pulls the covers back over them, moving closer to Olivia and putting one arm around her.

"I love you," he whispers while kissing her on her right temple.

Olivia always knows how to make Elliot feel at peace with himself. Her touch alone is a confirmation to Elliot that he had done all the right things that night.

"Don't stop." Those two words echo in Elliot's mind and he realizes that he had sex, not with a victim as Kathy claims, but to a beautiful woman who wanted his love in return.

"Feel better?" he hears Olivia ask.

Elliot nods his head, knowing that everything between them is just right. He's still adjusting to this new life, not yet used to things being so perfect. Olivia's experience with Grant and her pill abuse issue alone had been enough problems to fill an entire lifetime.

He hates that Kathy put something out there that can possibly ruin what they now have; a wonderful life free of issues. Elliot vows to himself to do everything in his power to protect Olivia from the negative chatter, which he fears may now be out there. He also fears that others may have similar thoughts as Kathy, and assume the worst.

Elliot smiles at Olivia and rubs her thigh as she stares up at him. He doesn't like hiding the truth from her, but knows that the truth will only humiliate her and bring back her most painful memories.