A/N: Well I was kind of leery on puttng this up here, but a lot of friends thought I should so I'm going to. Thank you for reading!

Title: This is How it Ends

Rating: T

Genre: Drama(Sort of)/Angst

Pairing: Strong hints at CarterxKat

Summary: Carter's final moments before the Pelican crashes into the Scarab.

He was dying. He knew this yet continued to fight on in the damaged Pelican, they had a mission to complete and he was going to see through to it until the end. The head trauma was getting to him, causing his vision to blur every few minutes or so. He just had to make sure Emile and Six made it to their destination, it was his job as leader of Noble Team. Another wave of pain hit him causing the brunette to close his eyes tightly; he knew it was only a matter of time before he passed out, so he pushed himself. He always pushed himself; he was a Spartan after all. The headache brought on memories of the past, some good some bad. The ones that seemed to stick out the most though were the deaths of his comrades.

How the others of the original Noble Team died and were replaced by Jorge, Jun, and Emile. How Thom had died sacrificing himself to save everyone else from a Covenant Battlecruiser. Jorge, who thought he was saving the world, had ended up dying for a lost cause. Then, then there was her. The one person who kept him going and on his feet during this whole losing battle. He was strong, courageous, smart, and he could keep his cool in any situation. But as he carried her lifeless body to the evacuation site, everything changed. His hope, his will power, it was all washed down the drain when she was sniped down by that lucky Covenant shot. Although he didn't show it, in that moment his calm demeanor had been cracking, breaking under the pressure of knowing that he couldn't protect the one person who actually gave a damn about him. He was screaming on the inside, the only thought in his mind was wanting to tear apart the monster that did it to her.

He was angry, angry at himself for not being able to stop it. The Noble leader almost resented himself for it, she had always been there for him and for some reason that one time he couldn't be there for her, it cost him her life. All there was left now was memories; there would be no one to talk to about almost everything anymore. No one there to get him up on his feet after he fell. Right now as he saw the Scarab heading in Emile and Sixes direction as they made their way to the Pillar of Autumn, he missed her more than ever.

It was then he decided this was his final moment; this was how he was going to go out in the war. He was going to ram the Pelican into that son of a bitch. The brunette glanced out the window to see Emile and Six head for cover after his final transmission to them. As he hit the button for auto pilot he looked down and grasped the one thing he had left to hold on to. He read the tags with a ghost of a smile on his face.

Lieutenant Commander

Catherine 320

6'9 214 lbs


He clutched them to his chest as the trauma and fatigue finally took over. There was a bright flash of light followed by the heat from the explosion.

"I'm coming for you Kat."

Carter never felt so at peace before in his life.