The young man with sandy brown hair quickly glanced at the equally young woman sitting beside him before returning his attention to the vast and clear sky.

"Green, what is it?" the girl asked a second time. Green brought his tea cup to his lips and sipped the warm beverage casually, briefly ignoring the deathly glare the brunette was piercing through him. He set his cup down and continued his gazing.

"Nothing; I was just remarking on how blue the sky was," he responded. "Why do you have to assume that every time I say the word 'blue' it must refer to you?" He cast his emerald eyes towards his fellow Dex Holder, and was forever glad he did.

Blue's earlier frown transformed into a gorgeous smile as bright as day that could cause any man to fall into the deep abyss of love.

"Well, I think of you whenever I see anything that's green." Her hand intertwined with his, her smile still stunning.

Be careful, Green, or you'll fall too.