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3 Days Later

Ben was sitting on his bed with a bowl of popcorn and an old horror movie in his DVD player. It was just regular weeknight for Ben Tennyson.

After his talk with Kevin, Ben had told his parents, grandpa Max, and Gwen about his sexual orientation. All of them took the news well, telling him they were "happy he was brave enough to tell them", and "could tell something was up." Either way, Ben had never felt happier about himself. But one thing still bugged him, the kiss he shared with Kevin.

It wasn't a passionate love embrace, but Kevin didn't pull away from it, if anything, he leaned into the kiss, Ben only puckered his lips. But every time Ben thought about it too hard his head started to hurt and just went back to his movie.

All of a sudden Ben heard a buzzing noise coming from beside him. His phone was vibrating on his desk. Ben got up from his bed and answered the call. "Hello?"

"Hey Ben! Its Kevin, are you home? I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a bit?" Kevin sounded really happy to talk to Ben, which was strange, because they hadn't spoken for 3 days, since Ben came out to him.

Ben tried calling Kevin the day after the kiss to see if he wanted to hang out, but no he never picked up, so Ben assumed Kevin was avoiding him.

"Yeah, I'm not doing anything important, you can come over if you'd like." Ben answered Kevin. "Cool, I'll be there in 5 minutes." Kevin hung up the phone before Ben could say, "Okay, Bye" Ben put down his cell and went over to his bed where he spilled all of his popcorn. "Damn, now I've gotta clean this up." Ben whined.

Ben scooped up all of the popcorn into the bowl and brought it downstairs to the kitchen. "Knock knock!" Kevin yelled from behind Ben.

"AHH!" Ben yelped throwing the bowl of popcorn into the air. The popcorn went flying and fell all over the floor. "Sorry" Kevin told Ben as he reached into his hair and took out a piece of popcorn. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"Its alright," Ben told the raven-haired teen. Ben bent down and started to clean up the popcorn he spilt again. "Im just a little jumpy from watching scary movies."

"Here, let me help" Kevin got on his knees and began to help Ben pick up pieces from the kitchen floor. About 2 minutes all the pieces were cleaned off the floor. "There, all done." Ben smiled. "Wait, theres one more piece." Kevin spoke up.

"I'll get it" both boys said at the same time.

They made eye contact from speaking in unison. Kevin gazed into Ben's big green eyes. They were so beautiful and innocent. It made Kevin blush and turn away. "Its okay," he said quickly, "I've got it." Kevin bent down and picked up the piece of popcorn. He tossed it to Ben who was not ready to make a catch.

It went flying at hit Ben in the forehead. "Thanks Kev" Ben said dryly. "Oh sorry." Kevin chuckled at Ben.

"So whats up?" Ben asked as he washed the bowl out in the sink. "I haven't seen you or spoken to you since..." Ben stopped, remembering again when they last spoke.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Kevin told Ben, "I've been kind of busy, working on the car a lot, and other stuff."

That was the truth, Kevin had been busy with the car, but the real reason he didn't return Ben's calls and had been ignoring him for the past 3 days was because he had been doing some real thinking, about himself, and about Ben. By cutting himself off from Ben for 3 days, it gave Kevin some clarity and now he could think.

"Ben, could we talk?" Kevin asked as he looked down in embarrassment. He felt as vulnerable as Ben did days earlier. "Sure, lets go into the living room." Ben told Kevin as he walked past the older teen.

Kevin followed him into the room and they sat down on opposite sides of the couch. "So whats up?" Ben asked as he pushed his hair out of his face, revealing his intoxicating emerald eyes.

This made Kevin blush, badly. "Umm, well, you see…" Kevin was mumbling. "I want to talk to you about what happened on Sunday."

"Which part?" Ben asked raising an eyebrow. "The part when we kissed…" Kevin mumbled. "I'm sorry?" Ben asked again, "I couldn't hear you."

"WHEN WE KISSED!" Kevin yelled out. His eyes were scrunched together, not wanting to look Ben in the eyes because he was afraid.

Ben just sat on the couch looking down. He felt bad that he made Kevin upset and caused him to yell. "I'm sorry" Ben told the older boy.

"Don't be."

To be continued...

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