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Two days after the story of Family matters

Hotch had been watching the door ever since he got the call from Perotta about him getting jack. While he couldn't wait to see jack he was guilty because of the fact that he had took Jack away from Haley. But he wasn't about to just give jack up right after he got him back again.

Then right as he thought that the front door opened and a little black blur came rocketing at him and pummeled into his clothed chest.

'DADDY!" Jack squealed as Aaron picked him up and swung him around in the air.

"Hey buddy how was the drive with Vincent?" Aaron asked as he placed Jack on the couch and sat next to him neither of them noticing Vincent coming in through the front door and sitting in the reclining chair.

"It was really fun! He got me….." Aaron slowly lost track of what his son was saying. The reason? He was staring intently at the man sitting across from him and for a second he could have sworn he saw Foyet come up behind Vincent and start to sta- "AARON!" And then it was all over as soon as it started.

Hotch looked up into Vincent's eyes and then looked at jack who was staring at he looking somewhat frightened. "Daddy?" Jack asked as he climbed into Aarons lap.

"Jack why don't we put you to bed I need to talk to your daddy alone ok?" Vincent asked as he picked Jack up off of Aarons lap. "Mm'kay night night daddy!" Jack said as Perotta took him down to where they had made his "bedroom" It was really just where Hotch used to stay before they moved into the same room.

"What is wrong with you? I went and got your son and you completely ignored him and instead stare off into space!" Perotta said as he came back up the stairs and walked over to where Aaron was and sat down on the couch.

"Im sorry I thought I saw something and I don't truly think it was there…." Aaron said but both of them noticed that his voice sounded far off almost as if he was in a totally different room.

"I think I should repay you for going to get Jack for me and for risking your life to get me my son." Aaron said as he got up and pulled Perotta up onto his feet only to drop back down to his knees in front of Vincent and start to unbutton and unzip his jeans. (A/N those of you who know me will know exactly where im going with this.)

"You do know you don't have t do this right?" Vincent said as he looked down at the smaller male who had already started to take out the already half hard throbbing cock.

"I know but I want to and you deserve it." Hotch said as he began taking the thick cock into his mouth.

Even though Perotta and Hotch had been 'Together' for some time Aaron had never really given any one any oral stimulation before. Aaron chuckled to himself as he thought "I guess people were right when they said lawyers suck a lot of cock."

Meanwhile Vincent was trying to keep himself from grabbing a hold of Aaron's head and slamming into that tight hot little mouth. "God Aaron take that cock!" Perotta hissed as he felt the former FBI agent start to hum around his dick.

Hotch had never really learned how to give oral sex "Guess I shouldn't have skipped Sex ed in middle school." He thought as he started to bob his head up and down on Perotta's hard length all the while stroking the bottom of the hard staff with his tongue. He smirked when he heard Vincent Moan. "Guess I must be doing something right if he's reacting like that!" He smiled and tried to take the cock deeper into his throat. Thankfully his gag reflect never really worked and he could fit almost all of Vincent's dick into his sweet little mouth.

"Geez what the hell is this brat trying to do to me." Perotta thought as he watched Agent Hotchner take his length even deeper into his hot mouth. Perotta could feel his climax coming on then he felt Aarons hands on the back of his legs holding on to him.

"Oh my god! Is this even natural how the hell is he so big?" Hotch thought as he tasted the salty, bitter, taste of precum at the back of his throat. Aaron could feel the Rock hard dick in his mouth start to pulse even more than before. Quickly Hotch let the Cock fall from his mouth and chuckled at Perotta's groan as the warmth was gone from his cock.

Seconds later Perotta let out a low groan as Aaron took one of the tight balls into his mouth and softly rolled the balls around with his teeth while sucking on the hot balls. "HOLY SHIT!" Perotta thought as he felt those teeth gently scraping his balls he always thought that would hurt but it felt amazing and he could feel his balls get all tight and tingly. "Aaron im gonna cum!" Perotta said and then watched as Hotch quickly switched from sucking on his balls to deep throating his length.

Hotch moaned as he felt the hot cum start streaming down the back of his throat. Once he was sure he swallowed all of the ejaculation that was in his mouth he kissed the tip of the now flaccid length and started to stand up only to be pulled into a hot, erotic, bruising kiss. They only parted when Aaron pulled away for air and even then Perotta bent down slightly so that he could lick a stray stream of cum from the corner of Hotch's now red and slightly bruised from the rough kiss they had just shared.

"How was that for my first blowjob?" Aaron said as he rested his head on Perotta's shoulder softly panting.

"I thought it was the best ive ever had.' Vincent said as he moved to head to their shared room.

"But I think we really should head to bed I have a VERY special surprise tomorrow for you!" Perotta said as he laid down with Aaron in their shared bed.

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