Ok this chapter does have some torture in it and most of the chapters after this probably will have torture in them to. So if you don't like torture DO NOT READ THIS! I hate people who skip the warnings and then they read something they don't like and then they flame me! Its stupid and not right and it pisses every one off!

With the BAU team.

After reading the note that Jack had given them they sat him in Hotch's old office - none of them had the heart to clean it out- and told him to draw on some paper with a dark green pen.

The whole team including Garcia had raced down to the parking garage which was where the note had said to go. The first thing they noticed was the black tarp that was peeking out from the car that had been described in the note.

Once they got over to the tarp Garcia quickly turned away and started to sob into Morgan's shoulder. Any one who would have walked by would have noticed the horrified looks that had settled onto the teams face.

The scene itself was horrifying with Gideon's dead pal body just laying still. His hands were laid out beside him with every single finger cut off and then placed about an inch away from the part o the hand that it would have been at had it not been severed.

The severing occurred at every part of his body and each severed part was put an inch away from where it would originally have been. All except for the head which was placed on the dead mans chest (A/n any one else think pirates of the Caribbean when I typed that?) The face had been completely mutilated , there were deep scratches all across the face and both his eyes had been gouged out and his tongue had been cut off.

Profiler or not any one could tell that this was obviously an over kill and that Jason Gideon had done something that royally pissed Perotta off.

'So this is what Vincent Perotta is capable of?" Rossi asked as he looked at the body, while Rossi and Gideon never had gotten along he still felt a bit of remorse for the man that lay dead before him.

"I-I think that Gideon might have doe something to Hotch!" Reid stammered out as his eyes widened as he figured out what had possibly caused Perotta to do this much overkill.

"What makes you say that kid?" Morgan asked as his and the teams gaze turn to Reid waiting for an explanation.

"Well we all know that Perotta sees Hotch as kind of a version of himself and if Gideon had done something to Hotch then Perotta might have seen it as Gideon hurting him and Hotch at once and that led to the overkill!" Reid ranted as he looked around as the information dawned on the team.

"You know the kid is right!" Morgan exclaimed as he repeatedly looked around the other team members.

With Perotta a few hours after Hotch was taken.

Perotta slammed the door to his car as he ran into the house trying to keep himself from getting to wet in the rainstorm outside.

"Aaron im back!" Perotta called out as he slammed the door to the house shut and started to pull of the jacket he had on.

He only noticed something was wrong when Hotch didn't reply to his call and he didn't even here any kind of noise coming from anywhere in the house except for his own breathing.

Perotta ran to the room in the back which both him and Hotch had claimed as their bedroom. He slammed his body full force against the door when he noticed that it was locked after his first try to get it open.

He nearly fell into the room when the door blew of its hinges at the force of his weight slamming against it. He frantically looked around and then noticed a written note sitting on the rumpled sheets where he had left Aaron to sleep.

He picked up the note and after reading it he ripped it apart out of anger.

The stated as follows.

If you want you're little lover back you're gonna have to come and find me! Only this time I wont be caught half as easily as the last time! Have fuuuuuuun Perotta J

Sincerely Foyet~

He growled and ripped apart the covers and found a syringe with a little bit of purple liquid still In it.

With who we now know as Foyet and Hotch.

Hotch let out a soft moan of pain as he woke up to his head pounding and his neck completely stiff. It took him a few seconds to register the fact that his legs were held open by a spreader bar and he was gagged with a thick black ball-gag. He let out a soft mewl as he wiggled in the chains that were holding him against the wall and learned that his nipples were being pinched and twisted by a pair of nipple clamps that were stuck to his chest.

His head snapped and his eyes widened as he heard the maniacal laughter of the one man he was sure he watched get set on fire by Vincent.

"You know Aaron I was sure that seeing you cut up would be the most fascinating experience in my life but I have to say you being drugged vulnerable and hurt will most definitely over turn that." Foyet smiled as he chuckled and slowly slid his newly sharpened knife down the middle of Hotch's chest right between the nipple clamps. He made sure not to push the knife to far into the skin he didn't want Hotch to die so soon before he had his fun now did he?

Of course he didn't. He smirked when he saw Hotch's eyes cloud over with pain and hatred. Foyet made sure to gently brush his fingertips over the wound before digging his fingers into the wound. He listened to Hotch's screams as he closed his eyes and took in the screams and cherished them.

After taking out his fingers he traced the eye of providence onto Hotch's forehead. Next Foyet slowly traced his hand down the front of Hotch's chest and then started to cup and squeeze the flaccid cock. Hotch tried to close his legs and will the erection that he knew would spring up at the attention his cock was receiving.

He of course couldn't even close his legs because of the spreader bar that had been put between his legs. He squirmed as he felt his dick start to harden and he tried to shrink back against the wall only to be pulled as far into Foyet's lap as the chains would allow. He closed his eyes in frustration as he felt the other males cold lips against the skin of his lips.

He managed to struggle enough to dislodge Foyet's lips from his neck and earned him a quick backhanded slap to the side of his face.

"You really are enjoying this aren't you agent?" Foyet hissed into Hotch's ear as he kept on pumping the agents erection.

Foyet reached into his back pocket and pulled a small ring out of his pocket before Hotch could see the ring he slipped it into his palm and onto Aaron's cock. Hotch of course started to squirm even more when his cock was released, he was glad that Foyet wasn't touching him anymore, but now he was stuck with a painful erection and a cock ring that wouldn't allow him to come at all.

"You look even cuter when your angry did Vincent ever tell you that?" Foyet whispered/hissed In his ear as he slid him off his lap and back onto the concrete floor against the wall. Then he got up and walked over to the other side of the room which Aaron couldn't see because of the dim lighting.

He heard a few clinking sounds and then a soft vibrating sound and just like that the vibrating sound stopped and the clinking started up again as Foyet made his way back over to Hotch.

Once he was close enough to Hotch Foyet took a couple thing out from a heavy woolen bag. One object was what Hotch knew to be a vibrator its was about 9-10 inches long and had a dark purple color to it. The rest of the items that were taken out of the bags were things that Hotch had never seen before.

Foyet smirked as he watched Hotch's eyes travel over the tools he was going to use. The second object was made completely out of metal and was thin at the top with something that looked like the top of a screwdriver then at the bottom it sort of blossomed into what looked like the bottom of a pear. (A/n Overall it looked like a ridiculously long pear. Ill post a link to a picture of all these devices at the end of the chapter!)

The third object of torture looked like a small version of a helmet that would wrap completely around the head and extending out from what Hotch thought to be the front of the mask was a long and thin piece of metal with little metal spikes sticking out at all sides. There was a small piece of metal that was on the side of the cage hooking into the small ring of wires that wound completely around the bottom of the cage and he observed that if you were to turn that little piece of metal it would tighten the bottom of the cage to fit around either the chin or neck.

The next object was just an ordinary hose that had no extra attachments. It was just a regular gardening hose that most people would use to water their plants. He knew that it was going to be used to torture him he just didn't know how it was going to be used.

A fifth object wasn't brought out of the bag it was actually wheeled in on a cart that was low to the ground. Hotch's eyes looked as if they would pop out of his head when he finally remember what the object was called. It was a medieval rack or more commonly known as the form of torture where one was placed on a table with their wrists bound by tight ropes which were connected to a series of pulleys above their head the same with their feet. Then when the executer deemed it fit his would push back a lever located on the side as slowly stretch out the persons body.

Hotch had to remind himself not to whimper as he looked at the torture devices. He looked back up at Foyet who was smirking at him. He knew that Foyet was a sick and terrifying person but he didn't think that Foyet would evolve into a killer that killed by anything other than stabbing.

He thought back to what Perotta did for him as closure and he knew that the fire probably was what had set Foyet off and made him come after him. But he what he couldn't figure out was how Foyet managed to escape that fire because he watched him die and burn.

He swallowed the small amount of spit he had in his mouth after Foyet took the ball gag out of his mouth and before Foyet could pick up any of the objects he licked his lips and blurted out.

"How did you not die in that fire I watched you burn and scream?" Hotch made sure to look pointedly at Foyet's eyes as he said this.

"A good magician never reveals his secrets now does he?" Foyet snickered as he watched the anger flare up in Hotch's eyes.

Hotch's eyes widened and he tried to shrink back into the wall as he watched Foyet pick up the weird smaller version of the helmet. Foyet grabbed him by the hair and pulled him a little ways away from the wall that way he could slip the helmet on over Hotch's head. Hotch shut his eyes to prevent the small piece of metal with spikes from stabbing into his eyes and he kept his mouth closed.

He only ever opened his eyes once he was sure that his eyes wouldn't be damaged by the spikes. He looked around and he already felt trapped by the metal bars that made the cage up. He held back another whimper as he noticed that the spikes were settled right in front of his mouth.

"Now be good boy and open that cute little mouth of yours!" Foyet sneered as he turned the knob on the side of the cage and tightened it causing the spikes to press into Hotch's lips.

"C'mon hotchy its not that bad, just open your mouth!" He ground out as he cranked the knob again causing the spikes to press even harder again the full pink lips. Finally after another crank of the knob Hotch opened his mouth and squeezed his eyes shut as he felt Foyet give the knob two more cranks and push the metal covered in spike almost to the back of his throat.

"Glad to see you cooperating agent Hotchner, now close your mouth and we can move onto my next trick" Foyet said in a false reassuring tone with a fake smile plastered onto his face.

Hotch huffed then gently started to close his mouth he started to whimper when he felt the spikes start to dig into his tongue and into the roof of his mouth. He let out a loud screech when he closed his mouth completely and a searing pain shot throughout his whole body.

Foyet smiled at him then grabbed the pear like metal device.

"Well agent Hotchner this here is called a torturing pear, its usually pressed into the vagina or into the mouth but seeing as you're a male and your mouth is kind of preoccupied right now I guess we're just going to have to put this is a different hole now arent we?" Foyet asked smugly as he watched Hotch's eyes widen and his pupils dilate as he figured out just where Foyet intended to put the device.

Before Hotch had a chance to even start struggling Foyet had grabbed him and yanked his body straight over into his lap faced down with his ass sticking in the air.

Foyet gently started to pet the small of Hotch's back in a mock reassuring way. Then he said "This is will go so much easier if you just relax and let it happen agent Hotchner!" as he plunged the torturing pear into Hotch's anus.

Hotch screamed around the spiked metal in his mouth as he felt his body suddenly being stretched out to accomedate the intrusion. But then rather than just letting the pear alone Foyet started to twist the metal knob on the very back of the pear, the part that wasn't inside Hotch, which caused the springs inside the metal fixture to spread out and stretch Hotch's abused hole even more.

Hotch kept screaming for a couple of seconds until the spikes got moved even closer to the back of his throat as Foyet once again tighten the wires around the bottom of the cage on his head. Hotch was trembling with pain as the knob on the pear was cranked again and it opened him even farther. He could feel the inside of his anus starting to rip and tear.

After a few second of Hotch being this stretched out he passed out from the pain of the torturing per and the metal cage around his head. Foyet didn't want to completely destroy Hotch's insides yet so he stopped after cranking the knob only three times. He picked Hotch back up and then threw him back down to the ground and smiled as he heard Hotch whimper in his state of uncounciousness as both the pear and cage shifter around in his mouth and ass.

The last thing Foyet did before leaving the room was snap a quick picture of his captive laying tied up on the floor.

With the BAU

The whole team was standing around in the conference room staring at the screen completely devastated.

They had spent most of the day trying to figure out what exactly Gideon had done to make Perotta react the way he did. After a couple hours Reid offered to go out and get the team some lunch that way they could fully function. On his way back into the bull pen from getting the food a mail boy had given him package that was addressed to the whole team.

He put the food down on the nearest desk and raced to the conference room to open the package with the team. They discovered that in the package was a videotape, Garcia put it into her computer and plugged her computer up to the main screen and clicked play.

They all gasped at what was on the screen. It was Hotch tied up with the metal cage surrounding his head and the torturing pear slightly sticking out of his ass. The only thing that was keeping them from thinking that Perotta had done this was the eye of providence that was the signature of Foyet. It was drawn right around Hotch's left eye with what they guessed was Hotch's blood.

With Perotta

Just like the team Perotta had gotten a videotape that had appeared on his doorstep. He watched the picture for about 5 minutes completely still barely even breathing then he went on a rampage and started breaking almost everything in his sight.

Oh sweet lord I didn't mean for it to get this bad I mean I know this is supposed to evolve into a torture fic but I think I might have over done it! I mean poor Hotch hes like dead! But not really cause I couldn't kill hotchy. Any way I hope you guys did enjoy this chapter!

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