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"Wake up bitch!" One of my best friends, Jessika, screamed in my ear.

"God, you better be happy I love you!" I looked out the plane window to see the sun shining in my eyes, and a consistent coverage of clouds below us. That means we're somewhere over Washington or at least Oregon.

"You know you love me." She gave me her signature 'I know I'm hot smile'. I just smacked her upside the head. She in turn messed up my now wavy locks.


"Would you two cut it out, your still on a fucking plane you know." Our other friend, Alexis, who definitely acted the most grown up out of the three of us, said.

"Bitch." We chimed together, and then burst out laughing at the shocked look on each other's face.

You see, my best friends, Jessika and Alexis are moving with me back to my birthplace, Forks, Washington. A dreary little town I had left five years ago, because of a boy of all things. A boy named Paul Maraz, who made my life living hell. The ironic thing is he was my best friend up until 6th grade, when over the summer he hit puberty and his voice changed, and he started hanging out with older boys from the reservation, and not even the good older guys like Sam and his group, but the ones who'll probably end up as high school dropouts. They together made my life horrible, which I would think is pretty damn hard considering we went to different schools, but they made it happen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle your seatbelt, and put your seats in the upright position, we will be landing in about five minutes."

"That's why I woke you Bellala."

"Yeah yeah, thanks bitch."

I felt my stomach drop as we descended onto the runway, and I was nervous but excited as we we're taxiing into the airport.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Seattle Airport, the temperature outside is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 18 degrees Celsius, and it is slightly drizzling, you may now gather your belongings, and use electronics."

My girls and I, with just a drawstring bag and either a purse or a tote each, rushed off of the plane to catch the connecting flight to Port Angeles. The three of us practically ran through the airport to the gate, and boarded the flight just before they closed the hatch.

As we sat down in our seats, with Jess by the window and Alexis by the aisle, and all three of us panting for air from making the 15 minute walk across the airport in less than 3. Jess commented

"God, next time we have to make a connecting flight someone remind us not to make them so close together."

"I know right? Who in their right mind booked the two flights not even 5 minutes apart?"

After that almost chaotic start, we all relaxed for the remaining 2 hours of the flight, joking and poking fun at each other like sisters. Sisters. That's probably the best way to describe us, because that's what we are, I highly doubt friends would move across the country with you like they did.

As our second flight of the day landed with nothing special but some turbulence while crossing through a wind current and a small bump when landing. We finally made our way off of the small plane and into the surprisingly medium sized airport. Without luggage to grab we headed straight out to the pick up area and hailed a taxicab.

"Where to ladies?" The driver looked absolutely thrilled to have the three of us in his cab, his slimy smile didn't make us think twice about squeezing together in the way too small backseat.

"Uh it's a bit far off but Forks." I knew all of us were secretly hoping he wouldn't want to go out that far and we had to find another cab.

"I was just heading out there!" He sounded just as thrilled as he looked. He made what should have been an hour and thirty minute ride a little less than three hours. During those three hours he tried to make conversation, but it was going to be past nine when we got home, and we'd been on a plane practically all day. I knew for a fact all of us were suffering from jet lag, and our bodies' definitely are not used to the 3-hour time difference the west coast and east coast has. Therefore none of us were in the mood for small talk.

When the car finally reached Forks, all three of us let out a breath together; this unusual form of torture is almost over! The car stopped in front of my childhood home, the house that my father left me in his will, when he was shot during the line of duty, and later passed at the hospital. After paying the driver I turned with a sigh to look at the place I once called home. Walking around the property I realized how small the house was. It used to look so much bigger to me, but then again, it looked much brighter before as well.

I unlocked the door, and walked in with my two best friends flanking me on either side. It looked exactly the same as it did when I left all those years ago. The pictures, the faded spot in the old couch where my dad used to sit, there were just a thin layer of dust covering all of it. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes at the memory of my father, and without my knowledge they rolled down my cheeks.

I knew I was only here to take some of the personal articles; that this house was going to be sold. I knew it was for the best, but now that I'm here it hit me like a ton of bricks that my dad really isn't here anymore.

I really wished that I could keep the house, but it was just not big enough for all three of us. Of course, we could add some rooms, but changing the house in any way seemed wrong, and the memories would be too much. It was just the best for this house to be sold to another family to make their own memories in.

Wiping the tears away, I got down to business, taking some of dad's favorite things, like his fish clock, and the few boxes he kept in his closet. I took all the pictures, and my dad's old Forks High Class sweatshirt. I used to love sleeping in that thing. I already knew what I wanted to do with everything; the pictures would go in a scrapbook, and everything else into a memory trunk.

Walking back outside, I closed the door tightly, and looked over at the big oak tree by my window. I still remember when I climbed up that tree and started crying because I didn't know how to get down, that night after dad got me to climb down with his encouraging words, he gave me the advice that I've remembered and lived by to this day.

I gave Jess and Lexi a watery smile. They in reply pulled me into a warm group hug. No words needed to be said, they knew I had to work through this myself, but at the same time they were telling me they'd always be here for me.

Again, with no words exchanged, Jess hailed another taxi to take us to the house we had bought right outside of La Push. All we had seen thus far were pictures, as when we were looking for houses we just told the real estate agent our requirements and left everything to her. She showed us the picture and all three of us fell in love with it, so we bought it.

Arriving at the house, Jess and Lexi helped my into PJs than put me to bed. As soon as my head touched the pillow I was out, being both emotionally and physically exhausted.

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