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Recap (BPOV)

"I'll bet my baby boy, my Mustang; Shelby GT500, custom tuned engine, and free car servicing from me. For life. What do you want to put in the pot?" She paused pretending to think about it, when we both knew exactly what she's about to suggest "How 'bout, say, buying me a nice set of tools for my garage?" She said, smirking at him. Sam was smirking too; probably thinking this was going to be an easy win. It's too bad he doesn't know Jess like I do; the girl never bets any of her cars unless she's 500% sure she's going to win.

"Deal." He said, and they shook on it. I watched as she leaned in close to his ear and whispered loud enough for all of us in the room to hear…


"I'm a part-time vampire hunter." Leaning back and sitting down with a shit eating grin on; she looked around at all the jaw dropping that was going on.

"There's no way." Sam scoffed, shaking his head. I completely understood his reaction; even the idea of a human vampire hunter was ridicules.

"There actually is a way. In fact, there's a whole team of us who found one, of course not all of us are field agents like I'm sure most of you are imagining. We're known as the Death Angels, and Sammy Boy, you owe me some tools." She said smugly.

"How?" Jared asked, still unbelieving.

"Well, the unit I'm in, the field unit, goes out and kicks vampire ass or tracks down and captures them, because that's what we're good at. The technological geniuses do all the tech stuff like hacking and making sure we all stay connected. The mechanical geniuses figure out all the inventing stuff so, as humans, we can take down vampires. Of course we also have spies and recon people for mapping places out, and getting information our tech guys can't. Of course, all of us can do all of that, but we all have specialties." She explained as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"How the hell do you capture a vampire?" Seth asked, amazed.

"Well, in my experience, once you fight them and not only not get killed but win, they kind of go into shock and stop functioning correctly, it's a fatal flaw in their DNA. Of course there's those special vampires that don't really get affected by anything, those we just bond and gag." Just as one of the guys were about to ask another question, her phone started singing.

So what you waiting on I'm a come get you girl just hit me when you're leaving the club
Don't put them panties girl you ain't gonna need 'em cause I promise id be tearing it up
Cause we don't make love we'd be making movies
We don't make love we'd be making movies
Girl this ain't the time me in the Jacuzzi
Watching all the suds running down on your booty
We don't make love we'd be making movies
We don't make love we'd be making movies
Girl this ain't the time me in the Jacuzzi
Watching all the suds running down on your booty
Turn the lights off

Laughing, she picked it up and put it on speaker.

"Hey Gabe." She said, still laughing.

"How'd you know it was me?" The guy on the other end asked. I never really asked her who Gabe is, though he's come up in our conversation before.

"Only you would set a song like that as your ring-tone. What do you want anyways?" She said, feigning annoyance. I could see the scold that had firmly placed itself on Seth's face as he too wondered who Gabe is and why he would set his ringtone on her phone to Making Movies by Nelly.

"Right, we found her." With that she went to reach for the phone, but Seth was slightly faster and tossed it to Sam. I was curious now, who's her?

"You found her?" Jess just rolled her eyes and continued her conversation.

"Yup, upper peninsula, it looks like she's headed towards Forks. Current location is Eugene. She's stopping to feed the newborns." He reported.

"Fuck, dispatch the team now. There's no way in hell she's getting any closer to Forks." Jess said as she face palmed and mumbled about how stupid she is.

"You gonna get here in time?" Gabe asked in return. In time for what?

"Probably not. Follow the normal protocol; keep the head, Aro would want to see it. Take Jayden, you'll need the help." Normal protocol? Keep the head? Aro? I didn't understand a word of it, but it seems like the guys did as they all tensed up.

"Got it boss. Recon team is continuing to follow her until we arrive. We still don't know what she's after, but we'll keep you posted."

"OK, I'm leaving now, hold her in Eugene as long as you can." She replied, I could see her already making plans in her head.

"Got it. Over and out."

"Over and out." She motioned to Sam to toss her phone back and as soon as it touched her hand she was dialing, after barking a few instructions into the phone, she looked at me very seriously.

"Listen to me Bella, I know you're fully capable of taking care of yourself and all that good stuff but these are vampires we're talking about. I want one of the guys to always be with you, and I know you're going to throw a fit but I want you to stay with either Sam or Paul. I suggest Paul because he doesn't have a girlfriend like Sam, so there's less of a chance you'll hear something you didn't want to." She said, smirking slightly at Paul, as if she's saying 'you owe me big time, buddy.'

"Why them?" I asked like a little child, she knew full well I wasn't very friendly with either of them.

"Because they're both assholes." She stated simply; when she caught sight of the confused look on my face, she explained. "Sam is a cocky asshole because he has a right to be, he's the oldest in this group, and he was the first wolf. He has the most experience. As for Paul, well, I have a feeling the guy would rather go to the deepest pits of hell than let you get hurt, and I'll just leave it at that. Of course all of them are fully capable of protecting you, but I just think they would do a better job because of the situation." She explained to me, and I nodded in understanding. I won't like it, but I'll do it anyways. She smiled and turned to leave but stopped mid-step and did another face palm.

"Seth, we really need to talk before I leave." He nodded and followed her out. Apparently, they walked far enough away so the guys didn't hear them but when they came back 30 minutes later, Seth looked somewhat relieved.

"Hey Sammy? You mind fixing the front door and the bathroom door for me?" She asked sweetly. Sam sighed and rolled his eyes but nodded anyways. It's obvious, like with all other older brother types, she's got him smitten.

"Thanks." She said with a blinding smile and flicked a piece of black plastic in his general direction, "I'm not a mooch, use that to buy all the materials you need." Everyone else saw Sam eying the credit card with an eyebrow raised, but Jess just walked out the door.

"So who wants to take me to get my stuff?" I said hopefully. If I was going to move in temporarily with Paul, I'll have to get my stuff.

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