When we got back to the guest room in the Tohno mansion, Sion quietly closed the door and asked me:
-Ries... is something wrong?
-Not really
-You've been acting slightly strange for a while.
-Really? I might just need a bit of time to getting used to my current existence don't worry about it.

Or so I say. But the truth is I'm jealous. Jealous of him, the one she calls her first friend. Why him and not me? And the way she smiles at him, the way she looks at him... She really cares for him.
I want to ask her. What does she feel about him? What does she feel about me? What am I to her?
But I can't say that. I can't say I'm jealous... I can't say I'm in love with her.

-Ah is that so? It's o.k then.
She sat on the bed and looked at me straight in the eyes. To avoid her gaze, I looked at the spacious room and noticed it only has one double bed. I felt my face becoming burning red but quikly pushed any weird thoughts aside.
-Was that what you thought I would say Ries?
-I know what you just said was an excuse. We are linked in more than one way so I know. I'm not letting you off tonight.

She gently took my hand and made me sit beside her. I could feel my heart beat faster and near exploding and she kept squeezing my hand and looking at me. Should I talk? Should I keep quiet? It felt like my head was clouded in fog and I couldn't think anymore.
-Please Ries, tell me...

-For one who didn't like to talk, you've changed a lot Sion. In a good way.
-It was thanks to all the people I met in this city.
After hearing that, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to know.
-T-Tohno Shiki, what is he to you?
-My first friend and that is all.
-I-is that so?
I looked away so she wouldn't see the pain that is surely showing on my face... Her first friend? Am I not also her friend?
-Is this what is bothering you? Are you jealous?
-Sion, I...
I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I wanted to get away... At that moment Sion embraced me and patted my head
-You're so cute Ries... Don't cry...
-Sion... am I not your friend?
-It is true I met you before Shiki. But I insist that Shiki is my first friend and not you. Because...
Her voice changed into a soft whisper
-Because you are my first love Ries...
My mind went blank and it felt like my whole body had turned into flammes. I started crying but unlike earlier, those tears were not from sadness
-Don't cry Ries...
-Sion... I... I love you.
Happiness was overflowing from her voice. I turned around to face her and smiled as I noticed the crimson of her cheeks... Closing my eyes, I softly reached for her lips. We both fell on the bed, hugging and kissing tightly.
There was another sweet but this time playful whisper in my ear.
-I'm not letting you off tonight.