O.C. and Adam romance

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Chapter 1

First day at Degrassi. The school everyone told me was filled with drama and the school everyone warned me to NOT go to. Thank you mom for listening to my request… oh wait… she didn't.

I sighed and ran my hand through my blond-brown hair nervously before looking myself over. I wore light make up, mascara and a shiny eye shadow and chap stick, which didn't really make a difference to my appearance at all. I was wearing jeans with a simple, button-up green shirt. I smiled at myself in the mirror, a half-nervous and anxious smile, but a smile none the less.

"Tracey! Let's go!" my mother's voice shouted, "you don't want to be late!"

"I don't?" I yelled back, "Are you sure?"

"Get down here already!" she persisted. I sighed and threw my head back before unwillingly dragging my feet down the steps, into the car and towards Degrassi Community School.


"Mom, what is this?" I asked in shock, practically throwing the paper into my mom's face.

She glanced over as we pulled up to the school, "Well Tracey, I think that that's your schedule." she smirked, finding herself very clever.

"Ha-ha. Not funny," I whimpered, "you signed me up for remedial gym class!"

"Well you did fail real gym last year," she looked at me with raised eye brows, making her point.

"It's not my fault that I have zero coordination," I shrugged in distress.

"Well that's the reason you're in remedial gym this year. Have a good day honey," she smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes helplessly before looking at my mother. I smiled back at her endearingly, "you too mom," I said before walking to the school just as the bell rang. I rushed off to remedial gym and through the door.

The second I walked in and looked up, a person caught my eye. He was sitting in the front row, leaning forward and looking just as miserable about being in this class as I was, maybe even more miserable. I noticed that nobody was sitting beside him. As I walked closer my heart lurched in a weird way. His face was so… cute. I calmed myself before sitting down.

"Hey," I smiled at him, my voice shaking a little. Damn nervousness.

He jumped a little and looked at me in surprise. "oh… hi!" he smiled, "You're… new?"

"Yeah," I replied happily, "I'm Tracey." I gave an awkward wave and his wonderfully attractive face flushed a little red.

"I… I'm… um… I'm…" he tried to say something.

"You're apparently speechless?" I giggled a little.

He let out a sighing laugh before nodding, "Yeah… and my name is Adam." he finally was able to get out his name. I smiled shyly at the cute boy named Adam… maybe Degrassi wasn't such a bad choice after all…