The Glee club made a chat room from themselves.

Italic:Chat room

Normal:Out of chat room


Underline:Just plain e-mails/comments on posts


Rachel had just been checking comments on her my-space video when she got a comment from Puckasuras-Rex

Hey Berry check out the link

Rachel blinked and clicked it. Suddenly, a different web page with Flashy letters that said GLEEROOM appeared. Under it was Name. Rachel put her name and it entered her

Rachel has entered

Kurt:Oh good, you got the link

Rachel:Yeah, what is this?

Puck:Some Gay chat room Kurt made

Kurt:If it's Gay why are you here?

Puck:Cause it's raining

Matt has entered

Matt:Hey guys

Rachel:Matt? You left?

Matt:Kurt let me in...

Kurt:Not that Sam kid though

Puck:Oh yes you hate him too!

Kurt:Yep haha

Santana has entered

Santana:What the hell is this?

Rachel:Read back

Santana:Ok, the only reason Puck hates Sam is cause he's with Q, isn't it?



Santana:What are you doing here?

Finn has entered

Rachel:Hey Finn!

Finn:Hey Rach

Matt:Hey dude


Matt do I need to come beack to McKinley? Cause you guys are like mad I'm here

Rachel:Were not

Finn:But you do need to come back dude

Puck:Yeah, then maybe we can kick Sam out

Kurt:Have you all forgotten about me?

Santana:Trying too

Rachel: :P

Santana:...No Manhands just...No



Finn:leave her alone

Santana:Shut up Frankenteen

Rachel laughed at that

"Rachel" Her dad called "Dinner"

"Be down in a sec" Rachel called

Rachel:Bye guys dinner

Finn:Same, Kurt we gotta go, Mom's annoyed


Kurt:My father and Carole are engaged

Matt:oh. Well I gotta go too

Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Matt signed out Puck signed out Santana signed out


Whatcha all think?