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Secrets and Lies

Summary: The girls are 23 now, living separate lives in different states but when A sends them a text message it brings them back to Rosewood to find who sending them and how since A is supposed to be dead.


She sighs as she leans back against the headrest, the tray table in front of her rattling from the slight turbulence. This week had been rough; she had been juggling classes and work and getting in trouble for both. She was doing this for her parents even though it wasn't what she wanted so that's what she had been trying to do on the side. It was not only killing her it was killing her social life. She knew she had to make choice. But then something happened that made a choice for her, two text messages. That part of her life was supposed to be over. Alison's killer was behind bars and Mona was dead which should've meant that A was dead. Now six years later A was back, so who's playing with them this time?

****Last Week

Washington DC

Spencer Hasting was running around her apartment looking for her paper on The Salem Witch Trials that her law school professor assigned for his famous trial month, each week they had to write about a famous historical trial and write about the causes, why it ended and what was learned from it. She needed an A on this paper to keep her grade point average. She was attending George Washington University Law School, she had gotten into Harvard Law and Yale Law but she was going into Political Law so she figured the best place for that would be right where all the action would be.

She knew she placed the paper somewhere where she wouldn't forget it but now she had. So she was frantically searching for it finally she found it still in the printer tray. She let out the breath she had been holding and placed it in a folder then in her bag. When she looked up she saw that all that running around rumpled her shirt. So she ran into the bedroom threw her phone on the bed and looked for a new shirt to change into.

She was buttoning the shirt up when her phone beeped, so she lazily picked up her phone hit view to open the text message while continuing to button her shirt with one hand. When she glanced to her phone to read it her heart leapt to her throat as another message appears.

Boston, MA

Aria Montgomery had gotten to school early to finish grading the last of the papers. She had tried to last night but Jeremy had given her a convincing argument on not to. She smiled thinking about him; they'd been dating for a two months. He was funny, charming and knew the right words to get her into bed.

So here she was at 6am hurrying through papers on William Shakespeare's Hamlet. She had majored in English like she told Ezra all those years ago omitting the fact that was still in high school at the time. And like him she was now a high school English teacher. She still thought of him but she had to stay away from him. She had effectively ruined his life even though he didn't serve any jail time but he was registered as a sex offender and her parents took out a restraining order on him. So as soon as she had the chance she moved away from Rosewood. She wished she knew where he was but they had agreed to not contact each other for his sake.

The buzzing sound interrupted her thought process, she smiled she figured it was Jeremy wanting to know where her coffee beans where she had let him stay at her house while she went to work. It buzzes again while searches for her phone under all the papers in her bag. Her breathing increases and her hand starts shaking as she reads the messages.

Chicago, IL

Emily Fields was walking back and forth across the tile looking at her stopwatch and back at the pool. She clicked the stop button and told them to take a break before they started again as none of them had broken their previous times.

She went to her bleachers and took a towel out of her bag, the walking and the humidity was making her sweat. After graduating college she took the job as the assistant coach of the University of Chicago's men and women's swim team. As a former state champion and all American swimmer in high school and a regional champion in college they were happy to have her.

Her girlfriend, Elena thought she was pushing the girls to hard. She knew she was being harsh and she was only the assistant coach but the meet month was crucial if they wanted to make it to regionals. As a former basketball player you'd think she'd understand the pressure she was under. The head coach trusted her get the team in shape while he was in his last week of recovery from a shoulder injury. So she had to impress him if she wanted to keep her job.

She met Elena at the gym; she was between breaks up at the time so she wasn't ready to get involved again. But they kept running into each other trying to get the last elliptical. So she supposed it was fate. They had been dating for year for now.

Her phone buzzed so she smiled and reached into her bag. She saw the message and she froze.

"Coach are you ok" she heard a voice ask her.

She looked up to see Ashley staring at her with a worried look on her face.

"You look kind of pale" Ashley continued.

Emily shook her head. "I'm fine" she tells the girl. "But I think that's enough for today. Be here tomorrow at 6" she tells them as she grabs her bag and goes into her office. Her phone buzzes again. She tries to calm her racing heart as forces herself to read the second message.

New York, NY

Hannah Marin was sleeping when her phone rang, she sleepy feels around for the phone on her dresser when she finds it she holds it in front of her face why her eyes try to focus on finding the talk button. She presses it and says hello in a deep voice, she clears her throat and says hello again in her normal voice. It was the photographer's assistant freaking out about the latest proof the he had sent and couldn't find. She sighs and calmly tells him he left in the editing room and she locked in the cabinet so no one would steal it. She told him where the key was and he thanked her by promising to swipe her a new Fendi or Michael Kors Even though she just an assistant too she wouldn't pass up on getting a free bag she did just save his job after all. He was too worried about hitting the newest club instead of worrying about his work.

She was in an entry level position in marketing at . After having trouble deciding what to major she settled on marketing. Now she was at her dream job seeing all the latest fashions, talk about them while getting paid. It wasn't much right now she would eventually get to where she could afford the fashion she talked about.

"Who was it?" a sleepy voice wakes her from her day dream.

"Just work. Go back to sleep" She tells him kissing him on forehead, which he then takes as an invitation for more as he grabs her shoulders and pulls her on top of him.

Stefan was an Italian model she had met at fashion week, or rather outside the doors of the place where fashion week was held. She didn't get an invite being a lowly assistant but her boss said she could wait outside with the car if she wanted. So she did and that's where she saw him. He was getting some much needed air when she bumped into him. It was lust at first sight. He stayed with her when he was in New York, which was only every couple months so they weren't serious and were allowed to see other people. Which she was sure he did and she did as well just not that often.

Her phone buzzed again and she groaned, he tried to get her to not answer it but if it was her boss she'd be fired so she rolled off him and picked it up while he continued kiss her neck. Her eyes widened at the message she was reading, she sits up as the second one pops up.

Unknown Caller: All work and no play make my bitches dull girls. Come and find me… if you can. A

Unknown Caller: Hint: Tap your heels together three times because there's no place like it. A


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