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Secrets and Lies

Summary: The girls are 23 now, living separate lives in different states but when A sends them a text message it brings them back to Rosewood to find who sending them and how since A is supposed to be dead and the game has become more dangerous.

Ch 5: You Swore You'd Never Tell…

They stared at their phones for awhile not saying anything. This new A was threatening their lives. Hannah already being on the receiving end of a keep quiet threat wanted nothing to do with it anymore. "We should just forget it and try to move on" she tells them. If this was the world's way of reminding her to be a better person then she would be, she just couldn't go through with being a hit by a car again or anything else this new A had in mind and this one seemed like they could be a lot more cruel.

"And keep receiving these messages?" Emily replies she wished she were back in Chicago with Elena and not here dealing with another stalker. She'd been good she hadn't been keeping too many secrets, right? Elena didn't know about Alison she didn't let anyone in her new life know about her.

"We were keeping quiet" Spencer reminds them. She thought about it over the years but her life was going fine and she didn't want to do anything to disrupt it. She was just wondering "Why now?"

Aria holds Hannah's hand to stop it from shaking. "I just don't want anything to do with any of this anymore." Hannah says standing up. "I can just change my number and move"

"They found us once, what's stopping them from doing again" Spencer says to her. She knew Hannah was scared so was she but the only way to stop these messages is finding out who was sending them and stopping them.

"I have to go" Hannah says and moves towards the door.

Aria gets up to follow, she turns around. "I promised my mom I'd have dinner with her and go shopping. All of us don't have to go to Jenna's" The two of them couldn't get out of there fast enough as they heard their tires squeal as they pulled out of Spencer's driveway.

After they had left Spencer looks at Emily. She knew they'd rather be thinking of anything else but ignoring the problem didn't make it go away, it always made it worse. "We have to find out who this is before anyone gets hurt" Emily nods her head in agreement.

They were sitting in Jenna's study while she sat across from them with her computer. She had one ear piece in so the sounds wouldn't bother them. They told her their numbers so she could run a backwards trace on them to see where the messages were sent from.

"There are multiple numbers showing, most likely a disposable phone" she tells them. Spencer was expecting that. The person wouldn't want to use a phone that could be easily traced. Jenna continued to type on her Braille keyboard then she makes a noise.

"What" Spencer asks.

"I traced it back to the first messages you received" She begins.

Spencer and Emily both make a-tell-me-more face before they remembered that Jenna couldn't' see them. "Where did they come from?" Emily asks.

"They were local numbers from DC, Boston, Chicago and New York" she tells them. Emily and Spencer look at each other the thought had crossed their minds but they didn't think much of it. How long had this person been following them?

Jenna had a theory but she wanted to check it out first before telling them, it had been rolling around in her head for awhile but she didn't have any proof, these messages might be what she needed. She offered them tea to calm them down then walked them to the door with promises to keep working on it so they could find out who was doing this to them.

They walked to her car and took a few minutes to compose themselves. Spencer really didn't feel like going home so her Emily decided to go to Grill for some drinks.

He killed his headlights as he watched Emily and Spencer leave her house and get into their car. He was surprised to see them there. Emily told him about Jenna's engagement but why where they talking to her? He sees them back out of the drive way and Toby slides down in his seat as they drive past.

Jenna went straight to her desk to begin working on her theory. She begins to type out her notes in her note taker and picks up the phone to make a call. "No, that's ok thank you" she says and hangs the phone up. She leans back in her chair and takes a breath. Then she notices the silence. She usually could hear Dodger her dog breathing next to her, she knew he got up awhile ago she figured it was to get something to drink but he usually came right back to her side afterwards.

She suddenly hears a noise in the house. "Dodger" she says calling for her dog and waits for him to come when he doesn't she calls out again for him. Dodger was trained to come whenever she called. "Dodger!" she calls out louder and she still hears only silence. She heard Spencer's car leave so it wasn't them and Jason was at City Council meeting and would be home late and even if he was home early he would always announce his presence for her benefit.

She starts to worry so she turns the chair around and stands up quickly, calling for her dog again. A crash from the other side of the house startles her and she drops her cell phone and hears it fall to floor in two pieces meaning the battery fell out. She drops to the floor slowly trying to feel around for it but she could feel nothing but the cold wood floor. She swears to herself because after Emily and Spencer left she put her walking cane on the table in the front room.

She hears another noise but this time it was unmistakable, it was footsteps and they were coming towards her.

She was confident enough that she knew her home so she starts walking with her hands out in front of her towards the front room. When she reaches the couch she feels along the top of it until it ended which meant the doorway was about 20 feet from where she was standing so she starts counting her steps.

Whoever was in her house and was trying hard not to be heard. She tries to tell herself to be calm, freaking out wasn't going to help. She had done a lot of changing since she became blind, being able to do things on her own is the first thing she wanted to do and she could do most of it, but being alone without being able to see an intruder was making her heart beat faster. Her breathing increased as tries to think and listen. Her heart sounded like a herd of galloping horses in ears. She felt the tears in her eyes she needed to hear the other person not herself. She knew this wasn't someone robbing them, this person was coming after her.

Her breathing hitched as the footsteps were getting closer; she listened for the direction they were coming from. She was in the front hallway now because she felt the sides of the doorway. The footsteps were behind her now, they were slow and deliberate as they neared. Her breathing was becoming labored as the fear crept in she was trapped against the wall and even if she took off running the intruder could easily catch someone who couldn't see where they were going.

She could hear breathing as the person moved closer to her. She feels the slight breeze of something moving through the air, it was an arm on the right side. She hears the whine as it lowers and she moves quickly to left and hears the thud and swearing as the person hit their knees on the floor caught off guard by her sudden movement. They weren't expecting that but now she was just stuck on the other side of the wall and she could hear the person's breathing becoming labored they were angry.

But being on this side of the wall could be used to her advantage, she knew she had the lights off because it didn't matter if Jason wasn't home and last time she checked the time it was 9:00 so it was dark out. She glides her hands across the wall until she feels the switches, the second one controlled the blinds that were still open and third one was for the lamp post outside. She was comfortable in darkness but her attacker wouldn't be so she slides her hand down shutting the blinds and turning off the outside light.

She could feel the presence still in front of her and she knew they were confused because they hadn't made a move. Jenna knew it was probably stupid but she didn't have many choices. So she took a deep breath and ran forward charging at her attacker, she felt the contact of a soft body as they fell to the floor. The person was only momentarily stunned as Jenna felt a leg push into her abdomen and kick her off she flew into the wall and her head smashed against it stunning her. She holds her hand to her head trying to regain her thoughts, she brings her hand down to push herself up when she feels something soft, she moves her hand along it, and it was fur. Dodger she whispers as the tears start to fall. She wants to check if he's breathing but she hears movement behind her. Her attacker must've hit the ground hard too because it took them awhile to get up but now they were.

Jenna prayed that Dodger was ok and pulls herself up using the wall and starts running while keeping one hand on the wall. She feels the entranceway back into the study which meant she'd have to use the back door if she wanted to make outside and hope that the neighbors would see her.

She hit the ground hard as she was tackled from behind, the wind was knocked out of her and she struggles to breathe. She brings her elbows back and connects with the attackers ribs. She hears more swearing and feels herself being flipped over on to her back. Then she feels gloved hands wrap around her throat.

Jenna tries to struggle against her weight as the person was crushing her windpipe. The attacker was straddling her with their knees digging into the palms of Jenna's hands. Jenna brings her knees up kicking the person in the back but her mind was getting foggier she was losing coconscious and the person's grip only tightened around her esophagus.

The lead she followed up on told her what she needed, she finally knew the truth, she knew who this was and why they wanted her dead.