Skies so Sunny

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could feel the world; feel the wind on his face. Hear the seagulls cawing below. Taste the sea as it crashed on the rocks. He could feel everything, and he smiled. With the feeling of completeness, Beast Boy put out his arms, leaned forward, and jumped into the welcoming sky.

As he fell, he shed his old form and took that of a falcon, who could easily defy the gravity commanding him to fall. He plummeted down, and just when it seemed he would hit the ground, he spread his wings and pulled out of the fall.

"Great job, Beast Boy. Training is over for today, so you can head inside." called Robin, as Beast Boy came to the earth and changed at just the right moment, so he landed standing in his human form. Beast Boy, smiled a huge grin, and said," of course it was great. This is me you're talking about!" robin rolled his eyes and mumbled something about giant green heads.

Later inside Titan Tower, Beast boy and Cyborg were in the kitchen working on fixing a feast of food, since there was a party in just a few hours and they needed to feed their guests While Robin and Starfire sat on the Couch talking about music selection, while Raven, the fifth member of the team, set up decorations. Beast boy was standing in the kitchen, watching Cyborg put the last batch of Pigs-In-Blankets into the oven. He realized this left him with nothing to do, so he walked over to where Raven was floating and asked, "Hey, want some help?". Raven looked down at him, thought for a second, and replied, "Sure, I could use a little assistance." With that, BB changed into a Giraffe, and started to help her with a banner.

Afterward, as everyone was returning to their own rooms, Beast Boy walked with Raven, talking about the latest crime they stopped. They reached her door, and exchanged brief farewells. Before Raven could close her door, BB stopped her. "Hey, um, do you think I could ask you something?" Raven looked puzzled. What could this green boy have to say that couldn't wait until morning? "I suppose, if it's important." she replied. BB looked down, scuffing his boot on the floor, and blurted, "Do you think you might maybe wanna go do something tomorrow? You know, together? It's just I know this café and they have that tea I know you like, and well maybe we could go get some tea or something?"

That stopped her dead in her tracks. Raven, Sorceress, daughter of one of the most powerful demons ever to exist, sole inheritor of that power, was staring at him, blushing just a little. "W-why would you ask me that?" she finally sputtered out. BB, worried he had offended her, said "Oh, you don't have to, I was just wondering. Forget I said anything." and started to walk away. Raven finally said," Where would we go" and he was back with his tail wagging. "Oh, it's a little place downtown I know, great tea and they even have some pretty awesome muffins. I mean, normally I'm not much for muffins but they got me hooked with those blueberry muffins! And I thought maybe we could stop by this little secondhand book store, they have all those books you seem to really like." He looked at her with almost a gleeful look, like a puppy. Raven, working very hard to conceal a smile at seeing this, told him," I suppose, if we don't have anything else going on, it couldn't hurt. Meet me here at 6 o'clock tomorrow." BB nearly jumped through the roof, and quickly calmed down, acting cool about the whole thing ."Alright, see you then." and he started back down the hall. "Oh, and Garfield?" Raven called. "What?" he replied. " Get rid of the tail," she said, "you look ridiculous walking around with that."

When Beast Boy returned to his room, he dug around in the pile in the corner, searching. In the last year, he had gotten better about the mess in his room, he was now down to one moderately large pile of miscellaneous stuff in the corner, rather than one room-wide mess. He found what he was looking for, and dialed a number on his phone. It rang twice. "Who is this?" someone said on the other end. Garfield responded, "Batman, hey it's Beast Boy. I need a favor…"