Mary stood in the room looking herself over in the mirror again. This time she was making sure her shirt was tucked in right. Elliot had had enough of her fidgeting and went to her. "Will you relax, you look great. Go stand at the altar and take a few deep breaths. Trust me nothing could keep liv from meeting you at the end of the isle today. Even if she had to be wheeled in a wheel chair."

Mary looked up at him. He could see the nervousness in her eyes. He laughed. "Come on girl let's get you out there before you start second guessing something else." And with that he grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door.

Mary stood where she was suppose to and looked around the church. The majority of the 2-7 and 1-6 precinct was there. Elliot could again feel her nervousness and placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him. In the past four years they had became really close but he was still shocked when she asked him to be her best man. Next to him stood Fin and Munch as her other "groomsmen". She had to admit they all cleaned up nice when they had to wear a suit.

Mary heard the music starting to play and faced the doors at the back of the church. Megan Rizzoli came out first. She looked radiant as ever and was just as shocked when Liv had asked her to be the maid of honor as Elliot was. Casey followed her as a bride's maid. Mary was still shocked at how good friends Liv and her had become. Melinda Warren walked through the door when it was her turn smiling from ear to ear. Mary personally thought she was the happiest out of all of them when they announced they were getting married.

Mary stood very still holding her breath when the door opened and she saw Olivia. She looked absolutely stunning in her cream colored gown. It hugged her in all the right places. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a French twist. She couldn't help but smile when she saw her.

Olivia was absolutely astonished of the look she saw on Mary's face when she came through the door on Captain Cragen's arm. Every time she looked at her she made her feel as if she was the only person in the room at that moment. It dawned on her then that she couldn't wait to begin the rest of her life with her.

"You ready?" Cragen asked. All Olivia could do was nod as she began walking down the Aisle.

"Who gives this woman" Judge Donnelly asked with a grin.

"I do" Captain Cragen answered before handing Olivia's hand to Mary.

Mary reached out and took her hand looking her over from head to toe. Absolutely amazed at how great she looked. "I love you "Mary whispered before judge Donnelly began with the vows.

They had both chosen traditional vows even though there was nothing Traditional about their relationship. To Mary they went by in a blur. Stabler had to nudge her to get her to answer. She was so mesmerized by Olivia that she had toned everything out. "I do" she answered as everyone quietly laughed.

She repeated the same vows for Olivia. "I do" she whispered softly.

"Then by the powers vested in me by the state of New York I now pronounce you wife and wife. Mary you may kiss your bride."

"Thank god" was all Mary said as she bent and gave Olivia a kiss that guaranteed her nothing but happiness, security, and love for the rest of her life.

Everyone stood up and began clapping as Donnelly announced "May I introduced Mrs. Mary and Olivia Blackwood." They exited the church ready to began their new life as a married couple.