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Sebastian's Nightmare?

Sebastian walked into Ciel's room. It was time to wake the young Earl up. He paused on his way to the windows and glanced at the lump hidden by the covers. Something felt a little different but he shook it off. He continued to the curtains. Before he opened them he called out to Ciel that it was time to wake up. As he was drawing the curtains open and tying them back to let light in he could hear the slight groaning of his master. As he turned to head back to the bed he saw that the lump had barely moved. He quietly sighed and reached for the covers. He managed to pull the duvet away but Ciel was holding on to the sheet.

"Young master. I know you haven't been feeling well but you should get up and do some work." Sebastian said sounding a little exasperated. For the past two days Ciel had been feeling under the weather. The boy kept complaining about his stomach hurting. Sebastian assumed it was a stomach bug going around because Bard had been out with the same thing last week. Last night he saw improvement and he read that stomach viruses only lasted about 36 hours.

Sebastian finally managed to rip the sheet off of his young master. He turned to bring the teacart closer, listing what was prepared for that morning. Sebastian made simple food items so as not to aggravate Ciel's stomach. When he didn't hear a reply to what was listed he again sighed to himself and turned around to face his master. He froze and nearly dropped the teacup. Ciel was looking at him sleepily and didn't seem to be registering much but when he saw the look his butler was giving him he woke up.

"Sebastian! What's wrong?" Ciel demanded. Sebastian snapped out of it but his face suddenly turned a pensive. Instead of handing Ciel the tea he set it back on the teacart.

"Young master. How are you feeling today?" Sebastian asked instead, kneeling down next to the boy to be closer to his level. Ciel stared at his butler and then looked down at his body. He was still wearing his nightshirt that had been placed on him before, his body didn't feel different, and his stomach didn't hurt anymore.

"I do not feel ill but why are you looking at me as if I've suddenly turned into something you detest?" Ciel asked now glaring at his butler. "Is there something on my face?" Sebastian blinked but shook his head in the negative.

"No young master, but be prepared to be shocked." Sebastian said neutrally. He lifted Ciel out of bed and placed him in front of the full-length mirror. Ciel stared at his reflection and finally saw what was out of place. On his head was a pair of black furry triangular ears with grey colored fur on the inside. He slowly brought a hand up and pulled on the tip of one. He winced and quickly pulled his hand away. The ears were quivering and one flicked to the side when Sebastian shifted.

Ciel just stared on in disbelief. He still had his normal ears so it was a little bizarre. Actually it was just bizarre having ears sprouting out of the top of his head. He quickly checked himself over to see if he grew any other appendage. When he turned to the side he gulped when he saw a lump under his nightshirt, right above his butt. Sebastian had been staring at it as Ciel was inspecting his ears.

Ciel slowly brought his hands to the bottom of the nightshirt and pulled up the back. He stopped right before the nightshirt would expose what was there. So he just grit his teeth and lifted. Him and Sebastian just stared. And kept staring. A black tail curved up towards Ciel's lower back and sat right above his butt. The fur facing his back was coarse looking while the fur facing away was fluffy looking. Ciel slowly put the nightshirt down and walked over to the bed in a slight daze.

"I'm dreaming. I shall go to sleep and when I wake up, none of this will be there." Ciel muttered quietly to himself as he lay down on his bed, grabbed the sheet, and covered himself. Sebastian was tempted to let Ciel do that, but he knew that this was no dream. He walked over to the bed and gently lifted the sheet up. Ciel was lying there with his eyes shut tight. His new ears were laying down flat against his head.

"Young master. I am sorry to tell you that this is not a dream." Sebastian said. He did sound a little apologetic. Ciel opened his eyes and stared at his butler.

"Then how the hell did this happen?" Ciel growled out. Sebastian blinked, a little surprised at the noise but responded.

"I have an idea but perhaps we should focus on getting you back to normal." Sebastian said, retrieving the tea. He had to pour it out since it went cold. Once he poured a new one he handed it to his master. Ciel took the tea and sniffed it. He stared in surprise at the tea but hesitantly took a sip.

"And how will we do that? This isn't a common occurrence and if people find out, I have a feeling I'd be burned at the stake." Ciel said in his normal tone. Sebastian felt his lip curl in amusement glad that this change hadn't changed the boy's personality. He winced and coughed into his hand to get the young master's attention when he realized what the boy was doing.

Ciel stared at him and realized he had been lapping at the tea. He was very close to throwing the cup and saucer across the room in disgust but controlled himself and set the china down on his nightstand.

"I shall have to ask the person that may have started this." Sebastian said. Ciel stared at him blankly but judging from his ears the boy was a mix of curious and frustrated.

"Well I obviously can't leave the house or have anyone see me like this. You'll have to bring me my paperwork Sebastian." Ciel said in a resigned tone. His eyebrows then furrowed. "How will I be dressed? My clothing is not suited for a tail." Ciel said, saying the word tail in disgust.

"I shall tailor something so you will be comfortable." Sebastian said going to Ciel's closet to pick something else out that the boy wouldn't mind having altered. He settled on an outfit that Ciel outgrew a bit but it will have to do. He pulled out his sewing kit and quickly started working.

Ciel sighed and got out of bed again. He picked up the cup and saucer and took another sip of his tea as he headed to one of the windows to look out. It was fall, as could be seen with the orange and brown leaves strewn about the driveway. He saw a pile a leaves, raked by Finny, and he had the strangest urge to dive into them and roll around.

Sebastian looked up at Ciel when he finished tailoring the pants and almost dropped the fabric he was holding. Ciel was staring outside, his ears were perked, and the tail under the nightshirt was wagging. Sebastian winced and really wished it were a dream or a nightmare. Why did his cute young master have to turn into a dogboy instead of a catboy?